The Leggings Getting Me Through Pregnancy

Hi, happy Wednesday! Alright, ladies, if there’s one maternity / pregnancy clothing post I’ve been meaning to write, this is definitely it! Leggings have legitimately gotten me through this pregnancy and there are a handful of pairs I’ve really been wanting to call out so anyone else who’s pregnant / planning to become pregnant can use this mini-guide as a resource! Because if I’ve learned anything about dressing a bump it’s that not all maternity clothes are created equal, especially leggings! Trust me, I put in the legwork on this one, lol. Get it? 😉

I’m hoping this is a really helpful post and makes you feel confident in your choice of leggings. Happy to answer any other questions you might have in the comments if there’s something you need to know that I didn’t cover!

Try-On Photos

Spanx Mama Faux Leather Leggings

This is a very popular pair of maternity leggings [also here | uk link] and I totally get why! I’m a major lover of the original faux leather Spanx so, of course, I loved these, too. Unfortunately, I did outgrow them during my second trimester. My normal size got me pretty far but as my hips widened and my bump grew, I had to retire them, so definitely go one size up from your normal. Overall, they’re very comfortable and a great option for elevated looks during pregnancy!

If you’re not a fan of the faux leather look, they have these seamless leggings that I’ve heard are a great option, as well!

Hatch The Before, During And After Leggings

These leggings have great stretch making them a great option for your entire pregnancy and comfortable to wear after baby arrives, as well. The material isn’t as ‘tight’ as other options in this roundup and the material feels cold when you first put them on. It’s a little thin but, they are great for around the house and during warmer seasons. Basically, I wouldn’t wear these out in the dead of winter as they’re not lined or thick. If you’re in between sizes, size down!

Plush Liquid Double Layer Over-Belly Leggings

Y’all know I was already a big fan of liquid leggings [uk link] so this was a pair I was very excited to try. I reached for these a lot earlier in my pregnancy on date nights [when that was a thing before lockdown] as they elevate your outfit and make you feel like your pre-pregnancy self a bit! They’ve stretched really nicely as my body has changed as I went with my pre-pregnancy size and the fit has always been great. I do sometimes feel the need to pull them up but not enough to turn me off from wearing them.

Plush Fleece Maternity Leggings

Oh, how I love a good fleece-lined legging [uk link]! I’m very glad I ordered these because they’ve been fantastic for winter. If you’re going to be pregnant November-March, I highly recommend checking them out. These are what you always see me wearing on our walks. They’re extremely comfortable and definitely keep me warm with their fleece lining. They also don’t slouch down when I walk, which is huge! Go with your normal size in these!

Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Belly Leggings [$48]

The best thing about these Ingrid & Isabel Seamless Belly Leggings [uk link] is the price point. At under $50 you really can’t go wrong. They offer tons of stretch, but feel more elasticated than ‘soft’, if that makes sense, but still very comfortable. Go with your normal size here. They may feel a little thin when you first put them on but John has assured me they’re not see-through.

Zella Mamasana Live In Maternity Ankle Leggings [$65]

These Zella leggings were just fully restocked and I highly recommend ordering ASAP because they were completely sold out recently and I’m guessing they’ll go again quickly. I’m so in love with them [snagged during 2020 NSALE] to the point that I’m including them so that during next years’ NSALE, I have proof I wore these throughout my entire pregnancy! LOVED. THESE. They’re comfortable, form-fitting, don’t move and one of my favorite pairs! The price point is also great at $65! I did need one size up by my third trimester so keep that in mind when ordering!

H&M Mama Soft Leggings

At only $25 you really can’t beat the budget-friendly price tag of these H&M Mama Soft Leggings [uk link]. They’re almost completely sold out in both colors they come in but I’d say they’re worth signing up for the in-stock notification as I’ve gotten SO much use of them. Really obsessed with the warm and soft material. I’d recommend going up one size from your normal for these.

Lululemon Align Leggings

And if you don’t want to buy any maternity leggings, the Align leggings [uk link] in my regular size have worked amazingly well. Honestly, I’m surprised because I’ve been able to wear my normal size all throughout pregnancy! Talk about stretch! If you’re not familiar with Align leggings, they’re made of this buttery soft material that is just ultra-comfortable, great for everyday lounging or yoga.

Whew! Kind of a lot of information for you to consider but I really hope it’s helpful! I’m also doing a try-on haul of all of them today on IG Stories so if you want a better look at fit, etc. be sure to check out Stories today! xo.




  1. Lindsey wrote:

    This is the best round-up! I have the Zella but will scoop up several more options now. I wanted to ask- do the Lululemon Align pill?

    Published 2.3.21 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Mine haven’t! But I’d recommend a little pill shaver just to have when articles of clothing pill. High quality fabrics pill and using one of those [this is the one I have: helps them last longer! xx

      Published 2.4.21 ·
  2. bethany wrote:

    Thank you for putting together a round up of bump friendly leggings! Align have been my go-to throughout my pregnancy now (21 weeks) but was looking for a couple of different leggings to add into the rotation!

    Published 2.3.21 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi Bethany! No problem! It was a struggle for me early on, as well, which is why I wanted to do this post for you guys! Glad you’ve found it to be helpful! xx

      Published 2.4.21 ·
  3. Sarah wrote:

    Do you have a link for the peplum style long white Tshirt top?

    Published 2.24.21 · Reply