Eight Online Workouts to Try & Activewear I’m Loving

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a good weekend despite everything going on.

As I shared last week, I’ve been focusing on productive and positive tasks like organizing, getting settled here in London, listening to lots of music, and so forth. One other thing I mentioned that I’m getting back into is working out. I’ll admit, 2019 and early 2020 have not been my most active years. Other than taking the boys on walks, I let my fitness fall to the wayside. Partially due to a lack of motivation, partially due to being busy with the visa situation [bad excuse but, sadly, it’s how I felt].

John is one of the most active people I know and I’m SO grateful to be benefiting from that. Since moving to London, we’ve been taking daily walks or runs. We ordered a few free weights and yoga mats so that we can do some weight training at home since consistent cardio isn’t the best for me over an extended amount of time. It’s crazy how fast your body and mood respond well to regular exercise. I’m starting to crave it when I wake up and it’s been a saving grace during this dark time.

It seems like a lot of y’all are also relying on working out to stay sane and get some positive endorphins flowing. We’re so lucky [focusing on the good!] to have a wide variety of online workout resources right now. From free YouTube videos to apps to trainers doing free lives or online streaming sessions right now, the options are truly ENDLESS. When I asked you guys to share what online workouts and instructors you love, I got such an amazing response! I seriously can’t wait to try each of them out.

The list was long but I did want to share eight resources I saw over and over in my DM’s plus a few that I have come across and love! I’ll share that list in a sec, but I also wanted to share the activewear I packed with me to London, a lot of which is from Nordstrom.

Activewear Motivating Me Right Now

Nordstrom is one of the main places I’ve gotten activewear in the past, even if it were my go-to leggings that saw more brunch dates than barre classes … ha! Since being in London, I have snagged a few additional activewear pieces now that I’m getting back into the swing of things, like these Nike sneakers and this cropped tank. And, with our current condition, I definitely need more activewear for workouts I’m going to start streaming. I’m usually drawn to pieces that can serve as activewear or athleisure, and this is where Nordstrom always comes into play. From cropped workout tops that would look equally stylish with joggers to sneakers that are comfy for workouts but cute for casual wear, click through the shopping widget below for current favorites.

Alo and Nike win the activewear brand awards, in my opinion! Anyone else?

Online Workouts to Try

Melissa Wood Health – Her workouts sculpt long lean lines using low impact movements. I am definitely interested in trying them out as you don’t need any equipment and she provides workouts from 10 to 40 minutes so, no matter what you have on your schedule, you are bound to find a workout that makes sense for your day. Enjoy a free 7-day trial right now to try it out!

Rachael’s Good Eats – Okay, I am obsessed with this girl. She provides lots of free strength training and cardio workouts on her feed. I can’t wait for my few pieces of equipment to come in so I can jump in and do a couple a week. I need strength training more than anything. Anyone else?

Yoga with Adriene – I actually heard about Adriene from the TODAY Show. She has TONS of free yoga videos for all ages, conditions, etc. and y’all … I don’t think you can find anyone with a softer, more soothing, and encouraging voice than hers. And, the great thing about her videos is … they’re free!

The Body Coach – I randomly found this guy [Joe Wicks and he’s actually based here in London] through the discover page on IG earlier this year when I was engaging in a lot of quick and healthy recipe posts on IG. He posts recipes, as well, and calls them ‘Lean In 15’. You may have seen them before. He has a very distinct voice, ha! Anyway, he also has a YouTube channel that serves endless amounts of fitness videos for, literally, everyone! He is currently streaming PE classes for children every day this week on his channel. How helpful is that?

Kayla Itsines – So many of you suggested the SWEAT app for high-intensity workouts. Downloading it now! I already follow her on Instagram and she looks amazing so, she clearly knows what she’s talking about.

Megan Roup – You have likely seen her workouts before. They’re the dance/cardio/strength training routines you see girls doing. It looks so fun. I am NO dancer but I am willing to give it a try so, I downloaded the Sculpt Society app and am looking forward to seeing if it’s for me. To be honest, I don’t LOVE running and I feel like this might be a better way for me to get cardio in.

Sweaty BettySweaty Betty is an activewear brand born in London, but also available at Nordstrom, that has been giving me all the feels with their Instagram posts since all of the Corona craziness has begun. They have been sharing really helpful posts from yoga classes and workout classes to ideas on things we can be enjoying for free right now! I absolutely love the variety and will be doing this yoga class the day after my yoga mat arrives. [Wish me luck. I’ve only done yoga ONCE …. 15 years ago]

P.vovle – This workout method aims to activate hard to reach muscles through precise movements as a way to create beautiful shape and definition without bulk. My friend loves this one but have yet to try it myself. But, she was telling me that they do have free trails are available.

Alright, friends, anyone else joining me with workouts this week? Maybe I’ll attempt to video whichever online source I turn to first [unless I look totally ridiculous … haha!]. I’d love to hear what type of exercise you’re relying on to sweat and blow off steam during this time. Sending love and all the positive vibes! xo.


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  1. Nicole wrote:

    I’m doing the Tone it Up Instalive workouts and my local studio is posting yoga flows and HIIT/fusion flows. So good! I might just come out of this quarantine in better shape LOL.

    Published 3.23.20 · Reply
  2. Anna Johnson wrote:

    Tone It Up! They have live IG workouts daily, and their app is currently FREE for 30 days for new members. They have tons of workouts, recipes, etc on the app. I’m obsessed!

    Published 3.23.20 · Reply
  3. Keely wrote:

    Love this collection of ideas! Totally believe in you that you can get back into it! 💪🏻 I have been using this time for sure to do workouts and stay healthy and my Mom joins too! I also love the Peloton app. They extended their free trial to 90 days and its great! They offer more than just cycling workouts!

    Published 3.23.20 · Reply
  4. Nicci wrote:

    My local barre studio has started offering online classes, so I’ve been able to keep up my weekly workouts (even doing more since I can’t go outside to run/walk due to the rain) and support a local business. 🙂

    Published 3.24.20 · Reply
  5. joe wrote:

    Beautiful active wear workouts amazing blog.

    Published 4.24.20 · Reply