3 Things I’m Doing To Stress Less in 2019

how to stress less

Hey there, lovelies!

Earlier this month, I shared some honest thoughts about how I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to produce an amount of content that, for me, just isn’t possible without severe mental repercussions. In another post, I shared how I am going to focus more on saying ‘yes’ to things that add value to my life versus make me question my personal worth and value; and ‘yes’ to more things that are life-giving versus sucking the life and joy out of me. Saying ‘yes’ to all the wrong things last year caused a lot of stress, which turned into shame, and I’m determined to continue to not make the same mistakes in 2019. I want to continue work hard at what I do, but stress LESS.

To do this, I’m going to put the following into practice:

Put together less blog posts.

I’ve already talked about this a little bit so I don’t want to go into too much detail here but, essentially, I am going to invest my time in blog posts that have the highest resource value for all of you. Quality blog posts take quite a bit of time to put together so producing five blog posts a week is unrealistic considering how much time each blog post takes and weighing the importance of investing in other things behind-the-scenes. I’ve already seen a huge improvement in my stress level and mentality. I now have time to do things that always got brushed aside or that I would always throw together last minute. As much as I will always be a blogger first, and want to continue for it to be my main priority, I am more aware than ever how important it is to take care of yourself first and this is something I’ve needed to do for a long time.

Take time to explore.

One of the reasons I love to travel so much is because it truly gives me so much joy to be outside, walking around, exploring and getting to know a place. Literally, all my cares melt away instantly. While I sometimes put up a stink about living in Florida, I need to get out the mentality that I have to go on a big trip to feel that type of joy. So, I am challenging myself to get OUT of my normal day-to-day and explore my area at least once a month. Whether that’s getting a couple of girlfriends together to walk around and enjoy St. Augustine for a day, or driving out to Little Talbot Island in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset, as you see here, I know it will help me 1. relish in the beauty of and appreciate where I’m from more and 2. recharge in a way that alleviates whatever stress I may be feeling.

ICYW: These photos were taken at Black Rock Beach on Little Talbot Island in Northeast Florida.

If getting outside more is something you are wanting to be more intentional about this year, too, be sure to check out Backcountry to see if anything they have could make the trip more comfortable or enjoyable. If you’re finding yourself short on some Winter outdoor gear, they have you covered! They have all the leading outdoor gear brands like Patagonia, Smartwool, The North Face, Arc’teryx, and more! I got this Backcountry puffer jacket for my trip to Canada [that got canceled last month .. let’s not talk about it hah!] a couple months ago and and it is super, super warm! While Florida cold is nothing compared to what those of you up North have been battling, it has warranted a warm jacket, especially by the water, so I’m glad I kept it! The color is beautiful, the pockets hold SO MUCH and it’s currently 25% off. It also got to me super quick because Backcountry offers free 2-day shipping on orders over $50.

Look up.

A lot of us are truly addicted to our phones. Myself included. I’ve gotten really real with myself over the last month and decided to be intentional about spending A LOT less time on my phone this year. We miss out on so much because we are looking down. We miss out on so many ideas we could be coming up with because we never let ourselves just sit in wonder. We are always looking to be entertained. Sitting out on some of the driftwood you see in these photos, listening to the water, and just sitting in quiet [even though we shot photos, both Kaylee and I spent time walking around and enjoying this beautiful area]. It allowed me to sit and appreciate the evening, the view, where I am, and think about what I’m grateful for. My phone is the source of a lot of my stress so putting it down a lot over the weekends and during my time spent outdoors has really helped me be more present and stress less.

What are you doing to stress less this year? Are some of the things that have caused me stress the same for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Before I go, I’ll share a little bit more about this outfit for those of y’all who are curious! My puffer jacket runs a little big but also pretty appropriate considering, most people who wear it will likely have thicker layers on underneath than I do here being that I live in Florida! So, I’d say go with your normal size! These turquoise Adidas [available in other colors] match perfectly and are super, super comfortable. As with all Adidas’ shoes, they run big so go half size down from your normal. You can get this fuzzy Patagonia vest at Backcountry, as well. They run true to size. I have a few different neutral colors and is a great staple during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons!

Last, but not least, enjoy 15% off your purchase at Backcountry with code ALYSONH15!

Thanks for stopping by! xo.


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  1. Love this Haley! I hate stress, so taking time to relax is so important!

    Happy Monday!

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  2. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    A little time off to explore even just the local areas and connecting with nature will do the tricks too! Great post!

    ??ROSES FOR FRIDAYS ??| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  3. Jennifer wrote:

    I’m trying to live more in the present!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  4. Elisabeth wrote:

    Love these tips! I too am scaling back on my blog posts this year in an effort to stress less.

    xo, Elisabeth

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  5. Sara Lindsey wrote:

    Stunning photos!

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  6. Kelly wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m trying to work on managing stress in 2019 and one of the ways I’m going about it is working to get as many “smaller” things for my plate that I can to free up time for the bigger things.

    Btw, absolutely love these photos! Gorgeous <3

    xoxo – Kelly

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  7. Rebecca wrote:

    These photos are STUNNING. 🙂

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  8. laura wrote:

    that blue is so beautiful on you! some of my favorite content from you is just seeing everyday life in your instastories. hopefully that is less stressful because I so enjoy it!

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  9. Katie wrote:

    Wow, Kaylee’s work is STUNNING. The light and editing choices, just amazing! Haley your photos always look great, but these photos of you look extra great!

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  10. Jenny wrote:

    I relate to the “look up” advice. Since starting my blog in 2018, my phone time has dramatically increased. It does begin to take over your life and effect relationships, so taking time to recognize that is what I am trying to do. The new “screen time” app/feature on the iPhone certainly reminds me too!

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  11. This jacket is such a pretty color!
    Thank you for sharing these three things to de-stress your life. I like the idea of “looking up” more often, too. I am also, unfortunately, glued to my cell phone all time! This is going to go on my list for 2019.

    Amanda // Affordable by Amanda

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  12. Melinda wrote:

    Thanks for sharing Haley! You offer a lot of great tips. I’m a perfectionist, so I’m almost constantly stressed. HA! But, I’m also trying to get my stress level under control. I also think it’s great that you’re reducing your blog posts. It’s always seemed to me to be so much for bloggers to post daily. I’d be fine reading one per week, because honestly, it’s hard to keep up with them all. Love the outfit. That color looks great on you!

    Published 1.28.19 · Reply
  13. alyson wrote:

    Absolutely love this post, and must check out Backcountry… I’ve heard of the site but haven’t really scoped it out.
    And, love your tips; I’m also a Florida girl and am committed to going to the beach more often, which I rarely do despite how close I live. And, I’ve been taking time to look up as well… there is so much beauty all around us that we tend to miss. And I’m realizing I’m not setting the best example for my little ones either. Thanks for an insightful post.


    Published 1.29.19 · Reply
  14. Tamara wrote:

    I love this post and these gorgeous photos! You look beautiful. Also, as a fellow Florida resident…I must add this little beach location to my places to visit! So pretty.

    Published 2.5.19 · Reply