The Ultimate Guide for What To Do Along The Amalfi Coast

Hi there! If you’ve found yourself here, there’s a strong chance you have a trip to the Amalfi Coast on the horizon [or you’re considering it for the future!] and I could not be more excited for you! You will surely stand in awe of how unique and beautiful this little slice of Italy is. If you’re new around here, I have already shared a couple of posts on this area after having spent some time there in 2017 and 2018. Be sure to check out Amalfi Coast Travel Guide: Answering All Your Questions, The Packing List for the Amalfi Coast, and The Best Restaurants in Positano for more help planning your trip!

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I get super detail-oriented and can talk for AWHILE about the places that I’ve traveled, so I’d definitely suggest y’all start with this post FIRST and then come back to this one as I feel like it’s the best jumping off point for planning and it covers information you’d likely want answers to before looking into what activities to plan during your trip! If you’re all set on that, let’s get started on how to spend your time along the Amalfi Coast!

What To Do Along The Amalfi Coast


Two years ago, my best friend and our mom’s opted to enjoy a little beach day at a private beach club just outside of Positano called Bagni d’Arienzo. A little boat will pick you up from the dock in Positano. Call ahead of time to reserve your chairs. I believe they start picking people up at 10:00AM and it was about €15 per chair for the day. There is a restaurant just behind all the beach chairs where you can go for lunch, typically at a pre-determined time to make it easier on staff. Sometimes this beach club isn’t open until late April / early May so check their website or social media channels for more information if you’re planning on coming at the start of the season.

Another worth considering is La Scogliera, situated just off to the side of the main beach in Positano. The photo you see in this post of the blue and white umbrellas are from there. Isn’t it dreamy? They have WiFi and a bar. There’s also a restaurant close by that’s pretty good if you get hungry. If my memory serves correctly, it’s pretty pricey. Two years ago, it was €50 / chair. It could be more now. Make reservations ahead of time, especially later in the season!

If you’re staying on Capri, it’s literally my dream to spend a day at the epic Fontelina Beach Club. It looks so beautiful although I’ve heard service isn’t up to par you’d expect after paying €65 for two chairs & one umbrella for the day. You also have to pay €25 to have access to the swimming area. There is a restaurant you can eat at [you have to indicate whether you want to eat at 1pm or 3pm], as well, but – again – heard is sub par. So, keep your expectations in terms of service to a minimum if you want to opt for that one for the day. Make reservations ahead of time!

There could be some other really great beach clubs I’m not up to speed on, so leave them in the comments below along with some of the details so people can use those as recommendations, as well!


At the end of a long day at the beach, what could be better than enjoying a cocktail or glass of wine taking in the stunning landscape and sunset over Positano?

The answer is: Literally, nothing.

Whether you spend your days along the Amalfi Coast on the beach in the sun, venturing from one city to another, hiking, or eating at multiple restaurants, you’ll likely end each day needing a little R&R so sunset is a great time to kick back a little bit and enjoy the beautiful views. Victoria and I did this every evening before dinner and it was probably one of the sweetest highlights to the day that my best friend, her mom and my stepmom spent in Positano. Here are some of the watering holes that we enjoyed the most:

My favorite spots to grab a drink with a view of Positano, specifically, are the Champagne Bar at Le Sirenuse [their staff can direct you], Franco’s Bar next to Le Sirenuse, Il San Pietro Hotel, Terrazza Celé [we ate here for dinner so actually not sure if you can JUST have a drink here but they had one of my favorite views], and Faro Bar at Hotel Montemare. La Scogliera, the beach club I mentioned above, also turns into a bar at night and the view there is also very nice!

Il San Pietro Hotel might have been my personal favorite. I love that it’s on the outskirts of Positano so you really do get a stunning view of how beautiful the city is. Here are a few snaps we took there:

You’ll need to take a taxi to Il San Pietro if you’re staying in Positano.

I apologize I can’t provide more recommendations for places to grab cocktails in neighboring cities. I spent most of my time in Positano, especially the evenings.

what to do along the amalfi coast


So, I have to admit something to you guys. I’ve been to Capri twice and, honestly, I didn’t really enjoy it. Both times I went over from Positano or Sorrento to spend a few hours on Capri. Both times it was hot, hilly and too crowded for my taste. When you’re dropped off on the ferry, you should take the funicular up to where all the shops [mostly designer] are. When I travel, I’m not typically super interested in shopping so I just kind of found this area to be uninteresting. Capri becomes far too inundated with tourists during the day so, personally, I’d recommend staying on the island of Capri to experience the island in a completely different way. I can’t speak to this being enjoyable as I’ve never stayed on the island but everyone I know who has … has LOVED Capri. So, there has to be a magic about it that going for a day just doesn’t give you!


My stepmom and I did this two years ago and we loved it! It does take some coordinating! You’ll want to book your tour in advance as well as your transportation to Pompeii. No matter where you’re staying, there will be an inevitable drive. Also, if you’re staying on Capri for a few nights, maybe plan your Pompeii day for a day you’re staying along the main Amalfi Coast to prohibit you from having an even longer commute to and from Pompeii.

In terms of who to book for your tour, I honestly can’t remember who my stepmom and I used. However, my good friend Sarah Kate lives in Naples and suggested her friend Manuela, who is ‘the life of the party’, and also recommended using Mondo Guide Tours. Obviously, shop around! My stepmom and I wanted a more personal experience so we hired someone to show us around but you can sign up to do a tour with a lot more people for less money, I’m sure.

Also, I’d recommend starting as early as possible as it gets really hot and there’s not a lot of shade at Pompeii.


If you are staying in one place along the Amalfi Coast, I’d suggest taking the bus or a taxi to some of the neighboring cities or islands. I’ve taken the ferry to Capri, Ischia, and Procida from Positano. I’ve also visited Ravello, which is high above all of the other cities situated along the Amalfi Coast. The cities of Amalfi and Atrani are both quite charming but, for me, Atrani just has a little something that makes my heart pitter patter. It’s a little more unknown and not as crowded. The day Victoria and I went, it wasn’t warm enough for the beach chairs to be out so I was a little bummed but I would totally suggest spending a beach day out there.

For me, I wouldn’t say that I love any one of these destinations over another. I guess if I had to pick, it’d be Procida, but it takes some dedication to get there. I also love Atrani. Honestly, they all have their own charm so, wherever you decide to go, just wander, take it all in, grab a beach chair for a few hours, let the time pass slow, etc. There’s never a bad day in Italy!


 If you thought lemon’s were nothing to be admired, you just WAIT until you’re trip to the Amalfi Coast! They are everywhere and they are HUGE! It’s so fun to indulge in the things that make a particular place unique so, don’t be shy! Get ya a lemon slushie [that you eat out of a lemon!], lemon gelato or some limoncello! It’s all delish!


You’re in Italy. Calories don’t count! If you haven’t already, checked out the post with a list of my favorite restaurants in Positano to help in planning your trip! There are some you can just walk-in to but others you’ll need to make reservations for!


Honestly, everywhere in this area is truly magical. It’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been. As you drive in, you’re doing your best to take in the gargantuan rocky cliffs, the stunningly blue seas, the inevitable haze that you see romantically hanging over the entire area, and the wonder of how this place could actually exist outside of Heaven. On land, it truly is something else but I’d dare you to see it from the water because it will take your love for the area to a whole other level!

Whether you take the ferry to do this or charter a private boat for your group, it will take your love for the area to a whole other level! I linked the company that my friends’ family used for our boat day a couple of years ago. We also used it for a boat day to celebrate my best friends’ mom’s birthday. It’s a bit pricey so it’s more ideal for large groups but, the service was wonderful and we had a really great day. You can customize the route for the day, as well. There are tons of boat services so do your research there. You’ll need to find one that will pick you up close to where you’re staying and also one that works for your price. There are some that advertise really cheap prices and I can see why those are tempting but it might not come with the gas price or a captain, so make sure you read reviews and even call them to ask them your questions before booking!

Also, please leave any other boat companies you were impressed by in the comments! Obviously, I can only speak to my experience so it’d be helpful for y’all to share yours, as well, so we can all help each other!


I’ve shared in this post not to rent a car along the Amalfi Coast because the roads are very windy and drivers in Italy are pretty intense, however, I am starting to think renting a scooter may not be a bad idea instead. It might not be something you can do right as you get to Naples, as you’ll have luggage, but if you can rent a scooter after you get checked in to use throughout your time, it might be more cost effective driving between the cities. If you’re a solo traveler, I’d be a little hesitant recommending this as you may have a hard time navigating and also driving but it could be pretty easy to pull off when you see an appropriate spot to do so to just check and see your progress on the map. But, if you’re traveling with a good friend or significant other, you could switch off driving and navigating. The more I think about it, the more I am positive this may be a great way to get somewhere you want to go without waiting for a taxi and without the large taxi bills!


I did this on my first trip to the Amalfi Coast and absolutely loved it! It was a nice break from laying on the beach and the views are unreal!

We started the hike in Bomerano, which I would highly recommend, as you’ll be going downhill the entire way. [Check out this website to find the start of the trail]  You can also start in Nocelle, which will also have you going down versus up. These starting points will drop you at either Praiano or Positano, depending on your preference.

You can also start at those locations but you will be hiking up versus down. There are A LOT of stairs at the end of the hike, if you start at either Bomerano or Nocelle, and at the beginning of the hike, if you start in either Praiano or Postiano. If you’re ending the hike in Positano, just know you won’t be in the city center. You’ll be about a 20-minute walk outside of it. Just be very careful as you’ll be walking along the highway and there’s not much of a shoulder there.

I don’t even know where we stopped. We stopped off just before the stairs, I believe, and took the bus down the rest of the way because we had someone with a knee injury in our camp who was struggling toward the end. Also, we didn’t want to separate.

If I did it again, I’d hire a hiking guide who could not only guide me through the hike but also provide some additional information about the area and the history of the trail. This girl seems really impressive and her price seems very fair.


We Americans have a tendency to want to follow a schedule and have things all planned out. And, sure! You do want to have a lose plan. You do need to have some things arranged ahead of time but, don’t go too crazy! Let yourself get lost, explore and roam the streets of these beautiful places. Let yourself take in the sunshine and the sweeping views without worrying about what’s next. Just … enjoy!

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