What I Ordered From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Alright, ladies, I’m sure you saw yesterday’s massive Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Picks (+ $500 GIVEAWAY!) but if you didn’t, don’t miss that post because it covers the sale extensively. I shared a lot of items in that post since I wanted to cover all areas you guys might be interested in, and I’ll continue to do that throughout the month as the sale progresses. But for today, I know a lot of y’all were asking what specifically I was snagging from the sale so I thought I’d give ya the scoop on what I ordered and am having shipped over to me! I honestly haven’t shopped at Nordstrom once since I moved so, while I may be paying more for shipping on this, I know [from past experience] that everything I buy from the sale gets a LOT of us so I know it’ll be worth it. Plus, I love supporting my favorite retailer.

Obviously this year is quite different for me [not being near a store, being overseas and dealing with shipping costs, etc.]. This year is also obviously very different for the entire world and I understand that a lot of us might not be in a place to be spending so much money on clothes and fashion. I personally am shopping the sale a bit less because of the circumstances, but I did definitely want to jump on items that I know will sell out quickly.

I kept in mind what I really needed – from restocking personal basics like these bras to some accessories that I know I’ll wear for years to pajamas and comfortable items for around the house. I’ll probably pull the plug on some Fall fashion pieces because I just can’t help myself but I do encourage you to go through your closet to see what you’re actually in need of. The last thing we need is the added stress of spending too much during a sale, and I definitely don’t want to add on the pressure to anyone during our current climate.

If you are interested in what I snagged, though, keep scrolling down 🙂

• I realized recently that I needed cute belts to wear with midi skirts so I ordered THIS ONE and THIS ONE.

• I only wanted to snag items I knew I’d get a ton of use out of and I KNOW I’ll wear THIS TOP and THIS TOP a ton while working from home!

• These undies are my absolute fave and I always grab a few each year because they’re pricey – even on sale, they’re pricey! But, they’re so good!

• I also snagged this dress, which isn’t featured on the style board because I bought it yesterday afternoon, along with these booties in the snakeskin print! My friend, who shopped the sale yesterday, sent me a pic and I was like whoa those are soooo cute on so had to have them! Go half size up, she said!

• I really don’t have a lot of pajamas here and I live in joggers so I had to make sure I ordered THIS SLEEP SHIRT [in pink stripe] and THESE JOGGERS [in gray].

Have you guys ordered anything yet? Let me know what’s top of your list! xo.


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  1. Danielle wrote:

    So many beautiful items, love the hat!


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