Affordable Loungewear I’m Living In Lately


Hey friends! First off, I’d love to know how everyone’s holding up. Speaking personally, I’m doing my best to keep a positive and grateful attitude but, obviously, we’re all feeling the current state of the world in some capacity. I’m doing my part to try to keep this space happy and resourceful in any way I can, and from talking with a lot of y’all, I have some ideas up my sleeve. Stay tuned for ideas on how you can help those in need, how to stay busy and productive, and the like, here on the blog and on Stories. For now, I wanted to put together a heavily requested round-up of loungewear. Safe to say we’re all pretty dang thankful for the loungewear trend at the moment, right? From joggers and leggings to hoodies and thermals, here’s the loungewear I’m living in lately!

It should also be noted that, thanks to Nordstrom, there are a lot of loungewear items that are on sale right now! A lot of the pieces in the style board above are from there. My favorite slippers to wear around the house are included as are some of the coziest pajama sets I own. Nordstrom has never launched this sale before so, I’m not exactly sure why they decided to run it now but, I guess I shouldn’t ask questions. It’s so good. All of my favorite makeup and beauty products are included, as well. More of my picks from the sale can be found HERE but, if you’re wanting to snag a good deal on some great loungewear options, here are my picks from Nordstrom, specifically:

If y’all have found any loungewear to be especially comfortable lately, will you let us know in the comments? Take care of yourself and others. If you’re wanting more loungewear inspo, head HERE! Sending my love! xo.


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  1. Janae wrote:

    I believe they’re having the site wide sale because all of their stores are closed. They need to make money somehow! I feel bad for the sales associates that make commission.

    Published 3.19.20 · Reply
  2. Andrea wrote:

    Love all of them! 🙂

    x, Andrea

    Published 3.19.20 · Reply
  3. Heather wrote:

    I have the barefoot dreams blanket and it is AMAZING!!

    Published 3.20.20 · Reply
  4. joe wrote:

    Over to dreams such a great post.

    Published 4.24.20 · Reply