What to pack

Mexico is all about comfort, color, and protection from the sun!

Know before you go

Haley's Top 5 Tips:

  • Adventure in Mexico is at your fingertips, and so is the unique Mexican culture. However, you have to be okay with ‘roughing it’ a little to truly enjoy your time in more remote places like Tulum.
  • Whale shark diving season in Mexico is typically June through September, though that can change with events like tropical storms.
  • Taxis are the main way to get from point A to point B. They’re super common and it’s really affordable because everything is pretty close together. It’s just really hot so that’s why people opt not to walk a lot.
  • Places will always accept pesos but may also accept US dollars. However, if they allow you to pay in US dollars, make sure you know THAT DAY’s dollar-to-peso exchange rate.


say what?

A quick guide to helpful Spanish phrases:

Hola – Hello!

Gracias – Thank you!