Activewear Pieces That’ll Keep You Motivated

Hi, friends! Happy Monday! A fitness-inspired post feels like a good way to start the week, right? I’ve been doing my absolute best throughout this pregnancy to keep some kind of movement in my daily schedule. Most days I’m pretty successful, but ya know what helps keep me motivated? Cute, and in this season of my life especially, comfortable activewear. I’ve shared my pre-natal yoga routine with y’all on Stories that I’ve been doing using Obé Fitness and have gotten some questions about what activewear I’m reaching for most, so I thought I would quickly share some go-to’s!

First and foremost, I have really been loving Align leggings from lululemon throughout my pregnancy [and before too!]. I included them on my mini guide to maternity leggings that I shared last week, and have found they e the best pair for any kind of working out. Plus, they’re made for yoga so it makes sense! I’ve been able to stay in my original, non-maternity size, so keep that in mind if you’re pregnant and decide to order a pair.

I’ve also been LOVING these sneakers lately. I feel like they’re THE sneaker right now so stock is a bit tricky but I’ve found them to be pretty widely available in both the US and the UK. They’re super comfortable and I anticipate wearing them quite a bit this spring and summer for walks outside and who knows, maybe even some running once my body is ready!

I also want to really quickly call out this water bottle because any time I share it on IG I get tons of questions about it. It’s under $20 and fantastic for reminding me how much water I should be drinking throughout the day!

Alright, that’s all I got for ya today, just wanted to put a few of these items out there for you to browse! Have a great rest of your week!! xo.


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