The Skincare Products I Never Travel Without

travel skincare products

Hey there, friends!

I’m spending most of my Monday packing up for my next adventure and then heading to the airport! Next stop, Madrid! As a frequent traveler, I have had the opportunity to curate a pretty solid arsenal of skincare products that provide an answer to any number of the skincare woes I’m bound to come across during a trip. Today, I thought it might be helpful to share what some of those skincare products are, what they do and why I recommend them! It might seem like a lengthy list but everything is travel size and lightweight. They also don’t make up my entire skincare regimen. Some are products I use daily and some are only for when my skin experiences something in particular, like a breakout or increased dryness. So, without further ado, here is the list!


travel skincare products

My love for TULA is no secret. I’ve mentioned them many times over the years, the first being this post in 2016. I shared my updated daily skincare routine earlier this year, with my most recent TULA favorites, as well as highlighted the five products I’d recommend the most by TULA in this post. When it comes to travel, you better bet that I don’t leave home without some of the aforementioned favorites! They’re packed with probiotics and they’re cruelty free so there’s lots to love about this brand!

Here is the list of TULA products I bring with me:

Purifying Face Cleanser: This cleanser is great! I use it daily in the morning and in the evening. It starts as a gel and foams up as you work it into your skin with warm water. The thing I love most about it is that it leaves your skin feeling SO clean, not dry or tight. I always have a new bottle of this cleanser ready to go while I’m working on one and I always have two travel sized ones with me on trips [on my long ones, I definitely need two]. Although, they do have this deluxe size travel cleanser that would likely be enough. I’ll get one of those next time, ha!

Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum: This product is one that I use at night after I cleanse my skin and apply a mask [as needed]. It improves the look of deep wrinkles and lines by combining natural probiotics with retinol and Vitamin C. NOTE: You should never apply products with retinol to your skin in the morning as the sunlight causes the retinol to break down so, in order to get the most out of the products’ ingredients, you should only apply at night.

Hydrating Day & Night Cream: I absolutely love this moisturizer. It’s non-toxic and packed with probiotics that deliver deep hydration to my skin. It does have retinol in it so I only apply it at night for reasons already divulged in the Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum section.

Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream: This product is my go to when my skin is in desperate need of hydration. With just two pumps, this formula can give your skin immediate hydration, while also ensuring sustained moisture retention for three full days!

The masks that I like to have on hand that I like to have on hand are as follows. I don’t wear one every night but I love knowing that if my skin is needing a little more nourishment in a particular department, I have them as an option to give it a little extra love!

Exfoliating Treatment Mask: I love to use this mask twice a week if I’m visiting a busy city like London or New York! It provides gentle exfoliation without stripping the skin of essential oils, making way for antioxidant-rich blueberry extract to hydrate and improve skin tone.

Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask: If I haven’t been drinking enough water or am traveling in the summer, I tend to apply this Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask immediately after I cleanse my skin at night. It provides a boost of hydration to your skin and I follow it up with the Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream. My skin is instantly more supple and glowy. I recommend this after a long international flight, as well!

If you’re new to TULA and want to try their products out, I’d recommend you give the Discovery Kit a try and don’t forget to enter SEQUINS20 at checkout! You’ll receive 20% off!

travel skincare products

Coola and Supergoop!

Coola and Supergoop! are brands that I’ve just recently discovered and highly recommend you do, as well! They are both cruelty free brands and a good majority of their products are also considered vegan. These are products I am incorporating into my summer travel skincare product lineup!

Coola Suncare Travel Kit: There are four sun care products in this kit, only a few of which are pictured above, that will provide your skin with protection against the suns’ harmful rays. I’ve had my issues with sun damage in the past [see my laser treatment post here] so it’s really important to me to apply sunscreen everyday I’ll be in the sun.

Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder: After my laser treatments last year, it was crucial that I apply sunscreen to my face every single day, even on days that I wear makeup. I apply a daily tinted moisturizer with SPF before putting on my makeup everyday, but it’s important to re-apply SPF throughout the day, as well. So, I use this invincible setting powder with SPF that I can apply over my makeup throughout the day! It’s really great for travel because it’s small and you can carry it in your day bag.


travel skincare products

Elemis is a UK-based cruelty free brand that I have fallen in love with this year. They have so many great products that have only made my skincare regiment better! Here are the products I bring with me on my travels by Elemis:

Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks: I apply these after long flights to give the delicate skin underneath my eyes a boost of hydration. The ingredients also provide a tightening affect, which smooths fine lines and wrinkles!

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm: Since I am no longer using makeup wipes, I have found that this Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm to be my favorite way to take off my makeup in the evenings. It penetrates my makeup so easily making it a breeze to take everything off. It also smells divine and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover: I bring this with me in case the lipstick I choose to wear one day is extra difficult to get off or if I wear waterproof mascara. It just seems to penetrate the product a little better than the cleansing balm. I also try to keep the balm away from my eyes.

Pro-Collagen Marine Oil: I talked about this oil in my jade rolling post so head there to get all the details about why I love this product but, in short, it’s my favorite serum to apply to my skin to ensure that my skin looks supples and feels firm. It provides hydration and minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Papaya Enzyme Peel: This mask is another great mask that exfoliates my skin really well, is non-abrasive and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed! It also gives my skin a subtle glow and smells amazing!

BY THE WAY: They also sell Elemis products at Nordstrom if you already have items in your cart there!

Your skin is an organ and needs to be cared for just like you do every other part of your body. It can get so comfortable in its normal environment, so travel can take a definite toll on the look and feel of your skin. I hope this has given you some insight into what you can bring with you on your next adventure to ensure you are taking the best care of your skin!

Have you tried any of these products? What products do you love to bring with you on your travels? I’m all ears! Leave them in the comments below! xo.




  1. I have heard so many great things about the Tula brand, thank-you for sharing this Haley! So interesting I’ll have to check them out!

    I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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    Never heard of this, the packaging looks fab for one. I’ll like to try them.

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    Heard so much about the Tula beauty brand. It seems to have some good stuffs to try. ????

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      Hey Jess! Sponsored posts are a part of almost every blog just like commercial breaks are a part of every TV program. Sponsors are so important to the livelihood of any business and media industry, including, so I’m extremely thankful to have brands that are so in line with my personal style and beauty preferences that they would invest in guaranteed content. I typically spread my sponsored content out a little more than I have over the past week [which is obvious if you’re a loyal reader] but, you know, sometimes, life gets crazy and things don’t go according to plan for one reason or another. #graceoverperfection

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      It’s linked in a widget just below the first few photos in the post, just before the intro of the post.

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  7. Nicci wrote:

    I have been loving my Elemis products lately! I also like that they make pretty much everything in travel size, so they are easy to take along on trips.

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    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      The oil I mentioned in this post is easily in the top 3 of my favorite skincare products!

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  8. Kim Jarriel wrote:

    I found Tula through you, thank you, very nice products, they smell so good! I absolutely love the exfoliating mask! Have a safe trip!

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    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      So glad to hear you love them! The exfoliating mask is so good!

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    Thanks for sharing your skincare products. Haven’t heard of this brand. Looks nice.

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    I also use and love the Tula products ?

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  13. I ordered the travel kit – I am so excited to try the products!

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    This sounds like an amazing brand and great to know you love travelling with these too x

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