What I Packed For My Fall Trip to Maine

Hi friends! I touched down in Maine last night and could not be more excited to be here with my family. For those of you who don’t know, my parents are reverse snowbirds and actually spend their Summers up in Maine. Before they head back to Florida for Fall / Winter, we’re taking advantage of a little weekend up North. If you’ve been to Maine, you know the *magic* of it, especially during this season. The foliage, the fresh air, the cozy feels … ahhh … is there anything better? Not for this girl! Okay … so, this might be my first trip to Maine. But, if my trip to Vermont last year gave me anything, it was that the Northeast is where you need to be spending this time of year. So, with all of that said, I’m so excited for the next few days! I cannot wait to explore!

I did some shopping before heading up and thought it’d be fun to share what I got with y’all. Florida is definitely not in Fall mode yet so, I used this as an opportunity to snag some very Fall-ish essentials. Think thin turtlenecks to layer, chunky sweaters, comfy jeans, and some outdoor gear.Well, my version of ‘gear’, anyway! One thing I actually didn’t end up packing, though, was that adorable teddy coat. My stepmom said it was far too heavy so, I switched it out for a utility jacket instead. Layers are key right now! But, if you are looking for a good coat, though, be sure to take a look HERE. There are some great quality ones for 40% off right now! I share my favorite one in this post on Instagram yesterday! And, in case you missed it, I did my Fall Shoe Roundup this week, which covers some of the booties I brought + so much more! Everything else you see up there, you’ll likely see me style over the next few days!

I’ll be sharing a lot of this trip over on Instagram Stories but, I will also be savoring some quiet time with parents and brother. If you have a Fall trip coming up, I hope sharing this roundup serves you well! Thanks for stopping by! xo.




  1. Love this, Haley! Sounds like you had the perfect bag packed!

    Happy Thursday!

    Published 10.10.19 · Reply
  2. Laura Li wrote:

    Spending the summer in Maine and winter in Florida sounds like a dream come true! Looking forward to seeing everything you’re doing during this trip.

    Published 10.10.19 · Reply
  3. Nina Simon wrote:

    Wow, looks like you’re all sorted. Have a nice time in Maine!

    Published 10.12.19 · Reply