Chic Bridal Event Outfit Idea Under $150

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! If you follow me on IG stories, you know mine was a little rough but, I can’t complain because my dental procedure directly followed one of my favorite trips I’ve ever been on! I have the Cartagena Travel Diary coming to you guys this week as well as the Spirit Airlines review for those of you who were curious! I’ve been trying to take it easy and will be doing so for the next few days but, once my face has healed, I am excited to showcase and review a new eyeshadow palette that launches today! More on that soon!

Let’s get to the topic of today’s post!

Over the last few weeks, there is one thing I am sure of … there are a lot of 2019 brides out there!! While I may not be walking down the aisle this year, a lot of you brides-to-be have turned to be for help in getting ready for your bridal events, like bridal showers, engagement parties and rehearsal dinners! So, today, I am excited to showcase this gorgeous white jumpsuit I found recently. While jumpsuits might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I felt like it was a little bit different than what you typically see, which can be fun! I absolutely love that it’s one-shoulder but even moreso that it has the adorable ruffle detailing!

This jumpsuit runs true to size I would say. I normally purchase a petite 00 in most things that have petite sizing available and since the smallest size in this one is 0 petite, I went with that! It was large on me when I got it so I had it taken in and the hem line brought up. It fits more appropriately now and I love it! The effortlessly chic silhouette can only add to a bride-to-be’s glow at all of her events leading up to the big day! I also love that it fairly moderately priced at $148 and, being that it’s from Nordstrom, you can enjoy free shipping and free returns if it doesn’t work out!

Speaking of it not working out, I have other options for you! There are lots of styles and price-points represented here so I hope you find one that fits your fancy!

Let me know if there are other blog posts you are wanting to see from me in the coming weeks! I’d love to hear your suggestions! xo.


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  1. Jennifer wrote:

    Looking so chic in this jumpsuit!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 3.4.19 · Reply
  2. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Love ♥️this jumpsuit look, so very simple and chic!

    ??ROSES FOR FRIDAYS ??| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 3.4.19 · Reply
  3. Rach wrote:

    Ok, I am obsessed with this white jumpsuit!!

    Published 3.4.19 · Reply
  4. Monica S wrote:

    Yasssss! ???? Thank you for posting. I was seriously on the struggle bus trying to figure out what to wear for all the upcoming wedding related events!!! So many good options.

    Published 3.4.19 · Reply
  5. Arianna wrote:

    I love this look! White is so perfect for the springtime ❤️

    Arianna |

    Published 3.4.19 · Reply
  6. You look amazing in that pretty jumpsuit! Love the white colour! 🙂

    And those strappy heels are perfect! 🙂

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    Published 3.6.19 · Reply
  7. Mary wrote:

    Can you do a blog post on first date outfit ideas please? It’s always so hard to put together a good outfit that is at once feminine, flirty, yet mature without being too revealing or looking desperate. (Especially if the date starts or ends at a church youth group meeting!!) Would love to see ideas from you!

    Published 3.13.19 · Reply
  8. Danielle L LeBeau wrote:

    Did your ruffle get messed up in shipping? Curious if you were able to fix it or if it laid like that without any effort. Thanks!

    Published 3.20.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      It did! It’s a little compressed and I didn’t realize before I shot this that it was supposed to be fanned out a little bit more than you see here! Whoops! But it is adjustable!

      Published 3.20.19 ·