Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids

Hi friends! I’m sharing another new gift guide this year that felt really appropriate – ideas for the kiddos! I’m still pretty new to this category so I recruited my assistant, Stacy, who has two adorable little girls and a bunch of nieces and nephews. I think she did an amazing job helping to curate ideas for both so I really hope you find it helpful! We tried to hit a variety of ages and find items that would not only be fun to play with but easy for your kids to learn from, as well.

Okay, I die for so many of the little girls’ gift ideas! I love the color combo of this adorable Patagonia winter jacket and truly wish there was one in my size, hah! If you’re a momma-to-be, I’ve heard amazing things about the Hatch sound machine. There’s an app so you can control it from your phone! I love the diversity in these little dolls that are made from super soft materials. Be sure to check out the vendors’ actual website for even more diversity and inclusion – they even have dolls that don’t represent either gender. These sensory tumblers could not be any cuter and this book is likely everything I want my babies to remember — they matter!

Okay, now on to the little boys’ toys and I’m making all the mental notes, hah!

For the boy mama-to-be, this baby book could be a sweet gift. While I think little girls can equally find as much enjoyment out of this gift, I thought this work bench was a fun way for a little boy to get some of his masculine energy out if it suits him! This little shopping cart would be fun for a little one who is right at that one year mark when they’re starting to walk but still a little wobbly. This could also be used to encourage them to be helpers by helping you pick up stuff around the house! I’m obsessed with this little play mat and this soft little lion toy for the littler ones. So sweet!

Have to say, this one got me very excited to shop for baby boy next Christmas! And don’t forget I have lots of other gift guides you can find under my Holiday Tab! xo.


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