The 10 Beauty Products I’d Bring to a Deserted Island

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I know the question is usually ‘which THREE items’ would you bring with you on a deserted island, but let’s face it, I’d likely not survive this island for long anyway 😉 Because of that, I’m putting my own spin on the question and am giving myself more leeway with the number of items and making them specifically beauty products. And, it just so happens, these ten beauty products are essentially my basics. Obviously I’m making some sacrifices on the fun stuff but I feel like these are what would make me feel the cleanest and also assist me in being the ‘best version of myself’ for that reason … ha! From items that keep things cleansed to items that are necessary for upkeep, here are my deserted island selections …

Cleanser: I have quite a few different cleansers that I rotate in but this Gentle and Balancing Cleanser is the newest that has quickly become a staple. It works with all types of skin so depending on what my complexion situation was on the island, I think I’d be in good hands with this one. It’s also considered clean beauty and free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Body Wash: Obviously! Depending on where this island was, I might be able to forage for some of the ingredients in this wash (eucalyptus and sandalwood) but I think we all know that probably wouldn’t happen. I have been loving Nécessaire’s Body Wash for a while now and it’s the most beautiful floral scent. Plus, the mix of oils in this gel-oil hybrid cleanser is crazy hydrating.

Shampoo: I’m thinking the sun and salt would be brutal on my hair so I’d bring along this Olaplex Shampoo. This blend specifically repairs and maintains bonds within the hair making it the perfect selection for breakage or any damaged hair. It’s probably the most restorative shampoo I have and especially recommend it for anyone with color or lots of heat damage…or someone heading to a deserted island!

Conditioner: The match to the above shampoo, of course! By the way, I find that this combo of shampoo & conditioner helps with natural frizz more than any others. Not that I’d be worried about frizz on the island, but ya know.

Body Moisturizer: I have used this Hempz Body Moisturizer for years and years now [and consider it a staple for my self-tanning routine]. Not only does it smell amazing but it’s one of the only lotions that doesn’t linger forever. You know how some feel oily or sticky when you go to put on clothes soon after? This one doesn’t feel like that – it blends in so well, even for being a thicker finish. It also has natural hemp seed oil which helps with inflammation and is soothing – something I might need on the island.

SPF: If y’all aren’t using SPF every day by now, please start! I actually think it’s the single most important ‘beauty’ product you can have, and if you have fair skin as I do, even more reason to use. I know SPFs can be tricky, especially when they’re meant for the face or applied under makeup, but thankfully combinations have come a long way in the last few years. Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen [SPF 40] is truly incredible. I might put it up there with dry shampoo, honestly. It’s completely clear and invisible so you don’t get that weird white color hiding under your makeup. It also blends and sinks into the skin well and I don’t notice it under makeup whatsoever. Great for island life or everyday life!

Razor: Not sure if I’d be on this island alone, but either way I’d definitely want to be able to shave. I don’t know about y’all but I do not feel good about myself or life when I go too long. Other than a nice shower, it’s something I need to do to feel clean and confident. Y’all know by now my love for Billie runs deep. You’ll notice that I didn’t add shaving cream to this list and that’s because the Billie razors have a lubricating gel around the blades that can serve as its own barrier between the razor and your skin. Now, when I lived in Florida, I did use their shaving cream at home because it makes for an even better shave but, since living in the UK, I’ve been fine with just their razor! Can I count their travel case as part of the razor, too, pretty please?

Lip Mask/Balm: I can’t go a day without lip balm so I’d definitely need one. And if I could only have one, might as well make it this lux lip mask. Tatcha’s Lip Mask has peach extract which helps to repair damaged lips and I have a feeling that would be the case on a hot and dry island. I think of this lip mask as my little self-care before bed each night and I’d try to replicate that feeling on the island. It’s so so soothing!

Deodorant: Again, maybe not something totally needed if I were solo on this island but to feel better about myself, I’d sacrifice other beauty products for deodorant. I adore Native’s Sensitive Sandalwood & Shea Butter which is clean and free of aluminum [among other things]. The line has a bunch of good scents, too!

Tweezer Kit: Last but not least, one more item for a bit of upkeep. And who knows, the tweezers could also potentially serve as tools for survival tactics on the island?? Potentially… you never know!

Hope you enjoyed this silly and lighthearted spin on my Beauty Basics! Let’s just hope I never actually end up on this island and if I did, that I’d have more than shampoo and lip masks with me…ha!

Alright, friends, I’ve gotta know, what TEN beauty items would you bring along? Would your list look like mine or would be switching it up? Let me know. xo.


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  1. Gaby wrote:

    Ooo, what a fun post! I would take One Love Organics Vit B Cleansing Oil – feels luxurious and smells like pineapple! I’ve used Labello lip balm (original blue tube) my whole life – it’s just that good. Elta MD moisturizing sunscreen. Ren Altlantic Kelp and Magnesium body wash. Aveeno lotion. Cuticle nippers, nail file, tweezers.

    Published 5.29.20 · Reply
  2. Rach wrote:

    I just bought the Billie razor. I can’t wait to try it out!

    Published 5.29.20 · Reply
  3. Sure, the thought of being stranded in a desert is a little frightening but the thought of being stranded without our beauty kit. Thank you very much for sharing this!

    Published 10.22.20 · Reply
  4. OMG! Your topic is interesting and brilliant 🤣 Love it!

    Published 7.26.23 · Reply