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Great news! This cognac blazer has been restocked after selling out during the holidays!

Hey there! Happy weekend!

These photos have been sitting pretty on my hard drive waiting patiently to be shared. Truth be told, I’ve been meaning to tackle the workwear request y’all have sent me for awhile now. While I realize this is more of a Fall and Winter workwear look, I thought they might still be valuable to share and we can talk about where I recommend shopping for affordable workwear!

Last Fall, I got these stovepipe pants for under $30 from H&M and felt like I robbed them! They fit SO good. I have never been able to say that about work pants. When I was in high school and college, it was so hard for me to find nice pants that fit me appropriately on days where I had a presentation. While everyone wished they were small, like me, I always felt like a little girl who would never fit into a women’s wardrobe. It made me feel really insecure. Sadly, we live in a world where appearances do matter to some degree. And, let’s be honest, when something fits you well, you feel more confident and like you are ready to tackle whatever is in front of you whether it’s a presentation, a board meeting or an interview.

Thankfully, online retailers have gotten a clue about the fact that there’s no one size fits all with us ladies and we are all meant to feel beautiful in the clothes we purchase. Retailers like J.Crew, LOFT, Ann Taylor and ASOS both offer multiple sizing offerings like regular [for women 5’4 and above], petite [for women 5’3 and below], plus size and tall [ASOS only]. It’s one of the reasons I love these four retailers and go to them first when looking for workwear.


Since these pants are old, here are some new work wear pieces from H&M that I personally find to be so versatile but also timeless. I recently purchased a few of them myself and between travels in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sure to show you how I’d style them & how they fit.

All but one of these items are under $50. The one that isn’t is just under $60, so they’re all pretty affordable!


J.Crew is one of my all-time favorite retailers because they have such a wide variety of pieces that cover all facets of our lives. Their work wear pieces are professional and clean cut but they also have some that really allow you to show some personality if you’re office setting allows. I absolutely love that! I recently purchased these pants in light pink and gray as well as this tweed jacket [shared it with y’all when I was in Dallas last week; this is the skirt that matches!] and this leopard blouse! I love blouses with a tie at the neck so this one just had to come home to me! I also couldn’t resist this pencil skirt in blue! I think it would be so cute with a chambray shirt like the model wears it with leopard heels! If you work in a more relax office, it’d be SO cute!

Enjoy 40% off work wear picks with code COFFEE right now! Everything else is 30% off with the same code!

Ann Taylor

I tend to take a look at LOFT over Ann Taylor but recently have been frequenting Ann Taylor more and have been surprised by how many cute things they have available! I purchased this leopard blouse and think it is so cute! Here are some other cuties I’d encourage you to consider if you’re in the market for some new work wear pieces:

This weekend, enjoy 40% off full-price styles [ends 2/11] and 40% off all sale styles [ends 2/12] at Ann Taylor! Use code SHOP40 at checkout!


LOFT is one of those retailers that always has something you’re looking for and you get excited about it because it’s also on sale! I recently purchased this adorable ruffle blouse tank from LOFT and shared it on my IG stories with y’all. I’ve worn it to a few meetings since then and I just feel like it’s perfect for a professional occasion. I am currently crushing on these classic two-tone flats. These are so perfect for those more laid back days in the office when you’re not meeting with executives or have a presentation.

This weekend, all dresses, skirts, plus and jewelry are all 40% off!

While I don’t shop there as often, I do believe that Banana Republic is also worth giving a look. They always have beautiful, classic pieces that would be more than appropriate for work. They are currently offering 40% off all pants and denim right now! Their iconic Sloan Pant is currently marked down to $59.99 from $89.99 so take advantage while you can if you love them!

There are, of course, other great places to find work wear. Tell me where you’ve had good experiences! I’d love to hear! Comment below! Have a great weekend, friends! xo.


Editor's Notes


• Ann Taylor – 40% off full-price styles [ends 2/11] and 40% off all sale styles [ends 2/12] with code SHOP40 at checkout!

Banana Republic – enjoy 40% off all pants and denim, even their classic Sloan Pant!

• H&M – 20% off layering essentials like women’s sweaters, hoodies and pants! Men’s, too.

• J.Crew – 40% off work wear picks with code COFFEE right now! Everything else is 30% off with the same code!

LOFT – 40% off all dresses, skirts, plus and jewelry!



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  2. Kari wrote:

    I loved this post! I really appreciate the time you took to put a workwear post together. I have stores I shop in regularly for work but don’t always have the time to search all the websites or in store (becomes overwhelming). Just bought three skirts and a pair of pants from J.Crew and probably would not have looked there. I can’t wait to get the pencil skirts in and mix and match. I have been in need of updating my workwear this year and you made it so easy! Honestly the best workwear post for me! Thank you!

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      Aw that makes me so happy! I’m glad it was helpful! xo.

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    This post is SO helpful! I really need to refresh my work wardrobe and so appreciate you took the time to find items at each store.


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  4. Nicci wrote:

    Thank you for featuring work wear! I tend to wear all the same things over and over and seeing how you’ve styled classic pieces together gives me some new ideas on how to wear things I have and some pieces I may need to look into getting.

    Loft is also a great place to shop for maternity work wear. Their pants were incredibly flattering and reasonably priced (especially if you can get them on sale) and helped you look professional and put together instead of frumpy.

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    Really loved the blog post,Absolutely love your outfit

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