Budget-Friendly Home Decor I’m Loving Right Now

Hi friends, happy Wednesday! So excited to be bringing you a blog post today all about home decor! It’s been a minute and I knew I was due to share some recent finds with y’all so here we are! I will say, I wish I was sharing these items with you as I would have them styled in my own home, but life and our crazy living situation unfortunately doesn’t really allow for that right now. Trust me, ladies, I would give a whole lot to have my own living room, bedroom, backyard, etc. to share with you. But, regardless of all of that, I still wanted to curate a really great Alyson Haley-approved list of some very cute items – all of which are from Walmart, one of the best budget-friendly retailers in the States for home finds!

Okay, first I just have to say, Walmart is absolutely killing it with their home section right now. I probably could have done an entire post just on throw pillows alone, hah! From this pink one to this neutral 20×20 option that’s only $15 – I mean, give them all to me! This is my dream feminine color palette! You could style them up perfectly with this accent chair [so stunning!], a French Country coffee table book, and don’t forget a perfectly coordinated area rug. Truly, if I decorated my ideal living room, all of these pieces would be in it!

I also found quite a few little detail pieces like a white ceramic vase, an under $10 candle with a very chic vessel, and of course a super cozy-looking throw blanket that matches one of the throw pillows!

Y’all, do not sleep on the Walmart Home Section right now! So many gorgeous pieces! You can have a whole new vibe to your space for under $100 easily.

Putting this together for you girls was honestly a much-needed escape for me since my home situation looks nothing like this, lol. I have so much to be grateful for, however, I’ll be over the moon when we finally have a place I can put my special touch on with pieces like these from Walmart! Fingers crossed for more home content coming soon!! xo.


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  1. Debbie Michel wrote:

    So good. Who knew Walmart had so many cute pieces.
    What I really loved though I didn’t see a link for the chairs in the pics of you with Fish and Chips. Do you have a link or a hint as to where you got these?

    Published 7.3.21 · Reply
  2. Danielle wrote:

    Oh my goodness, they are all such amazing items!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

    Published 7.3.21 · Reply
  3. Connell wrote:

    In the world of home decor, it’s not about how much you spend, but how you infuse your space with character and personality. So here’s to budget-friendly decor that makes our homes stylish and comfortable without the budget-busting price tags! 🏡💰 #BudgetDecor #HomeSweetHome

    Published 9.14.23 · Reply