Ten Favorites Getting Me Through Lockdown

Happy Monday, friends! What an unprecedented time we are all in. We are entering into our fifth week of lockdown here in the UK, thanks to coronavirus, but I technically started to self-isolate the week prior. It is still so mind-blowing to me what we are all going through and dealing with. It is affecting us all in some way, shape or form. My hope is that you are doing well and doing your best to make the most of whatever the pandemic is changing in your life. Today, I thought I would share a few things that have helped get me through the last month and a half. These are things that are adding just a little bit of joy to my life and helping me feel a little less anxious and sad.

Positive posts on social media

With so many anxiety-inducing news headlines being splashed all over the morning news, push notifications on our phones and computers, etc., I just needed something that shared good things going on right now. This account has been everything my heart needed during this time. If you don’t follow it already, do it and thank me later!

Thursday night ‘Clap For The Carers’

This one kind of runs parallel to the last one. I have just realized that, in the midst of all of the sadness and stress this is causing, I need things that remind me that there are good things going on. It keeps my mental state from going down the toilet. So, I’m living for Thursday nights when I can be a part of one of those good things going on where everyone in the UK goes outside [within an appropriate social distance from their neighbors] or opens their windows and goes out on their balconies to “clap for our carer’s”. It makes my heart so happy to know we are all coming together to say thank you – in the way that we can – to those who are truly getting us through the messiest part of this pandemic.

Cloffice Wardrobe, Amazon Purchases + Home Decor Shopping

As most of you know, I moved to London – literally – just before the travel bans were put in place and the pandemic started to get really serious. I moved in with John, who I’ve been dating since last March, and I literally got here with just enough time to order a customized IKEA wardrobe for the second bedroom [we live in a flat / apartment]. If I had gotten here any later, I may still be living out of four suitcases and … while I would be thankful to be safe and healthy … I know that would get a little frustrating. Everyone likes to build their nest when they first move in to a place so I’m really glad I have placed to put things away and feel even just a little organized. So, Amazon and home decor purchases have also been helping me get through this time and putting the time at home to good use.

Cozy Loungewear

I am starting to really challenge myself to not wear loungewear everyday. I wore jeans for a good majority of yesterday but, really … loungewear is one of the only thing quite literally making being at home all the time more comfortable. I’ve done a little looking and, if you’re still looking for cute loungewear options, here are some I’ve found:

I also recently raided H&M’s bralette section because I feel like that’s all I want to wear under clothes these days. They have some really cute, affordable options and it looks like everything is 15% off today for US gals.

Nespresso Machine

If you’ve been watching my stories the last few weeks, you may have caught me talking about my distaste for traditional Nespresso pods. I never was able to find one that I liked. I saw that my Nespresso VertuoPlus machine was on major sale here in the UK and asked John if he’d be interested in switching. He is the least picky person when it comes to coffee so he said he was up for it. It came in last week and it was such a happy moment for me. In the midst of so much uncertainty and newness, it was incredibly comforting to have the coffee machine I’m used to and the pods I’m used to become a part of my new life and routine here.

New Milk Frother

If you’ve caught me talking about my new Nespresso machine, you’ve also heard me talk about my love for the new milk frother I bought on Amazon. For me, the Nespresso frother just wasn’t frothing the milk well enough but, this one is cheaper and more effective! What’s not to love? It has brought me so much joy each morning when I make my coffee!

Virtual Plans with Friends & Quiz Nights

Having virtual plans throughout the week are seriously helping me get through this without going crazy. I am beyond thankful that me and John get to go through this together but I definitely miss my friends and I know he misses his, as well. We’re not meant to do life with JUST one other person so, last week, I talked about how we have been having so much fun doing quiz nights with our friends to stay connected. They’re always so fun and WAY less chaotic than a catch-up session with a lot of people. We’ve also done a virtual dinner party a few weeks ago. We all really liked that, as well! Simply choose a dish and send the ingredient list out to everyone. Join the party on Houseparty or Zoom and whoever chose the dish leads everyone through cooking it! What have you guys been doing? I’d love more ideas on how to stay connected and have fun together during this time!

Fitness Challenges

This time has challenged me to take a little bit of time giving back to my body each morning. Three or four times a week, I’ll do a workout that either Cara Loren or Rachael DeVaux has posted OR a workout in the @peloton app! John and I will also do a fitness challenge [last week we did a 5k and donated £5 to the NHS, our healthcare system here] if we hear of a good one. I shared quite a few fitness accounts to try if you’re looking to diversify or switch up your fitness game! Did you catch it?

CBD from Equilibria

I don’t know about you but there have been times during this whole thing where I just feel really overwhelmed by all of the uncertainty that this pandemic is causing. I have found quite a bit of relief and peace after taking CBD soft gels and liquid drops from Equilibria. I have taking their products for a couple of months now, even before the pandemic [as mentioned in this YouTube video], and I’m pretty sure I’ll be continuing to take it from here on out. Enjoy 15% off your first order from Equilibria with code ALYSONHALEY.

New TV Series

We have been living for anything new lately. We loved Love Is Blind when all of this started, followed shortly after by Tiger King, on Netflix. We recently watched The Nest on BBC One and are excited to see that Killing Eve is back! I’m also LOVING Belgravia, which we watch on ITV but I believe is shown on Epix in the States. This gives us something else to look forward to getting into together aside from cooking, flat decor projects, game nights, etc. We have honestly kept fairly busy during this lockdown so it’s nice to just relax together on the couch.

Press on nails

My hands and nails are reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & the City. SJP and I are one in the same. John says they look like little knobby boy hands. Cool. I don’t recognize them at all so I’ve been using press-on nails to get me through lockdown and, honestly, even though they don’t last more than a week, they make me feel a little more like myself. And, when your grays are coming in strong as well as the hair on your upper lip, I’ll take ANYTHING to make me feel a little more put together and like myself, ha!

What is it that’s helping you get through this time? I’d love some more ideas to add to this list. Leave them in the comments below. xo.




  1. Jackie wrote:

    Hi! I don’t see the pink top linked that you are wearing with the pink NY cap? Do you have a link? Thanks and much love!

    Published 4.20.20 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi Jackie! I linked it last week in the liketoknow.it app: http://liketk.it/2N0Fw

      Published 4.21.20 ·
  2. Lia wrote:

    Series shouldn’t have an apostrophe

    Published 4.20.20 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Okay, thank you Lia.

      Published 4.21.20 ·
  3. Cathy wrote:

    Having a routine is really helping me a lot! I’m homeschooling from 9-1pm more or less, having lunch at 1pm, and then the afternoon is for walking the dog, exercise & housework. Taking turns cooking with the hubs, and after a family meal I look forward to some Netflix time! Also definitely setting up Zoom dates with friends & family who are far away! Loving mixing up my workouts everyday. Need to make more time for reading, but overall I’m in a fairly decent groove now:-)

    Published 4.20.20 · Reply
  4. Gaby wrote:

    Thinking about that milk frother! I wonder if it would work for almond milk. My biggest beauty qual right now is that my face is really breaking out. No idea why. I look forward to meeting with an aesthetician when all this is over. Sending you good wishes!

    Published 4.21.20 · Reply
  5. Mary Richards wrote:

    Great post.
    I recently added Holy Bible app to my phone, and with a certain setting, I receive a verse of the day. I love starting my day reading His word. I find it very calming, peaceful.

    Published 4.21.20 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Aw, I love that!! I should do that, too! Thanks for sharing!

      Published 4.22.20 ·
  6. Christi wrote:

    Flawless for facial hair, Adult coloring books, Zoom get togethers for trivia and trying new meals.

    Published 4.21.20 · Reply
  7. katie wrote:

    Aw what a feel good post! I love focusing on the good, and I can def agree with this list <3 P.S. did anyone ever tell you that your hubs looks like he is related to Robert Downey Jr.?! haha 🙂

    XO, Katie | http://www.meshkomoments.com

    Published 4.21.20 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      hahah yes! so many people have said that since we’ve started dating and people in public will tell him sometimes, too. It’s really funny! They do look A LOT alike hah

      Published 4.22.20 ·