Five Things That Made Me Feel Ready For Baby #1

Happy Monday, friends! Hoping this is the last post I write before baby *finally* comes. It’s actually a post that came to me in the last week as I spent the extra time I had waiting for baby to come, prepping even further for his arrival. There’s so much that goes into prepping for a baby, and of course it’s going to look different for everyone, but as I had some extra time to think about it and reflect on the things that made me feel the most ready for baby boy’s arrival [or as ready as one can be], I thought it might be helpful to share. Hope this helps any mommas-to-be out there!

Five Things That Made Me Feel Ready for Baby #1

Packed hospital bag prior to 36 weeks

It’s always a good idea to have your hospital bag ready to go a little early that way if baby comes a bit earlier than expected, you’re not stressing out about having all your stuff ready to go. Although, if in the US, you will likely be JUST fine if you bring absolutely nothing with you but, if you’re a planner… it’ll make you feel so much better to have it packed as early as 36 weeks. I shared everything I packed in mine in this post.

Prepped a tiered nursing + changing cart

I shared this on LTK a few weeks ago, but I’m planning to go into more detail in a blog post a few weeks after baby boy has made his arrival and I have more ‘real life experience’ under my belt with what is / has been the most helpful things to have on there.

So far, on the top tier, I have a couple of these baskets [one has ‘just in case’ items in it like socks and pacifiers, the other has things for a diaper change, like diaper cream, Aquaphor, and other items like hand sanitizer, hand cream, baby lotion, electric nail file, etc], a night light, sound machine, and a space for my water bottle and a couple of snacks.

The middle tier has this little caddy for burp cloths, muslins, my Haakaa, and reusable breast pads. My changing pad for baby and my pump is on this tier, as well.

The bottom tier has the third basket with diapers, wipes, swaddles and muslins.

Washed and put away all of baby’s clothes

Once I got his drawer organizers in, I got everything washed and organized in his drawers and it was incredibly satisfying to have everything in its place and put away!

I’ve also had a lot of people asking about the detergent I’m using for baby’s stuff – I got it on Amazon here in the UK but looks like it’s not available in the US but something gentle like THIS is similar to what I got.

In our new place, I’m hoping I’ll have hanging space for him and I am looking at these hangers and these clothing organizers.

Took classes on the unknown aspects of this next chapter

I absolutely LOVED all the classes I took. I truly feel like every new mom should take these because, otherwise, how are you supposed to know how to take care of a baby?? While I know feeling frustrated and clueless as to what to do when taking care of a baby and during your breastfeeding journey [if you so choose] is a rite of passage and just part of this chapter, I do feel like these classes will eliminate AT LEAST a handful of meltdowns, ha! Plus I feel like I won’t have to as heavily rely on the other women in my life who have already experienced this season of life. Of course, I’m very thankful to have lots of friends there ready to support me though.

These are the courses I took:


You will get 10% off with code HALEY10; helpful in understanding breastfeeding basics, not that you won’t ever need a Lactation Consultant, but I found it extremely informative and would recommend it to nay first-time moms.


You will get 10% off with code HALEY10; helpful in preparing for how to take care of baby right after you get home. Very grateful to have a resource to walk me through the “basics”.


You girls have heard me rave again and again about this course on Stories – highly, highly recommend it. It’s so helpful in preparing you for the birth experience and educating you to help take the fear out of things. NOTE: It’s a UK website but they accept US payments.

Moreover, I have found that following educational IG accounts focusing on things [I know nothing about] like breastfeeding, postpartum struggles, birth, motherhood, sleep training, etc. have also helped me feel more equipped and ready for what I’m about to embark on so I’d suggest that, as well! I have folders in my IG titled ‘postpartum’ and ‘motherhood’ and I save helpful posts into those folders as I see them so I can go back and reference them when I need to in the future. Here are some accounts I’d suggest looking into:


@lindseymeehleis – Midwife based in California

@drsterlingobgyn – OBGYN

@dr.cassidy – OBYGN

@biglovefiercejuju – OBGYN

@haleyjackson_pnp – Pediatric nurse practitioner

@builttobirth – Doula based in CA


@pregnancy.advice – Advice for healthy pregnancy + baby

@positivebirthmovement – Promoting positive birth experiences for women and families

@themindfulbirthgroup – Hypnobirthing


@postpartum.push – OB + midwife postpartum

@spinningbabies – Pregnancy comfort from birthing experts

@karrie_locher – RN + postpartum wellness


@_happyasamother – Therapist

@amothersplace – Mom + writer

@hlparenthood – Parenting + birthing experts

@kirstrussell – Early childhood educator


@thesleepranch – Baby sleep coach

@wellrestedweeones – NP + Certified Sleep Coach and Breastfeeding Counselor – Baby + Toddler PNP


@dogmeets_baby – Account that helps you feel comfortable with how to introduce your pups to baby

@legendairymilk – Organic herbal lactation products + breastfeeding education

@safeintheseat – car seat safety; based in US

Used what I learned to prepare accordingly

I literally had no idea what else to do to prepare for baby so all of the above helped inspire me to do the following. None of it is ABSOLUTELY necessary but they are those things that I think you will thank yourself for later if you are able to swing it!

– Put together baby’s first aid kit

-Put together postpartum basket

-Purchased extra breastfeeding supplies

-Purchased breastfeeding parts & cleaning supplies

-Purchased bottle drying rack

-Cleaned and sanitized all bottles

-Purchased breastfeeding storage bags + labels

-Familiarize yourself with your breast pump

Phew, that was kind of a lengthy one, I know, but I always try to include as much information and resources as possible for y’all. If you’re looking for more pregnancy content, I created a new tab on my main menu where all of my posts live making them easy to find for you ladies. Until next time… and hopefully with a baby boy in tow! xo.



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    Well, that’s a great post for all preggos out there. I really appreciate the way you have arranged things and organized them well in advance to avoid any hassle in the end. I found everything so neat and tidy.

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