My Take on Five Winter Workwear Must-Haves

winter workwear, white blazer

Being as though I have somewhat of a unique career path, it’s not often that I’m required to wear traditional “workwear”. In fact, I never really have. If you’re new around here, I was actually a nurse before pursuing blogging full-time. I’ve gone from scrubs [aka the opposite of workwear] to life now, which on any given day can consist of leggings, jeans and a sweater, or a party dress for a shoot. Not very often in there am I covering workwear.

winter workwear, white blazer

But here’s the thing … it’s my job to serve you and your style questions. Answering style inquiries is actually one of my favorite parts of my job as I’m veryyyy detail-oriented and thrive when finding solutions to a problem – whether it’s my own or someone else’s. I’m well aware that a lot of you in this wonderful community work more traditional jobs where traditional workwear is a daily thing, so I wanted to create this post for y’all. For my girls who have an entire wardrobe dedicated to the 9-5 and for those who want to feel good, even with a more specific work uniform.

winter workwear, white blazer winter workwear, white blazer

After spending a good amount of time thinking about what items I’d consider “workwear must-have’s”, I’ve come up with a list that I feel great about. Consider these five items the staples I’d repeat if my job ever takes me in the direction of corporate America. Oh, and since we’re obviously about to start the Winter season, I wanted to focus on that. I figured seasonal items only make sense, though you could absolutely re-wear a couple of these items year-round.

winter workwear, white blazer

You’ll notice that each of the five pieces are found at EXPRESS. Funny enough, whenever I’m in EXPRESS or shopping online [like I recently was for a few holiday options, which they are also a go-to for], I can’t help but notice their chic trousers or blazers that would work well for a traditional setting. It’s not something I need to buy often, of course, though I definitely make mental notes of their wide variety of style picks, including items for work. Here are my five picks:

TOTE: Any lady heading to the office needs a bag to carry all of the necessities. I recently snagged this faux snakeskin bag from EXPRESS and think it’s such a stunning option! I went on a little search for something a little bigger and I knew I’d find something! Y’all … I’m dying over this black sherpa tote. It is so chic and so on-trend for the Winter season, plus it can fit all of your daily office essentials. I love finding those trendy pieces at reasonable prices as you may not get the MOST use out of them year-round.

winter workwear, white blazer

NEUTRAL WRAP COAT: I’ve heard from a lot of y’all that one of the biggest struggles with Winter workwear is the coat situation. I totally get how a coat can essentially ruin the outfit, or hide whatever cute combo you’ve put together underneath. This is where a wrap coat comes in, my friends. I’ve always found these to be a timeless look for work or play, and couldn’t love this pick more for the price. Sadly, thanks to all of the recent sales, it’s only available in the black version BUT here is a gorgeous white faux fur coat to consider.

BLACK CAMI: This item is one of EXPRESS’s top sellers and a must-have in any girls’ wardrobe, especially those of you who work in an office. It is so flattering on everyone with a loose-fit around the waist and a conservative v-neck as to not show too much of the girls. I would size down by one. I’m in an XXS for reference. The price point isn’t too bad, either!

SLIM TROUSER: If I worked in the office, I would likely gravitate toward a pant silhouette that is slim in the legs because I often feel like a wide-leg long pant overwhelms my frame. These are a high-waisted option that I feel are super flattering. The material might not stand the test of time if you do wear them once or twice a week but I do love that they’re a great budget-friendly work option. Size down by one!

winter workwear, white blazer

OVERSIZED BLAZER: I’ve been looking for an excuse to add a boyfriend or oversized blazer to my closet when this ivory gem caught my eye. A blazer is an obvious pick, but personally, I find this oversized fit to be the chicest option. There’s something pulled-together yet effortless about it and I LOVE how it looks with a dress. If you’re wearing something more form-fitting, it also offers that perfect balance since the fit is a bit slouchy. I’m planning on dressing it down with jeans and maybe a lace cami for a date night, soon.

winter workwear

As you’re finding your NYE or holiday picks from EXPRESS, I hope you can also throw in a couple of these Winter workwear essentials. Don’t you love a place that you can multi-task shop in? I know I do. EXPRESS has been kind enough to share a special code that will offer you $25 off a $100 in-store and online purchase. Enter the code 9041 at checkout! Expires 1/1/2019 so act fast! Have a great day, loves! xo.


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  1. Liza wrote:

    That coat is gorgeous! Total Olivia Pope vibes!

    Published 12.9.19 · Reply
  2. Michelle Phillips wrote:

    Love this look so much! I already own that cami so now I need those pants and blazer!

    Published 12.9.19 · Reply
  3. Rebecca wrote:

    So classic and!!

    Published 12.9.19 · Reply