My Holiday Wishlist

Hi, ladies! After some encouragement from you all on Instagram [thank you!], I decided I would still put together my wishlist for the holidays this year. I think you all know my heart well enough to know that I absolutely am aware I do not need any of this, but in the name of fun, I gathered up some of the items that have either been sitting in my cart on various websites for a while or items I’ve had my eye on. Hopefully it’s a fun browse for you girls!

One thing I would really like to add to our kitchen is this stand mixer. It’s occurred to both John and me that, with the amount of baking we do [not a ton, but enough to appreciate how much this would help], this would amazing to have. Now if only we had a place to put it, hah! Speaking of cooking, I love the look of this marble cookbook holder! It protects the pages from getting splatter on them!

I’m also eyeing quite a few things for baby boy and me. From possible diaper bag options [like this and this] and fun pieces like this mama necklace. Also, a lot of you said to be sure to have an extra-long phone charger cord in my hospital bag so that is on my list, too!

I also linked a few beauty items like the Tom Ford perfume I’ve been lusting after [peaches are my favorite scent]. If that’s your scent I can imagine this would be a great gift to yourself! And, of course, I included a few wearable options like these Nike sneakers [they’re back in stock and still 25% off!] that you guys loved during Black Friday.

Alright, I think that rounds out my 2020 wishlist! I might sound like a broken record at this point but I can’t ever thank you all enough for your support this holiday season – it means the world! xo.

PS – I’m not sure of shipping deadlines, but if you are trying to snag a last-minute gift, be sure to check out my 2020 gift guides!


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  1. Christine wrote:

    Love it all! I’ve been on the hunt for a good and stylish diaper bag and never thought to look at MZ Wallace!? What a great idea! Can be wiped clean and would be something I’d use after baby outgrows a diaper bag too! Man oh man am I glad I follow you lol <3

    Published 12.16.20 · Reply
  2. Hi!! Fellow mama to be due in March with my first as well 🙂 (Baby girl!) I know diaper bags are such a personal choice (as are most baby things!) but SOOOO many of my mama friends recommended going a backpack route vs. a tote due to the hands- free factor, especially as baby gets older and more active! As much as I wanted a tote originally I ended up registering for a backpack- and bonus my Husband is way more excited to carry it! ha. Just wanted to share the advice given to me! Although, as always, what ever you choose will be just right for you and baby boy :):)

    Published 12.16.20 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Such great insight, thank you! I think it’ll just be nice to have one of those just in case whatever your plans are … you can do either a backpack or a tote and then sling it in the bottom of the stroller, if needed, ha! But yeah, honestly, still on the hunt for what I truly want but just thought I’d include that because it’d be a great gift and something I’m considering 🙂 xo.

      Published 12.16.20 ·