Holiday Gift Ideas For Him, Her & The Kids

Alright, friends! Christmas is officially one week away and we’re getting down to the wire. I know I am still doing quite a bit of my shopping this week and assuming I’m not the only one, I wanted to pull together a few last minute gift guides to help make your gift buying easier. I’ll actually be covering one more this weekend [very last-minute stuff], but here are general items that I love for him, her and the kiddos. Obviously I don’t have kids, but between friends with kids and help from my wonderful assistant and momma-of-2, we were able to come up with some awesome gifts for them for you guys! For each collage, you’ll find a variety of budgets, so I hope that’s helpful to nail down whoever is left on your list.

First up, let’s talk about the guys. Depending on what type of guy you’re shopping for … he might be the easiest to shop for [happy with anything, rarely buys for himself] or really hard [the guy who buys what he wants and basically has it all]. I kept both types of guys in mind when curating this list, so rest assured there is something for EVERY type of guy. John has helped me compile some of his own essentials and items that are useful [like this leather wallet]. He also loves one of the coats he has that looks almost identical to this one and, since it’s 40% off, I thought I’d add it. You’ll also find items they might usually treat themselves with, like this handsome plaid cashmere scarf.

Next up, it’s shopping for the ladies 🙂 This was obviously the easy part for me and, to be honest, I’m in love with each item on this list. I wanted to cover the areas that I personally shop for the most: cozy items like a fluffy robe, style snags like the leggings I live in, travel & tech like a monogrammed key ring, and finally beauty [an area that I find most women don’t splurge on, making something like the rose quartz radiance set the perfect self-care gift!]. I kept items on this neutral so that they were accommodating for all styles and types of gals.

Can’t forget the littles, right? Whether you have children of your own, have them in your family, or are buying for family friends, I love all these fun gifts below. Again, my assistant Stacy who has two adorable girls helped me here and she has great taste. How sweet is this mini Patagonia fleece hoodie? And I know I loved arts & crafts gifts like this growing up! So fun.

If there’s anyone else on your life that I haven’t covered, holler below, but between all the gift guides, I hope I did! Like I mentioned above, I have one more last minute gift guide coming this weekend … so stay tuned for that if you feel behind. I’ve got ya 😉 xo.


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