5 Places I’d Like To Travel To in 2021

Hi friends, happy Wednesday! To say it’s been a minute since I shared a travel post is an understatement, lol. And although I haven’t been anywhere in months [haven’t been on an airplane in over a year!], I’ve been dreaming of my next destination like I’m sure so many of you are! I thought it would be fun to share some of the places John and I have talked about visiting this year [fingers crossed] and I’d love to hear about any potential trips you’re planning as well! Here’s what’s on my radar + my forever travel essentials…


santorini, greece

Greece has been on my mind ever since my last trip there a few years ago! It made such an impression on me and I knew right away I needed to go back and explore more of what it has to offer. Greece actually announced that it’s opening back up to tourists on May 14, so we’d love to go in July or August. Not sure what island we’d visit but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to going back to Mykonos. I absolutely loved it there when I went in 2019 but equally am drawn to exploring other islands I’ve never been to like Paros or Crete.


Mexico is somewhere I’ve considered being that most of Europe have the strong potential to be locked down for a lot of the summer getaway season. I personally think Mexico has some of the prettiest beaches in the world and it’s been too long since I’ve been. It’d be great to stay in an all-inclusive resort that makes things easy with a baby and is a nice and relaxing getaway for all of us. Thinking Cancun (the not so tacky side of it ;)) but I’d love to go back to Tulum, not gonna lie – it’s such a cool place but it might be too much for a little one with no air conditioning in most places.


Thinking it could be nice to scoot up to my home state on the way back from Mexico as a way to just say hi to the States after not having been back since I moved. I kind of need a Chik-Fil-A, Trader Joe’s, Target and Nordstrom fix along with some of my favorite places + people in the Jacksonville Beach area.



John’s mom and sister will both be relocating to Cornwall this year so that alone gives us plenty of reasons to visit but it’s also one of England’s best-kept secrets in my opinion [ok, it might not be a secret to locals, but I feel like people in the States don’t know how beautiful it is / how much it has to offer]. It has tons of sandy beaches, picturesque coastal villages and seaside resorts with ocean views and surfing – sounds amazing to me and I’m so looking forward to checking it out!!



John and I have said it’d be nice to potentially go away with Louie for a week in the Scottish highlands. We can both work from anywhere and would love a change of scenery as stunning as the highlands, so some time out of the city and up north sounds pretty dreamy to me. Plus Scotland is a plus I haven’t spent a ton of time and would love to learn more about the culture and show Louie around a bit ;). Fingers crossed that works out – thinking Fall.

Are you ladies getting back into planning travel in 2021? It seems so strange to even have the option at this point but I’m soooo ready for it and can’t wait to teach Louie all about my love for travel and take him to some of my favorite places! Until next time! xo.




  1. Charlene DeCrease wrote:

    I have definitely ready to get back to traveling. Excited for a little cabin getaway in Minnesota this June and our boujee Pacific Northwest honeymoon in October. Hoping we’ll be able to sneak in a trip to Banff if Canada opens up to Americans this year. I’ve never been much of a beach person, but we’re considering a Mexican getaway next February to celebrate our birthdays and break up the Midwest winter.

    Published 4.21.21 · Reply
  2. Samantha Samarasinghe wrote:

    Greece sounds absolutely amazing! I’d love to go to the Caribbean at some point since I’ve never been — preferably St. Lucia! Love all of your travel posts. ❤️

    Published 4.21.21 · Reply
  3. Alyson Wyatt wrote:

    Going to Mexico in a couple weeks and I am soooo excited to travel again! Haven’t been anywhere at all since we went to Japan 2 years ago.
    YES to this list of yours!! Cornwall has my heart and I am still trying to convince my husband (who is a California beach lover) to move to Cornwall. Strange that it feels like home to this Utah mountain girl. Also, Scotland and I go way back. I have family there and it’s just the best place in the world. The Scots make it so lovely and homey feeling. I hope you three escape to the Highlands!

    Published 4.21.21 · Reply
  4. Zundria wrote:

    Greece sounds wonderful! So does Mexico. I’ve always wanted to travel to Scotland. Now, I’m adding Cornwall to my list.

    Published 4.21.21 · Reply
  5. Melissa Petta wrote:

    So excited to travel again! Headed to Napa Valley for a girls trip the first weekend of June then in September, surprising my hubby for his 60th and heading to Seattle. Rescheduled my 50th bday trip to Old Quebec City in December so praying Canada will be open by then.

    Published 4.21.21 · Reply
  6. Sonya wrote:

    I’m an American in Victoria, Canada (for graduate school) and I’d really like to visit my family without complications or a quarantine upon my return this year. I’d also like to go SOMEWHERE outside of North America. I’m hoping to hike the Salkantay Trail in Peru in November or December and maybe do some local hikes in BC on the mainland later this summer. Fingers crossed that local travel is no longer discouraged then. I turn 40 in June and the dream of a 40th birthday trip faded sometime around Christmas 2020.

    Greece looks wonderful. I’ve always wanted to go and it is definitely on a list of my top 10. 🙂

    Published 4.21.21 · Reply
  7. Nicci wrote:

    We’re doing a getaway to Chattanooga next month, since it’s only an hour and a half away from Atlanta. We’re hoping to do Newport in the fall, since we didn’t get to so it in March last year.

    Published 4.25.21 · Reply
  8. Barbara A Johnson wrote:

    If you could choose between Cornwall, Scotland or Ireland which would it be?

    Published 8.6.21 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi there! Sadly, I’m unable to weigh in on this. I haven’t been to Scotland. I’ve seen about 3% of Cornwall and I haven’t been to Ireland since I was 18. I’m so sorry! xx

      Published 8.12.21 ·
  9. Anwar wrote:

    Did you make it to all those spots in 2021?

    I’ve been wanting to visit Cornwall and just recently met some nice folks from Cornwall on a trip to Peru I was on recently. It’s one of the places in the UK I’ve always said I was going to go to but somehow never made it yet!

    Published 8.4.22 · Reply