Bedroom Refresh with Affordable Buys from Urban Outfitters

Hey there, friends!

I could not be more excited about today’s post as it has been one that I have been planning for what feels like so long!

When I walk into my room, I want to feel relaxed and light, like everything heavy from the day can just be left at the door. My room is my sanctuary. While I may work on blog posts and take care of emails in bed sometimes, my room is a place where I go to completely relax, unwind and unplug from being constantly connected. The colors that make me feel completely happy and relaxed are white, pink and gray so that was the inspiration behind what I turned my room into.

I personally think the items I have incorporated into my space from Urban Outfitters are what have completely brightened up my room and inspired my bedroom transformation. They have an amazing selection of home decor items ranging from bedding, lighting, rugs and curtains so, after falling in love with some of their products over the Fall and Winter season last year, I was so excited when they asked me if I wanted to work together on a home decor project.

This cotton duvet is the ultimate white duvet cover for Summer. It’s breathable and lightweight and I love the tufted dots at the end of it. They add a little bit of subtle personality. I decided to infuse both warm and cool toned pinks into my space as sometimes it’s hard for me to choose which I love more. This lightweight geo tufted blanket is a great addition to the end of my bed. The boys tend to prefer something warmer, like this blanket that I grabbed last Fall but this one is better for Summer. I keep the warmer blanket hanging on this decorative ladder for easy access for them.

I moved into a new townhouse last September and, after measuring out my new room size and comparing it to my old room size, it looked like I was going to have to put the new bedroom furniture set I purchased into storage for when I do finally purchase a home of my own. [I would really like to buy something but, sadly, I wasn’t finding anything I loved and I really needed to get out of an apartment setting with having two pups – more on that in this post from last Summer!]

So, I ended up purchasing these nightstands and this new bed [because Chips kept going underneath my old one, which you may remember if you have followed me for awhile!]. I also ordered a new rug to go in my room, as well, and had a blue bench at the end of my bed to tie everything together with these lamps. You can see it a little bit in this Instagram post. I’m sharing all that to say that, once everything was all put in its place, I just didn’t …. LOVE it. I just didn’t feel like it fully reflected ‘me’ and how I wanted to feel when I walked into my bedroom.

I decided to switch out my nightstands for these beautiful and more spacious ones. They are currently 20% off with code SAVE20. I changed the bench out for an identical one in a light gray color. The legs of the bench match the dresser that I purchased and am waiting to arrive perfectly! I will be sure to share that with y’all on IG stories when I get back from Spain! I switched out my rug for this light pink one from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I am a little torn on it. Do you think I should keep it or find one that is more gray and white, like maybe this one?

Now … let’s talk pillows because it’s pretty clear that the pillow game is strong on my bed. I decided to incorporate one of the geo tufted pillows in the warm pink option to match the blanket I chose. I also just went a little crazy a chose a bunch of pillows and hoped they would match like this one, this one and this one. Thankfully, they do! They have so many other great options in a variety of styles and colors. Check them out here!

Finally, I added a few picture frames, table books to my bedside tables and decorative objects, like this warm pink pouf, from Urban Outfitters, as well.

Aside from the fact that Urban Outfitters has amazing home decor options that will satisfy all of our different styles, everything is incredibly affordable! So many of the items I have mentioned in today’s post are under $100, which I think is sometimes hard to find when you’re looking to redo your bedroom. If you have never checked out the home decor section of Urban Outfitters before, you should definitely give it a look!

urban outfitters home decor

What do you think about this bedroom refresh? The only thing I’m not so crazy about is the artwork I chose for above my bed. I am still on the hunt for something that goes a little better there. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments section below! xo.


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  1. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Simply beautiful decor for the bedroom! ????

    ??ROSES FOR FRIDAYS ??| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  2. So many beautiful pieces from UO that I had no idea about! Thanks for sharing these Haley!

    I hope you’re having a fabulous Wednesday,

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  3. Rach wrote:

    I love how your room turned out! It looks so cozy!!

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  4. Michelle wrote:

    I love your cami. Is that Urban Outfitters too?

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  5. Lauren wrote:

    I got the rug from the nordstrom sale too! I love it!! I put mine in my living room with the matching runner as I needed a pop of color there.

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  6. Jessica wrote:

    Girl this is just dreamy! I am usually such a neutral lover but this pink space just feels so refreshing and cozy! It’s really beautiful. And I love the rug under your bed!!! I think it’s the perfect muted pink and it pops just the right amount against your carpet. Keep it!

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  7. Ray Amaari wrote:

    So pretty, right up my alley.

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  8. Jennifer wrote:

    I love your rug and what you did with your room!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    Where is your artwork from? I love it! ?

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  10. Laura wrote:

    I think the pink rug adds a gorgeous touch to your bedroom! Super jealous of your huge mirror 🙂

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  11. Rebecca wrote:

    I wish I could pick up your room and put it into mine! I just moved into a condo and my bedroom is small, but I decided I wanted a king sized bed, so I don’t have very much space for anything else besides that and a dresser! I may have been slightly off on my measurements lol.
    Currently my room is all white, so I’m looking to add some pops of color. Love these decor finds from Urban Outfitters, I’ll definitely need to go there and take a look around!

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  12. We need to know where to buy your cute white tank! 🙂

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  13. Karen Overberg wrote:

    I love your bedroom!!! I especially love the rug and think you need to keep it. Your room is so serene and restful. I think the artwork above goes very well with the tone of the room. GOOD JOB!!!!

    Published 8.8.18 · Reply
  14. Joyce Ghobrial wrote:

    I love the look of this room!! So chic and elegant! Was wondering what color and length did you get the curtains in?? Also, where is the pillow on your bench from (the neutral fringe one?)

    Published 8.16.18 · Reply
  15. Jc wrote:

    Are the nightstands in the photo from Pier 1? Also, the dresser you were waiting for, was it mirrored also! Any feedback on the quality of the items? Did you have to assemble them? I purchased a dresser from pottery barn but now I’m debating putting it elsewhere and going for mirrored furniture since I can’t find a matching chest to my dresser that doesn’t have $300 shipping!!!!

    Published 11.12.18 · Reply
  16. Lillian Williams wrote:

    Can you tell me what that blanket was called? The pink and white one? I want it for my baby nursery but it says unavailable

    Published 10.1.21 · Reply