Answering Your Sephora Sale Product Questions & Needs

Hi friends! Happy Sunday! The Sephora Sale is underway for Rouge members and will soon be underway for both VIB and Insider members so I am getting out content that can help you all, no matter your member status, to navigate the sale. The other day, I asked you what you needed help with regarding the sale and regarding beauty products. I asked you what I could help you with so, today, I’m answering your Sephora Sale product questions and needs! I don’t think I’ve ever done a post like this before but find it will likely be helpful to more people than submitted requests. I feel like there’s something in here for literally anyone! Please let me know if you have any other needs or questions in the comments below and I’m happy to respond with my suggestions! xo.

an easy tinted moisturizer for at-home no-makeup days

THIS is the one I use. It gives your skin a nice glow and has really nice coverage without being super heavy.

best products for combating dark circles under eyes

Ensuring your skincare routine has retinol in it is a good way to help your skin look it’s best overall, over time. Use it about two to three times a week, and you may need to work your way up to it. More on retinol in THIS post. However, I don’t think it’s impossible to completely get rid of them so, I use product to help brighten up the area to almost cancel it out when I’m putting on my makeup. I don’t find that concealer actually conceals the darkness. THIS product is the magic trick to getting rid of them on a day to day basis.

serum solution for large pores and dark spots

THIS for large pores and THIS for dark spots

The key with products that you want to see an improvement in a problem area is to be consistent and use for a few months before deciding whether or not it has been effective. Take a photo before you start applying the product and take progress shots in the same top, in the same light and at the same time of day so you can track progress. BE CONSISTENT.

de-puffing things: masks, creams, etc.

I love a good, cold jade roller, personally. [More on jade rolling HERE]  I also really love this cooling gel by Jack Black.

what’s your take on drunk elephant? do you like any of their products?

I love Drunk Elephant! They’re a clean brand with a wide product range. All of the products I have tried have been wonderful and, while I might not incorporate them into my routine daily .. I can say I’d recommend the following:

Just before moving I finished using this moisturizer, which was great for normal / combination skin, and I brought over the Marula Oil, which is one of my favorite skincare products, and the SPF 30 tinted moisturizer. I will be bringing over the AHA + BHA mask when I can finally get back over to the States. All of these are great. If I purchased anything from the Sephora sale, I would say I’ve always wanted to try their Jelly Cleanser.

any makeup brushes you’d recommend?

Yes! There are definitely a few included in the sale I’d recommend.

• Okay, so the only brushes I have that I use everyday that is carried at Sephora is this one by it Cosmetics and my bronzer brush by Tom Ford!

• I’d recommend THIS brush to really get a beautifully blended eyeshadow look. I use that type of brush to apply my crease color in a circular motion.

• I used this Ita brush by NARS for about a year to contour my face and it is still one of the best when you’re going for a particular look.

your favorite cream bronzer [universal color]

I wish I had a recommendation for this but I don’t. I’ve only ever used powder, so if you have a suggestion .. leave it in the comments below!

opinions on the dyson hair dryer

It’s powerful and works well [link here] but I found I liked this product better as it provides more control. BUT … I don’t have extensions anymore so I might like it better being that I don’t have as much hair to control, which is why I like the other product better for awhile. I am really intrigued by Dysons’ Air Wrap system. Has anyone tried it? Worth it?

good hand lotion for cracked hands

L’Occitane makes amazing hand cream.

facial tanning serum – which one should I get?

I personally love Isle of Paradise tanning drops and I use the DARK.

can you tell me more about ‘the ordinary’? i’ve heard good things.

Oh my gosh. I love The Ordinary products but, sadly, they’re one of the only brand restrictions of this years’ sale. Highly recommend you look into their products, though. I currently use this as my toner. More on my nighttime skincare routine HERE.

I need a primer with SPF or a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

I find that usually it’s a tinted moisturizer that has SPF in it versus a primer. I usually apply my primer then my SPF then my foundation OR my primer then my tinted moisturizer. I’d recommend THIS one. I love it and have had it for years. But, I do want to try this one because I love everything by Tarte.

What is your favorite daily moisturizer and Vitamin C serum?

I’ve been using this Vitamin C serum recently and have really loved the results. The other vitamin C products I use are medical grade and they aren’t available on Sephora. I’d love to try this one by Summer Friday’s because they’re one of my favorite beauty brands. Not sure what I’d do without this hydrating mask on my travel days.

I’m always changing up my daily moisturizer. I’m currently using THIS one but I also really liked this one for normal / combination skin. I would recommend this one for dry skin.

I need something to help with my extremely dry skin. Please!

First, incorporate hyaluronic acid into your daily skincare routine as well as this squalane oil, which will help lock in moisture and heal dry patches. I found this moisturizer to be ULTRA moisturizing. It was perfect for nighttime application and made my skin look plump and healthy in the morning. Highly recommend!

what are your favorite charlotte tilbury products?

Oh, gosh! There are SO many favorites. I think this concealer and this lipstick [in Nude Kate with the lip liner ‘Iconic Nude’] are my favorites but here are some others I’ve tried:

Non-aerosol dry shampoo for carry on luggage.

I’ve never tried one but this one is highly rated and comes in a travel size.

Good shampoo and conditioner that is quality but not stupid expensive.

I’m really intrigued by the dae shampoo and conditioner by Amber Fillerup. Has anyone tried them yet? I love that they’re cruelty free and the packaging is gorgeous!

What is a good retinol cream you’d recommend?

I’d recommend this one! Make sure you read up on retinol in this blog post I wrote last year.

I need a toner, vitamin C serum and night cream.

toner | vitamin c serum | night cream

Honestly … I need all the help in the world with skincare. I use a makeup wipe to take my makeup off then I put moisturizer on. That’s it! Ha!

Hah! Oh no, sis! First, watch my nighttime skincare routine on YouTube. That will definitely help!

concealer recommendations that isn’t the tarte shape tape [I know it’s not at sephora, but still]

I love this one for a casual everyday look. I love this one if you don’t like Shape Tape and want a bit more of a full coverage.

a neutral eyeshadow palette for everyday

These offer a lot of neutral colors as well as variety! The Sephora Sale is a great time to stock up on eyeshadow palettes. They typically last a really long time!

what do you use to take your makeup off?

I use THIS cleansing balm first and then wash my face with a gel cleanser. I went through my entire nighttime skincare routine in this youtube video!

can you recommend a good night time face wash?

Mine isn’t from Sephora but I want to try this one by Drunk Elephant.

I need a good setting powder.

I’ve been loving this one by it Cosmetics, even moreso than the one I was using by Charlotte Tilbury. I like that one but it runs out quickly and it’s not cheap.

best eye cream

I recommend this one!

Alright! I hope this will make it easier for you to navigate the sale! I wish I could get back to more questions but I feel like those tackled a good majority of the issues and problems areas that were asked about the most! Rouge members, I hope you enjoy shopping the sale! Let me know how else you’d like me to cover the sale and help you guys in regard to beauty over the next three weeks during the sale! xo.



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  1. Kayli wrote:

    Supergoop has an “unscene sunscreen” that’s a primer, SPF, and moisturizer combined! It’s great for everyday/quick, and its part of the Sephora sale!

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