The Undergarments That Got Me Through Pregnancy

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s post is very specific and that is not lost on me, lol, however, it’s been a question that I’ve gotten over and over again so I wanted to be sure to get a post prepped on it before baby boy gets here. Hopefully by the time this goes live he’ll have made his arrival, but we’ll have to wait and see!!

Anyway, there is no doubt my body changed A LOT in the last year so I totally feel for any mommas-to-be going through those physical changes right now and just wanting undergarments that are comfortable! I shared this list over on LTK last week also so if you need to reference the items later it’s also over there! Also, in case you missed it, I shared a bra-specific post as it relates to nursing if that’s something you need right now too!

Alright, here’s what pregnancy undergarments have gotten me through – especially the last few months!

 So, in my case, the girls went up three sizes in my first trimester, which was aggressive for someone who is used to an A-cup! During this time, I’d highly recommend sticking to comfortable and stretchy bralettes [uk link] [just go up a size or two depending on the growth you’re seeing] until you have the energy to go get yourself fitted / figure out your new bra size. You’ll wear those throughout the rest of your pregnancy anyway!

If you’re looking for something that provides a bit of shape and support but with no wire, an option I gravitated toward quite a bit in the second and third trimesters was this one. [similar option in UK here] It’s great when wearing a more fitted top or dress. This is also a great option for something a little more supportive with no wires. Basically, wires are a hard no for me during pregnancy, hah!

Lastly on the bra front, this bralette from Anthro has become my go-to during this late stage of pregnancy. It’s perfect under the loose-fitting jumpsuits I’ve been wearing.

As for underwear, the more my hips widened in the second and third trimester … the more difficult it became! Stretchy waistbands like the ones you get in CK underwear are amazing! I went up two sizes from my normal [but that’ll just depend on you and your body and how it’s changing]. And then I also found the seamless ‘one-size’ type undies, like these, to be my favorite to sleep in!

I really hope this is helpful! Undergarments are such a personal thing and it’s hard to know exactly what will work for you because everyone’s body grows and changes so differently during pregnancy but these are items that worked for me! Thinking of all you pregnant mommas! xo.