10 Most Used & Loved Newborn Buys

Hi, friends! Happy Tuesday! Ok, ladies, I think I’m finally ready to start diving into all the baby/motherhood content I’ve been promising y’all. You guys have been so patient with me this last month as I navigate all this newness and the unknowns that have come with it. I know so many of you are down in the trenches with me right now or are about to be and I want to do everything I can to be a resource for all you mommas!

I thought I’d start with my most used and loved newborn buys! It’s crazy the things you think you’ll rely on the most and then you don’t even take that item out of the packaging. Instead, you have to panic order a hundred things off Amazon because turns out you need something you didn’t even expect, lol. Anyway, hopefully this post helps any other new moms avoid that panic order, ha!


So, I know I bought plenty of adorable newborn outfits, but as it turns out, babies are swaddled so much in the first couple of months that I’ve just found it pointless to dress Louie in anything other than a white onesie. Maybe this is a personal preference, but I thought it would be helpful to share because trust me when I say I know how tempting alllll the cute outfits are, and you should buy them if you want! I bought quite a few, lol, but him actually wearing them is another story. Plus, I found myself gravitating toward anything that made life ‘easy’ because figuring out a newborn, as a first-time mom, felt quite challenging, especially in that first week. White onesies certainly made getting Louie dressed mindless and laundry super easy!

Ours are from Simply Joy’s by Carter’s. We have a few from Gerber’s and a few from H&M. They’re all essentially the same. I always just wanted to make sure they were made out of good material so as not to irritate his skin. I think I prefer Carter’s and H&M.

Simple Joy’s by Carter’s: long sleeve | short sleeve || Gerber’s: long sleeve | short sleeve


Sleepers with zippers, especially double zippers, make changing  in the middle of the night much easier and less traumatic for baby. Only unzip the area that is needed and you can change away! Anything to keep crying at bay, am I right?!

If you’re in the UK, I love this one and this set [in gray] from John Lewis. My favorite are the BabyMori ones because of how soft they are! I’ve heard KYTE BABY in the States is very similar. Both are a bit pricey, though.


Louie loves laying on this lounger during his daytime naps, while I love being able to bring it and him wherever I am in our flat without disturbing his need for sleep as well as the fact that it’s made out of organic material. Definitely a must-buy!


Babies may fight swaddles [and Louie does!] but, when you don’t give them the option of fighting it [like with these swaddles or these], you will find that they sleep really well because they suppress their Moro reflex. I love these swaddles as well as SollyBaby wraps but you need to make sure you tie those pretty tight so they don’t wiggle out.


White noise machines remind baby of being in the womb and Louie loves his! Momma loves it because it’s portable and we’re able to bring it on walks and in the car with us, as well. Highly recommend!


Louie can definitely get fussy because of gas so, obviously, we burp him but, when we need a little extra help we use gripe water as it’s great at helping resolve his hiccups or gas! Be sure to check with your pediatrician before giving to your baby just to be safe.


Louie absolutely lovessss this thing. For awhile I thought it was the Wubbanub, but it’s by Philips Avent. It’s the only pacifier [or dummy, as they’re called here] that he will suck on. It has been a real comfort for him, which I’m thankful for, and I love that you can take the dummy off and sterilize it when it falls on the floor or, you know, the dog licks it when you’ve set it down [like both Fish and Chips have, ha!]. I love that it has a little stuffed animal he can snuggle with on it as he gets older and has more control over his arms. It will also allow him to find his pacifier if it falls out [again, once he’s older].

ALSO … bonus points for this pacifier because you can detach the pacifier nipple from the stuffed animal part making it super easy to sterilize. You can purchase packs of the pacifier nipples so you can have some clean ones ready to go in your diaper bag if it happens to fall on the ground!

And, finally, just need to mention – this is just the one that Louie happened to love and gravitate toward but your baby will likely have an opinion on pacifiers so I’d register for a few different ones to have on hand IF you are fine with them having one. You’ll know quickly which ones they like or don’t like, ha!


I love that all I have to do is double-tap this night light for it to turn on in the middle of the night – talk about convenience. You can dim and brighten it as well as switch it from a warm light or a cool light depending on your preference!


I ordered a dupe of the Boppy because I couldn’t find it available here in the UK and ordered this cute cover. I’ve found that having extra covers for things is really important – extra cover for your boppy, extra cover for your changing pad, extra mattress cover, etc. because babies spit up or pee on everything, hah!


Muslins are multipurpose so it’s always good to have one on hand. I put muslins down on everything now after Louie spit up all over the BabyBjorn bouncy chair that he likes to sit in. You can also use them as a burp cloth, swaddle or breastfeeding cover. Aden + Anais makes four packs with really cute prints.





SOCK-ON’S – Whoever came up with these is an actual genius!


Would love to know, both for myself, but also for any other new moms looking for resources, what you all found the most necessary and helpful during the newborn stage? Share your must-haves in the comments so we can all take from your wisdom, ha! And stay tuned for a little one-month Louie update I’m hoping to get on the blog later this week! xo.




  1. Stephanie wrote:

    Love this post and little Louie!

    For sleeping also look into baby night gowns. They have some that are long enough that they still cover the feet but are completly open at the bottom. They were a lifesaver the first couple of months because you don’t have to unzip or unbutton anything to get to his diaper to change it in the middle of the night!

    Published 4.20.21 · Reply
  2. Lacey wrote:

    I loved munchkin waterproof changing pad liners! It is kind of like the Muslin blankets that you take everywhere but it won’t leak through at all! It has a moisture barrier so pee and poop can’t get to what they are laying on! I would lay it on the bouncer before I put her in or on a lounger like the snuggle me or just on the bed! So handy and then you don’t have to change the whole cover of something, just pull the liner up and throw in the wash! Also munchkin arm and hammer diaper bag dispenser and bags to hook on the diaper bag! They are good for dirty smelly diapers if you don’t have anywhere to throw it away right that minute and for taking soiled clothes home and keeping it from stinking everything in your diaper bag up! Lol not environmentally friendly but super necessary when you are out and about!!

    Published 4.20.21 · Reply