Gift Ideas For Your Perpetually Cold Friend

If you know me well, you know that I am one of those people who is ALWAYS cold. I’m constantly in socks, under a blanket, or stealing John’s sweats … even if I’m home in Florida. And yes, I realize this makes the idea of me moving to London sound a bit crazy BUT I’ve just accepted that I’m just a perpetually cold person. In Florida, in London, wherever … I’m always the first to feel a draft or feel like I need something to cozy up in. I also think women are generally cooler in general and it’s a girl thing, don’t you? Ha, maybe not. Anyways, I know I’m not the only one who is constantly on the lookout for items to keep me as warm as humanly possible … ha. This is exactly why I wanted to dedicate an entire post to shopping for those types of people … the ones always drenched in layers or stealing your beanie wherever you go … like me! 😉

And from a self-proclaimed ‘perpetually cold’ person … trust me when I say I’ve tried way too many brands and / or items that simply do not live up to the hype surrounding them. Over the last few years of traveling to colder climates, I’ve curated quite the extensive ‘for-the-cold’ arsenal within my wardrobe. Not surprisingly, about 90% of those items are from Backcountry. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as I’ve shared my love for them numerous times over the years. In my opinion, they not only carry the best brands in the business, but they have such a variety of styles, types of pieces, and items depending on everyone’s lifestyle. For example, I’ve snagged a few items for John for more outdoor activities and I’ve gotten several that I consider cute enough for walks or to layer on a night out in the city. They have something for everyone on that list of yours.

Take this North Face hooded down parka, for example. I snagged this coat a few years ago when I was planning a trip to Canada and it couldn’t have been a better option to have on call if the temperature drops drastically. It’s been a game-changer! Due to its length, I think this would be an especially perfect gift for someone who lives somewhere very snowy and very windy as it’ll keep most of your body completely dry. This would also be a perfect gift for someone who likes to look on-trend yet functional. In fact, Backcountry carries endless insulated jackets like this if you’re looking for a different style.

I’m going to cover some of my favorite cold weather gifts below, but a few more that I want to call out specifically first:

BEANIE: Probably obvious, but if I’m cold, a beanie is the first thing I’ll grab. Heat is released through your head and I always personally feel warmer when my ears are covered. My beanie here is a bit older but this Dakine option would fit even snugger and be even cozier. Super easy gift to wrap up and give to someone you might not know super personally, either.

SOREL WEDGE BOOTS: These are by far the most comfortable boots for colder weather. You probably wouldn’t think that by just looking at them, but trust me. They’re super warm thanks to the shearling lining inside and great for snowy winter weather. Another item someone could have for years as well.

SOCKS: I am a firm believer in the importance of investing in high-quality cold-weather accessories, like socks. The thing is, they aren’t usually something you snag for yourself, making them an ideal gift option. These Smartwool socks are the BEST or keeping your feet warm during the chilly winter months; I have quite a few pairs but love the fair isle options I’ve snagged recently. These would be the perfect stocking stuffer. I promise, your perpetually cold friend will thank you later!

SCARF: You’ll notice a lot of accessories included in this gift guide. This is because they are usually items people forget about purchasing for themselves or don’t realize you need when prepping for a cold weather trip. But, I have found that these accessories make a world of difference when you do have them so I found it important to call them out, specifically scarves! I’ve always invested in scarves that are wool or cashmere to add another layer. This White + Warren cashmere scarf is usually my go-to when I know I’ll be struggling with weather. It’s accompanied me on many cold-weather travels and I wore it almost every day when I was living in London in November and December 2016. I’ll be sharing a closer look at that on Stories today so head there if you’d like to see more details. Let’s just say it would make for a generous and very much appreciated gift!

Okay, I’ll stop there and let the collage below speak for the rest of my picks. Each and every item covered can be found at Backcountry, which I appreciate, and don’t forget that first-time visitors get 15% off their purchase with code ALYSONH15 at checkout!I It’s so much easier shopping for all your cold weather needs in one place, and again, you can’t beat the quality or variety of inventory from Backcountry. Not only can you cover all cold-weather essentials, but every family member or friend you’re shopping for, too. Can’t beat that!

Have a great day, lovelies! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the holiday page for more gifting ideas! Not too many days left! xo.


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  1. Rach wrote:

    I think this guide is made for me! I’m ALWAYS cold!

    Published 12.19.19 · Reply
  2. Jessie wrote:

    These pictures are stunning! I love the festive background. I am the eternally cold friend. Not cold hearted, just always freezing! Lol

    Published 12.19.19 · Reply
  3. Suzy wrote:

    After reading your post I ordered the coat in the beautiful ivory, beanie and two pairs of socks. They arrived today and are all beautifully warm. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas Haley.

    Published 12.21.19 · Reply