My Go-To Travel Day Outfit Essentials

travel outfit

Hi friends! Have any travel plans coming up? I’m back on the road this week! First, as many of y’all know already, I’m in London for the week to see my John Martin. Then, we’re traveling to Abu Dhabi later this week and we couldn’t be more excited! John was in the top 10% of sales for 2018 at his company and because of that, he [and a plus one!] is being treated to a trip to Abu Dhabi. So, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my current go-to travel day outfit … plus some travel essentials this girl doesn’t leave home without [and a couple of style tips I keep in mind when putting things together]. It’s been a hot minute since I shared the clothes I usually snag to travel in and I’ve recently found a few pieces that I had to mention to y’all.

travel outfit

Travel Style Tips

These are mostly for those trips you take where you will be spending quite a few days at your destination and geared more toward the Fall and Winter season.

travel outfit

• Always wear basics that you could potentially re-wear if your checked luggage happens to not make it to your final destination. Been there! Trust.

• More than that, stick with neutral colors. I have found that you are able to create more outfits out of less pieces if you just stick with neutral colors.

• If you can, always bring a roller bag. This will allow you to pack these extra pieces a little easier as well as fit a pair of pajamas, a few days worth of underwear in, a pair of boots, travel-size toiletries, etc. It may sound like a lot but, believe me, you always need to think worst-case scenario. When it does actually happen to you, you’ll be glad you did!

• Layer, layer, layer! I’ll share more below, but basically, layering is key to smart travel style. Not only does it help room-wise if you have a carry-on, but we all know the variety of temps that can take place in an airport or plane. Plus, extra layers come in handy to serve as a makeshift pillow or blanket, if need be.

• Your heaviest layer should be worn ON you when you travel, especially if it’s cold where you’re venturing to. This will help take a little weight off your suitcase and [again] ensure you have what you need at your final destination if your luggage gets left behind. I mean, if you were going to Canada and you didn’t have your heaviest layer … I think you’d be pretty ticked off so, heed this warning!

So, basically, plan for the worst, ha! Travel is so fun and I encourage you to take at least one trip a year but, it can also be frustrating and inconvenient. There are lots of things that can happen that are out of your control so, it’s important to try and think worst-case scenario when you’re packing!

Outfit Necessities

These are the pieces are what I, more often than not, tend to gravitate toward on travel days.

A loose-fitting tee

I always tend to go with white [like this loose tunic of this comfy cotton blend] because it pairs easily with other items and sneakers.

Sports bra

Always wear a sports bra so you’re not dirtying a bra option you will likely wear multiple times during the trip [unless the trip is super short and you don’t need to worry about it].

Comfy leggings

Leggings are, more often than not, my go-to because they’re comfortable but can also be worn with other pieces packed in your carry-on; I like the versatility. They’re also fairly easy to clean up if you happen to spill coffee or something; more so than denim, etc. These have been my pick for YEARS.


I always travel without makeup as it’s wayyy better for your skin [and I do a little skincare routine in flight which I’ll be sharing soon!]. Because of the no-makeup thing, I don’t find there’s a need for my hair to be done so I always opt for a hat to make me feel just a liiiiittle better about my super casual outfit, ha. Usually, it’s a baseball cap, like this.

Comfortable shoes

I’ve gone with Golden Goose recently [have y’all seen their new clean whites? super cute!] but I also recommend Reebok Classics [my newest obsession] or these Vince slides that have been a long-time favorite.

A pair of warm socks to wear when the lights go out

This is more specifically for really long flights, especially red-eye’s! I have this gray pair and never leave home without them. They’re so comfortable, soft and keep my feet super warm. Also, friends, I feel like I need to say this JUST in case someone isn’t aware. Do NOT wear these around the plane like it’s your house. Put your shoes back on first. Planes are disgusting! Keep your socks on your seat or I put them on my bag that’s underneath the seat in front of me to not let them touch the ground.

A warm layer

In the spring and summer, I always bring a jean jacket and a light scarf just in case I’m freezing on the plane but, this time of year, I bring either a cashmere wrap, a cozy cardigan [like I did this trip in this one] or a scarf, especially if I’m heading somewhere really cold.

Not shockingly, I was able to snag this entire outfit from my go-to, Nordstrom. Y’all know by now that they’re one of the main retailers I continuously shop at. Not only for their amazing customer service, tailoring services [usually necessary for me], etc., but their vast variety of quality inventory really can’t compare. I love that you can always head to their store, in-person or online, and get what you need for just about anything. Funny enough, as I was putting together some clothes for this trip, I realized just HOW much of my stuff is from Nordstrom in general. Travel or not, I’ll be sharing lots more on my trip.

If you’re heading somewhere soon, maybe for the holidays, I hope this little list of tips + necessities serves you. It really does make such a huge difference when you put some intentional planning into the items you pack and wear, at least I’ve found so.

I’d love to know where you’re heading soon! Any cool trips on your agenda? Visiting family for Thanksgiving? xo.


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  1. Rach wrote:

    This is totally my type of travel outfit! I never thought to bring a pair of warm socks but totally need it!

    Published 10.29.19 · Reply
  2. Elise wrote:

    Perfect travel look! Love your cardi, it looks so cozy!

    xx, Elise

    Published 10.29.19 · Reply
  3. Jada wrote:

    Such a good travel outfit!

    Published 10.30.19 · Reply
  4. Lisa wrote:

    I’m going to Portugal & Spain in December so this was super helpful
    Any other tips you have for packing for long trips (3 weeks) would be great. Hard to know how much I’ll need of each thing, and to not overpack!

    Published 11.9.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      I pretty much covered it, I think! You’ll definitely want to try and find somewhere you can get clothes laundered if you’re going to be abroad that long. But pick items based on how often you can re-wear them with the other items you’ve chosen. xo.

      Published 11.10.19 ·
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