Lounging With Anthropologie & A Note On Self-Care

Hey there … from London, actually! As you’re reading this, I’m touching down at Heathrow, likely in some cozy loungewear [that I recently snagged from Anthropologie!] and no makeup, per usual … and am so excited for some time in my favorite city with my favorite guy. Not surprisingly, November completely wiped me out and I’m feeling a strong urge to slow down and embrace the season with John. We know where we’ll be for Christmas now and we can’t wait to share, but until we do, I’m looking forward to experiencing all of the holiday cheer and moments of quiet that this trip will offer us both. Among the craziness of the holidays, I love that there’s a notion to take in the moments, be present, and spend time with those that you love. After all, that is one of the true meanings of the holidays.

I’m looking forward to taking long, bundled-up walks through the city, to not setting an alarm clock, to making yummy dinners with John, and to celebrating with our family and friends. Which brings me to one of the most important aspects of slowing down … loungewear!

Something you miiiight not know about me [or maybe you do?] … I’m completely obsessed with  loungewear. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to buy [and wear, of course]. It’s almost like … when buying loungewear, you’re setting yourself up for relaxing moments at home, and that’s something I’m always needing more of. Fish approves, too. Clearly.

anthropologie holiday gifts
this faux fur blanket would make a great gift!

I recently snagged this cozy sweater and I appreciate that it’s perfect for lounging but could also be dressed up with jeans and booties. You know I can’t do loungewear without some leggings, either, and I adore this pair [along with every other gal in America, ha!]. I’ll link out to some other loungewear calling my name right here in case you’re in the market …

Anthropologie has long-been my go-to place for all types of stuff, but in the last few years, their entire beauty & wellness section has blown me away. They have such a beautiful assortment of everything that encompasses self-care and well-being. From loungewear to candles to face masks to all sorts of other wellness items, their inventory is quite amazing. I truly feel more relaxed even looking at their site … ha. And, as I’ve shared, I’m trying to really challenge myself to slow down as much as possible this holiday season and not let stress creep in and spoil it!

anthropologie holiday gifts anthropologie holiday gifts

As I was snagging a few loungewear pieces for myself, I couldn’t help but think about a few remaining women on my shopping list. I’ve been wanting to find the perfect gifts for John’s mom, and since they have Anthropologie  in London, I’m thinking of heading in there this week. I think she’d love something like a pair of slippers and a nice candle like this crowd-pleasing scent. I also want to get John’s sister a little something, as well. I’m thinking about grabbing some products from their beauty & wellness section, like a nice face mask and bath salts as she has two little girls who keep her verrryy busy.

holiday gifts from anthropologieanthropologie holiday gifts anthropologie holiday gifts

Anyways … I just wanted to bring attention to Anthropologie’s wellness shop, as well as their beauty section because even as an avid fan of the retailer for years, I wasn’t aware they had such an extensive inventory! Like, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they had the much-sought-after T3 curling wand discounted by 30%! I feel like most people didn’t even think to look there! So, on top of their loungewear, it’s the absolute best destination for feel-good items and gifts, especially this time of year. I’ll pull out some of my personal favorite picks below, along with a few gifts I’m eyeing for the women in John’s family. Just don’t spill the beans, k? 🙂

anthropologie holiday giftsanthropologie holiday gifts

Alright friends, I’m off to enjoy the start of my trip! I’ll definitely be throwing these lounge pants in my suitcase to snuggle up with John once I’m there. I truly hope you all get some downtime with friends & family this time of year and are able to embrace self-care this season. I think we could all use a little more of it, don’t you? xo.


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  1. Nicole wrote:

    This is honestly the SWEETEST post with your baby Fish!! So cute!! And yes to the self care – I need it in abundance these days and even just reading this helped put me at ease.

    Published 12.10.19 · Reply
  2. Sara wrote:

    I love this post! A much-needed reminder to slow down and practice some self-care. Fish is the most precious boy. Thanks for this lovely post!

    Published 12.10.19 · Reply
  3. Lauren wrote:

    These are some great items but oh man is sweet Fish the star of this post! That photo with his little paw on your arm?! I’m swooning!

    Published 12.10.19 · Reply
  4. Angelica wrote:

    Such a great post, especially for this season! Perfect leggings!

    XX angelica

    Published 12.11.19 · Reply