Five Items I Own & Love That Would Make Great Gifts

Hi loves! Happy Monday!

Christmas is quickly approaching and the time we have left to purchase gifts is winding down. I was thinking about additional ways that I could potentially help y’all think of great gift options and thought it’d be fun to round up some items that I personally own and love that I’d highly recommend! You can match them to whoever they’d be appropriate for on your list but I think it’s a pretty good list at a wide variety of price points.

There are quite a few in the outfit featured in today’s post and the best part is, you can buy them all at one place … Nordstrom!

Fitbit Versa


I recently purchased the Fitbit Versa because I wanted to keep a closer eye on my health throughout the day. Sometimes, I need reminders to get up and walk around or drink some water because I get so in the zone when I’m working. The last Fitbit I had was the Alta, which I liked, but was kind of looking for something with more of a screen and could tell me more if I wanted it to. It is linked to my phone so I get text, call and calendar alerts through the watch. It can store and play up to 300 songs through wireless headphones as well as track your workout through multiple workout modes like biking, running, swim, weights and more! I really love it so far and it’s currently 25% off!

While this is the Fitbit that I personally love, I think any Fitbit would be a great gift option. There are lots of different models and wrist band colors for men and women carried at Nordstrom, so be sure to give all options a look HERE!

Free People Beanie


Free Peoples’ beanies are always just a step above others, in my opinion. They’re just the right thickness, without being too thick and making you look like you have a mushroom on your head, and always come in a variety of colors. The one that I really like by Free People this year is THIS one. I have it in a few colors and think it’d be a great gift idea for a friend, sister or mom! I also tried this beanie that’s little more slouchy, if you feel like your loved one has enough pom-pom beanies in their wardrobe.

SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

UNDER $100

I have raved about these faux leather leggings for a couple of years now! I bought mine two years ago and they have held up really well. My friends have purchased them and went on and on about how they felt ‘sucked in’ and confident wearing them versus how some other leggings have made them feel in the past. I personally think these just add a bit of sass and / or edge to your outfit. I typically see them dressed up so I wore them a little more casually here to showcase how you can style them anyway you want to! Highly recommend these as a gift!

Longchamp Large Le Pliage Neo Nylon Tote

UNDER $200

I have been using Longchamp tote bags since college. They are – quite seriously – the most durable tote bag in the world, in my opinion. I used the same tote bag for four years and let’s just say … I am a packrat! That thing withstood a lot of weight! [I had this one in the Beige! It went with everything!]

I absolutely love the black on black of the Large Le Pliage Neo Nylon Tote that I purchased earlier this year. I have used it quite a bit during weekend getaways. It also holds up well after multiple weeks of carrying heavier items like my laptop. If you are buying someone who loves classic, timeless items, I think this would be a really great gift idea!

Longchamp has tons of handbag styles and most of them have a lot of color options. I can’t recommend this bag enough. Your loved one will have it for YEARS helping your money go a long way!

Cashmere Scarf

UNDER $125

A gray cashmere scarf has been packed for ALL of my cold weather adventures since I lived in Colorado in 2012! They really do hold in that warmth that will keep your nice and toasty when it’s quite literally a Winter wonderland outside. My exact one is no longer available at Nordstrom but they have THIS ONE that is almost identical to it that is on sale and under $125! That’s a really good deal for cashmere! If you want to give a gray scarf that is a little more affordable, I’d recommend this one but it isn’t cashmere. It’s still a great scarf, though, so I’d recommend that one!

Never underestimate the power of gifting quality accessories like the ones I shared above! These items have such a strong chance of being in your loved ones’ wardrobes for years to come and getting so much love and wear! Three out of the five I mentioned have been in mine for years and the other two really do have that potential! Be sure to take a look at the accessories available at Nordstrom for more ideas! Happy Shopping!


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  1. Krista wrote:

    I loved this post! I am reading this today on my birthday and think I may treat myself to the fitbit versa and make my 25th year my best year yet :). Thank you for always having the best recommendations!

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  2. Nicci wrote:

    Even though this isn’t a gift guide, per se, I like how you showed items you’ve purchased and still love that could be bought for someone as a gift. I especially like seeing items that you don’t need to know their size before purchasing. 🙂

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  3. Casey wrote:

    I have a Versa as well, and LOVE IT! Have never thought about giving it as a gift, but what a great idea!

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  4. Rach wrote:

    Good to know that you are a fan of the Spanx leggings! Totally added them to my Christmas wishlist!

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  5. linda wrote:

    Love that Longchamp bag!

    Published 12.10.18 · Reply
  6. Tara L wrote:

    I’ve been really wanting a fitbit of some kind for awhile but couldn’t decide which one was best for me. This post along with your others fitness posts helped me choose the Versa and I love it! Thanks for all your hard work!

    Happy holidays 🙂

    Published 12.26.18 · Reply