John’s Kitchen Must Haves & Wishlist

Alright, ladies, finally getting you more kitchen content because I know it’s been a heavily requested piece of content. And while it’s not a recipe (sharing those mainly on IG and Stories!), it’s basically everything John and I have been using in the kitchen. As y’all know, John loves to cook and I’ve definitely been broadening my cooking horizons since moving in with him. I won’t lie and say I’m not counting down the minutes until we can go to a restaurant and eat someone else’s amazing food, but yeah, it’s been fun! We turn on music, have a glass of wine or tea, and make it an experience. I notice that it’s so much more pleasurable cooking that way and it’s something I really look forward to at the end of the day. Dishes are another story…

Anyways, below you will find EVERYTHING we use in the kitchen! John is quite an amazing cook and has actually been working as a chef in a nursing home during the pandemic. While it’s not his normal 9-5, he truly loves cooking and is exceptional at it. It’s been tons of fun learning more about technique during this time, vs., you know, throwing together mac n’ cheese as I did all too often in Florida. So while I still have a lot of learning to do to get on his level, baby steps 🙂

You’ll see that I’ve shared the cheese board and cheese markers [super cute!] that we’ve been setting out for ourselves if we’re having apps with dinner and that I can’t wait to entertain with. Then, of course, there are the kitchen essentials that are more crucial for prepping and the actual cooking. Before sharing all the items, I do want to point out a few specific items since they might need more of an explanation or details about why we’re especially drawn to that option.

• John is proud of [and quite precious about] his SMEG electric kettle. We use it for tea but also for boiling water for pasta.

• This set of ceramic pots and pans are non-toxic and come in a lot of color options! Also, super affordable!

• John finds these peelers to be much more comfortable and quicker to use! I’d have to agree.

This little guy is super helpful for making dressings, salsa, and powders for delicious seasoning combinations or rubs for meat.

• John says your knives should be by either a German or Japanese distributor. These are German and are highly rated and really do make a difference when prepping / cutting food. I didn’t have the best set back in the states and wow, what a difference.

I’ve loved using this time to stock up on anything we were missing or older items that needed to be replaced and feel great about our kitchen situation right now. If you’re in need of something new or are looking to expand your cooking skills, I hope this post was useful.

Alright, time to go whip up some breakfast and tea! Hope you have a wonderful day! xo.

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  1. Sara Narotsky wrote:

    This is such a great post! I love all the suggestions, great gift ideas for family and friends too!

    Published 4.22.20 · Reply
  2. Pamela Speir wrote:

    You two are the cutest! So happy for you!

    Published 4.22.20 · Reply
  3. Rebecca wrote:

    What a great post and straightforward post! I’m definitely going to keep an eye on getting some new knives for my kitchen. Thanks, Haley & John! 🙂

    Published 4.22.20 · Reply
  4. hope wrote:

    love this post! thanks! also, must haves shouldn’t have an apostrophe cause its plural not possessive! just looking out for a girl

    Published 4.22.20 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      lol i’m rubbish with certain grammar rules! Thank oyu!

      Published 4.23.20 ·
  5. Pam wrote:

    Yes!! Thank you for the list, I’ll be ordering the meat thermometer for sure. Kettle on my wish list!

    Published 4.23.20 · Reply
  6. Maritza Ochoa wrote:

    Thank you for that great list. I ordered the Mortar & Pestle and received it. It’s a beautiful functional kitchen accessory. I seasoned it, and it’s ready to use.
    Appreciate the recommendation!

    Published 4.25.20 · Reply
  7. Cathy wrote:

    This is great! Out of curiosity what toaster do you have? I ask because it was one of the first arguments I (Irish) had back in the day when I moved in with my (American) husband-then-boyfriend! He thought I was being ridiculous wanting a fancy stainless steel toaster haha. I figured I ate toast everyday and it was something that’s out on the counter and should look good! Needless to say, he now sees the error in his ways haha.

    Published 4.29.20 · Reply