My Go-To Coffee Drink + Favorite Coffee Accessories

Hey friends, happy Tuesday! I have a quick little post for you girls today all about my favorite coffee drink. Like many of you, coffee is a huge part of my daily routine, and honestly, I probably rely on it too much to fuel me, lol. I have several coffee drinks I love, as I have a Nespresso [get the one with the frother, and thank me later]. However, there is one coffee recipe I make again and again, especially during this time of year and as we head into summer, so going to share that with you girls here but be sure to pin it for later!

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time you probably guessed I’m talking about my treasured Iced Honey Latte recipe. I made a video of how I make it here, but thought it’d be fun to have it permanently on the blog as well and so you ladies can pin it! It seems like there are quite a few steps when I put it in writing, but I promise it’s super simple!

Iced Honey Latte

Step One

Pour milk of choice into your frother to just about the inside piece.

Step Two

Hold the frother button for two seconds until the blue light appears [this is specific to my Nespresso frother, but you can use any frother, you basically just want to turn it on and let it froth!]. If your frother has a cold or hot setting, be sure it’s set to cold.

Step Three

Choose a cup or mug large enough to put ice + all your liquid. I prefer this 20-ounce tumbler.

Step Four

Squeeze or spoon your preferred amount of honey into your cup / mug. I usually put in a bit more than necessary to cover the bottom of my tumbler, but this is totally personal preference.

Step Five

Brew hot coffee directly from your Nespresso into your cup / mug. This will heat up the honey helping it to melt right into your latte.

Step Six

Stir together your coffee and honey mixture, then pour in the cold frothed milk and stir again.

Step Seven

Add in your preferred amount of ice cubes, give it a quick stir again and ENJOY!

It’s a simple coffee drink, but wow is it tasty. I hope you guys enjoy it – definitely tag me in your Instagram Stories if you make it!

Have a great week! xo.


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