Everything I’ve Snagged & Loved From Amazon This Year

Isn’t it funny to think about what we did before certain products or services were invented? Things like dry shampoo, gel manicures, and Amazon Prime come to mind for me … ha! Obviously a bunch of other inventions trump those things but when it comes to simple pleasures, I’ve gotta give praise to all things Amazon.

John and I usually have a couple orders a week whether it’s something practical like body wash or something a little bit more fun like the items I’m sharing today. I’m not going to be covering the basics [not sure y’all want to see what kind of toothpaste we use ;)] but more of the special items we’ve ordered, like these silicone baking sheets and these ivory hangers that have made my closet situation much more functional and pretty to look at! I’m also sharing some newer skin and beauty finds like my reusable cotton pads for removing makeup and this at-home facial steamer [similar option here & here, if unavailable] that has been wonderful for mimicking facials during the lockdown.

I have merely dipped my toe in shopping for clothes on Amazon. If you’re curious as to why, I’d say I’m one of those people that wants to be confident I know what I’m buying and I find that vendors can be very deceiving in the marketing of products so I’m just very hesitant. However, I do know that many have had great success in finding clothes so I probably just need to try to warm up to the idea a little more but … all in good time, ha! The purchase of these leopard print pajamas has certainly helped me do just that because they are very, very nice and had such an affordable price tag. I wear them all the time. I also recently bought this Adidas hat and I didn’t find anything wrong with it, either. So, who knows, maybe the next Amazon post will consist of clothing items that I snagged and loved, despite my initial hesitation, hah!

You can click on any of the products below to be taken directly to the product page!

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Hope you guys have a lovely rest of your day! Please be sure to share any Amazon items that you’re happy to have bought so far in 2020. xo.