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Hi everyone, happy Friday! I can’t believe March is over and we’re already starting out April?! Seems like just a few days ago I was putting together February’s Q&A post and wishing Louie would come so I could finally meet him. Little did I know he would be 14 days late, lol. Jokes me I guess. I know you guys have so many questions about him, breastfeeding, how things are going so far in general, and his birth story but hopefully you can understand why I haven’t been on Instagram as much / sharing as much as I normally do. I promise I’m just as eager to share / talk about Louie and mom life as you are to know about everything and I am planning on doing some question boxes on IG this month and writing his birth story soon, so hang with me!!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or have been looking for a link, it’s probably below!

Questions About Me

Q: One thing you could tell your 26-year-old self?

A: I mean, I personally would tell myself, “Hang out with your momma as much as you can, take all the photos and videos, go on a trip abroad with her, and save all of her voicemails… you only have one year left with her.”

But, I wrote a post when I turned 30: 20 things I learned in my 20s that I think could be a good read for anyone in their 20s.

Q: What is your favorite cocktail?

A: Porn star Martini. Also never met a spicy margarita I didn’t like!

Q: First thing you are doing when we can all go out safely again?

A: Get my nails done. Also getting my eyebrows threaded, extensions moved up… y’all, your girl is gonna need a FULL DAY of aesthetic upkeep treatments to get back to herself after a three-month lockdown extended by the birth of a baby, lemme tell ya!

Q: What is your favorite type of music to listen to?

A: Omg I listen to such a variety:

• John Mayer radio on Spotify, Need to breathe never gets old to me. Also love Coldplay, Johnny Swim, Mat Kearney, Tom Grennan, Judah & the Lion & George Ezra.

• Current pop hits, old school like late 80s/early 90s hits

• Country – looove, love, love like old school country. I will say I’ve not listened to it AS much in this last year but I love Dan & Shay, and um can we bring Sam Hunt back?

• Also love worship music… really centers and relaxes me

• And then you know I love a musical so I listen to soundtracks from time to time (John loves when I get into one of those moods… ha)

I could keep going and it truly doesn’t scratch the surface. Music makes me happy and I know I’ll wish I had included like 80 other artists and bands tomorrow once I’ve thought more about it. There needs to be more women artists on this list and I swear I have faves but yeah, leaving it there for now.

Q: What is your favorite cuisine?

A: Italian. Greek and Mexican are a realllly close second and third!

Q: Favorite place you’ve traveled to?

A: I mean, I have a list of faves but I just think, after much thought, you can’t beat what Italy has to offer! It is stunning in SO MANY WAYS, has amazing food and people, and there’s a place to enjoy in Italy for everyone! I will say… Cartagena will always have such a special place in my heart! I freaking looooved Cartagena! It is a hidden gem! Greece is another fave. I haven’t seen enough of it yet but, from my experience in Mykonos and Santorini, I know there’s more to love in that little corner of the world.

Q: Other dream dog breed aside from Dachshunds?

A: Bloodhounds are just soooo cute in my opinion but I don’t think I could EVER handle a big dog! They get massive. I used to live next to one named Merle and, while I was mildly obsessed with him, he proved to me that… yeah, I just think their little cousins are more my speed… ha! I also love cocker spaniels and so does John and we talked about potentially getting a cocker down the line but gosh, I don’t know if I could ever NOT have a dachshund. I just love them so much! Don’t tell my Fish about that last answer. I mean, he is truly the little King of my heart but I can’t have him second-guessing that!

Q: What would you say are the best and worst parts about living in England?

A: I mean, did 2020 count as me “living in England” haha, give me a few years and I’ll get back to you. I truly do not feel like, since I’ve been here, I can adequately answer this question. January’s weather is a strong contender with being the worst part ( at least so far), though!

Q: Do you see your mom in yourself & how, if so?

A: I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for my mom. I’m pretty sure we spent at least 3 weekends a month shopping for something at the mall or at Kohl’s, Walmart, Target or the outlets when I was growing up. The woman loveddd shopping and loved putting cute outfits together. She always told me I looked “too cha cha for words”. I started sharing my outfits and sale finds back in 2011? 2012 on Instagram and 2013 on my blog and, although what I share has changed a lot as my life has evolved and as social media has evolved, I think style will always be a huge part of this platform & that is thanks to Jules. It was always a common bond of ours and I love being able to share that with you (well, when I do, I realize this last year has been different and I appreciate you being patient with me through this past year. I do hope to get back to sharing style content more regularly as time goes on).

Moreover, I am definitely someone who needs their space and time alone, much like Jules. She loved to laugh and was really silly but only certain people could really bring that out in her, I think. I’m similar in that way I think – you guys see that when John makes me laugh but usually I can probably seem really serious a lot of the time, like Jules.

I definitely have traces of Mitch (my dad) in me but I think, at my core, I am very much like my mom. Calm. Introspective. A bit of a dreamer, idealist. We are/were both water signs though so maybe that’s why!

Q: My sis just got a dachshund puppy, I hear they’re hard to train. Any tips?

A: They are the most stubborn dogs you’ll ever come across. You have to be consistent with training and almost go overboard on it. Take them outside a lotttt as pups and try to teach them a way to tell you they need to go outside whether it’s with a bell or scratch on the door. I’d also say socialize them as much as possible as puppies once they’re vaccinated. Don’t let them be afraid of other dogs on or off a leash. Fish is soooo so mean on a leash but the sweetest boy to other dogs off a leash. It’s always been a struggle and really embarrassing so definitely work on that as well!

Q&A With John

Q: Who will be the “fun parent” and who will be the “strict parent”?

A: John = fun

Me = Strict ( I can be fun, I swear..ha!)

Q: What citizenship will the baby have?

A: He’ll be an English National but we will apply for his American citizenship, as well, so he’ll eventually have DUAL! It is such a gift to have dual so we’re excited that he will have that!

Q: What will be the first thing you do when this is all over?

A: I think by “this” you mean our lockdown, which is still in effect here.

John = Pun & a pint

Me = Brunch with friends (also, I want to get my nails + eyebrows done)

Q: Whose the most nervous about the baby’s arrival?

A: It does feel a little scary to be on the brink of something so life-changing but I think we’re past being nervous… we’re ready!

Q: Will you do sleep training?

A: My friend, styledsnapshots used sweetbsleep and RAVESSS about her so I’ll be utilizing her sleep training services.

Q: Who picked baby boy’s first name?

A: John = first name (came across it on a name app)

Haley = middle name (wouldn’t give it up… ha!)

Q: Who is excited more?

A: We are BOTH excited but I think because John is more go with the flow he feels more excited whereas I just feel like there’s so much to know and for me to wrap my mind around. It can feel overwhelming but taking the classes I’ve started taking has helped quite a bit.

Q: What are you most looking forward to post-pregnancy?

A: I know these will take time after pregnancy but, excited for eventually:

Sleeping on my stomach ( I know it’ll take time but anything will be more comfortable than sleeping with this bump… whoooof, it is TOUGH).

Wearing things other than leggings and sweatpants and struggling to find underwear that fits.

John said “I’m ready for you to be a normal person again.” Hahaha

Q: Where are you thinking of moving to in the summer?

A: John wants to go back to Surrey (the county just south of London). I’m not opposed but I want really easy links into London. Our needs make staying in London a little unrealistic being that we have a baby, need a garden, parking, both need workspaces at home, etc. So yeah, honestly your guess is as good as ours.

Q: How long does John get for paternity leave? I know it’s so much better than here.

A: He is self-employed so he’s hustling at the moment so he can take a few weeks off when little man arrives. He is seriously such a hard worker and has been taking such good care of me and the boys. I’ve been doing things at a snail’s pace and he’s been so helpful in helping me get stuff done before he arrives, as well. So thankful for him!

Q: For John: Even though life has happened quickly, are you feeling blessed it happened?

A: Despite lockdown, we’ve definitely been lucky in remaining healthy, continuing to be able to build a strong relationship foundation (almost thanks to lockdown and the time we’ve had together without interruption), becoming a dog dad and now have a baby on the way… lots of change but definitely feel lucky!

Q: How are y’all doing with everything going on lately?

A: Thanks for asking- being in lockdown when so much of the world & especially the time of year has had its challenging moments. I think it has been a great time to be pregnant- it’s helped me prioritize rest and taking care of myself but I do miss having diversity in my day. Motivation comes and goes and, a lot of times, I feel like I have nothing to share because there’s no point in me shopping for anything other than baby stuff right now being that we aren’t going anywhere, no plans for travel, etc. BUT… spring is coming and we’re really excited for longer days, more sunshine and things opening up! SO… it’s been hard but we have lots to be excited about!

Q: Will you watch Meghan & Harry’s interview with Oprah?

A: It won’t be on here until tomorrow evening so I’ll watch it then but probably won’t air my opinion on it at all. I’ve gotta protect my energy and time at the moment but definitely intrigued to hear what they say!

Q: What does John think of the royals?

A: We actually have very different opinions on the drama going on at the moment but we do both respect the Queen.

Q: Does John want any more tattoos?

A: Yeah, he is open to it- like a footprint or handprint or something. I would actually be open to getting one that has to do with baby boy. John wishes I would get his name. Lolll I’ve always wanted a tattoo of something on my rib cage but I always chicken out.

Q: How are you guys going to make time for your relationship once baby comes?

A: I think the first little while we’ll be in the trenches but just try to keep communication between us as open as possible just so we’re on the same page and know how the other is feeling. We are hoping to plan some date nights once things start opening up (everything is closed right now and will be until April 12th). John’s mom is still in London for a little longer and she’s said she wants to babysit so we can get to spend some time out since we didn’t get that too much during pregnancy or even in this last year in general (we did a little bit but not as much as we probably would have). We are also just looking forward to getting out..even WITH baby..have plans with friends, meals out, picnic in the park, etc.

Pregnancy Questions

Q: What small moment are you most excited for when baby boy arrives?

A: I can’t choose one moment. There are so many I’m looking forward to:

 • Hoping for a water birth so that moment I pull him up from the water

• Seeing John’s reaction to seeing him for the first time

• Introducing him to our parents and seeing their reaction

• Hearing him cry

• Smelling his smell

 • Bringing him home + introducing him to the boys

• Just watching him reveal himself to us as the days go by together. I am so excited for all of it!

Q: Does England let you go past 41 weeks without induction?

A: Yes, you could go up to 41 weeks and 5 days without induction. However, I don’t think thats the case for EVERYONE. It obviously depends on mom and baby. My last ultrasound was at 40 weeks and everything checked out great. Baby still moves like crazy so we will see how the next week goes. I am calling to schedule an induction just to have it on the books but will likely have one more membrane sweep to see if that can get things moving before the induction date.

Q: First thing you’re going to eat postpartum that you’ve been holding off on while pregnant?

A: I didn’t really deprive myself of anything during pregnancy. I just cut back on some things quite a bit..tuna being one of them. Sooo…I’ll be eating my weight in spicy tuna rolls and tuna poke bowls after he arrives that is for sure! I am kidding, but serious, but kidding, you know?!

Q: What are some boy names y’all like but aren’t using?

A: Actually answered this in a Q&A last month and put them in that roundup post for ya!

Q: How are you holding up mentally being past 40 weeks?

A: I’m doing okay- I won’t lie- I’m starting to get nervous and doubt my body but also trying to stay positive as it’s very normal to be late with your first baby. I’m also not used to being “caught up” on stuff so it feels weird to not be hurrying and working my way through a to-do list and then also not have a baby to take care of like I allotted for this time to be for haha but regardless, this time is a gift, and, even if I’m using it to rest until he’s ready, I am reminding myself that it is not a gift wasted. I felt so behind during my last trimester and was terrified he’d come before I was “ready” and he’s been so sweet to give me that time to feel fully prepared for him (as much as I can be I guess…I’ll never be 100% ready for such a big new chapter).

Q:  How have you been mentally preparing for upcoming labor/delivery? I am anxious!

A:  I hate that you’re feeling anxious! Birth is a beautiful thing and I wish more women went into feeling empowered! If you have time, I’d recommend taking the positive birth company hypnobirthing course. It’s very affordable and so informative! It explains the stages of birth, the hormones associated with birth, breathing techniques and positive affirmations to give you the tools and great mental reminders to help you through it!

Education has made me feel far less nervous and so much more in control (not like everything is going to go my way but more-so) like I know how to handle anything that might come my way during the new-to-me experience.

Q: Did you have to come around to the idea of a boy? Had you hoped for a girl? I did!

A: I would LOVE to have a girl but I wouldn’t say I was disappointed or that I had to come around to the idea of a boy. I definitely think I’d have more fun shopping for little girl clothes (because hello I love ruffles and headbands with bows myself) but I honestly was sooo excited to find out it was a boy!

Your feelings are absolutely valid though because they’re yours and there’s no shame in how you felt. I know you’re not the only one so don’t beat yourself up and I’m sure that any of it that is still lingering will melt away when you meet your little man! He is going to have you wrapped around his little finger!

Q: What do you think your postpartum wardrobe might look like? I need inspo!

A: Right now I’m thinking jumpsuits like this one that feel a bit Springy but I can wear a nursing bra with and a cardigan (if I need to) and be comfortable around the house. I’ll link this one but this is just one I saw the other day. I’ll link some other affordable ones below also!

Q: Do you think your background in nursing has well prepared you for childbirth?

A: No! I didn’t work on a labor and delivery or postpartum unit. I had a little experience from nursing school clinics & had a great experience. I thought the births I witnessed were beautiful. But, that was 10 years ago so I felt really clueless about pregnancy when I found out. Being that it’d be quite a few more weeks until I talked to a midwife or any healthcare professional about my pregnancy, I started reading books by midwives. I quickly realized the way they view birth versus the way I have witnessed birth is so different and was so eye-opening. What I had/have witnessed was/is not bad. Their view is just more physiological and made so much sense to me & it ultimately gave me confidence in my body that birth is something I am created to do so I think that’s what has made me confident.

Q: Did you eat raw fish while pregnant? My husband won’t let me!

A: Not in my first trimester (well except when I didn’t know. I found out at 6 weeks sooo) but I have had tuna a few times in my second and third. I’m not giving medical advice here – just answering the question. (Also not looking for critiques). I read “Expecting Better” and made a decision that was right for me. Give it a read and I encourage you to do the same. I’ll link my blog post with books I read during pregnancy here.

Thank you again for hanging in there with me as I navigate through being a new mom and all the things that come with that! Until next time! xo.


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