Four Themes to Consider For a Main Bedroom Refresh

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Hey friends, happy Thursday! I’m SO excited to bring you some home content today! Unfortunately, it’s still not to share photos / updates of our new flat here in London. However, I’ve partnered with Walmart to share some of their amazing home decor, furniture and bedding that has inspired me so much when it comes to our main bedroom, specifically! I truly hope we find a place soon so I can get going on seeing it come to life – stay tuned!

Since a lot of the pieces that inspired me the most would go in a main bedroom, I thought I’d center today’s post around that specific room in your home. My bedroom has always been my sanctuary. As an introvert, it’s where I spend lots of time to recharge, reflect and where I feel I can truly connect with myself and feel comfortable and safe. With that said, I thought it would be fun to use Walmart’s decor as inspiration for four different styles ranging from girly bachelorette to transitional. None of the themes I’m sharing below are necessarily ‘official’ interior design styles per se [well, maybe transitional is, I don’t know, ha!], but it’s more so the feeling I get from each one of them. Hope that makes sense! It was so much fun putting this together for your girls so I hope you enjoy it and you find something you need if you’re in the market for a little bedroom refresh!

Starting with the theme I’m probably most excited about! This is the decor style I’m looking forward to dipping my toe into when we find a new place! We’re going to overhaul our bedroom and I’m looking forward to choosing things that are a bit outside of our comfort zone. It’s so hard to do because I’m naturally drawn to other styles when I shop, but I think if I make a little graphic like the ones I’m sharing today to see it all together before I pull the trigger, it might make it easier. Being that this is such a new chapter of life for me and this new home will be part of that, I figured it was the perfect time to try and evolve from a decor perspective. Are you that way, too? Do you tend to stick with the decor style you feel the most comfortable with? Or do you try to switch things up every few years?

Some of the pieces I found from Walmart that I think work extremely well for the transitional style include this area rug – I feel like having a good area rug is such an important part of transitional style! Like it sets the tone for the space. Bedding is also a huge piece of the puzzle and I think this linen duvet with its subtle blue stripe is perfect [I’d personally go with a neutral headboard like this one, which isn’t featured in the graphic but I wanted to call out just in case you wanted an option!]. Details like a neutral coffee table book and natural textures like this stoneware catch-all dish [this dish and so many of the accessories I chose are Studio McGee, which I was excited to see were available to shop at Walmart!] will make the room feel complete. I seriously cannot wait to snag items with this same vibe for our new bedroom!

This theme really takes me back to my 20s and being able to make my space as feminine as I wanted. It’s so perfect for the single girl and I feel like this graphic really represents the vibe I went for when I wanted my bedroom to look like this. Lots of touches of pink, like this chair, which would be so perfect for a cozy reading nook. It’s things like that that I see and I’m like wait, I still love this stuff, hah! But then I remember John and where I’m currently at in my life. That doesn’t mean I still don’t think it’s gorgeous though, especially details like these sheets that are so beautifully made [I know because I used to have them!]. If you have a very colorful and eclectic home decor style, I’d suggest taking a look at Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home line. It is chock full of affordable pieces that are so so cute! I used some of them in my bedroom in Florida.

I absolutely love a glam touch whether it’s through straight lines, a lacquered finish, or gold hardware. I found so many great pieces that go with this theme like this wall mirror that’s under $50, this faux marble side table, and this lamp. I will say, I always try to be careful with this style because if you go ‘too far’ with it, it could be seen as gaudy. I know, trust me, all the pretty gold finishes are stunning but I would recommend trying to find a balance between this and another decor style. Personally, I always mixed it with the next theme, which is cozy chic. My living room in Florida reflected that combination quite well, I think.

For a bedroom, what’s not to love about this decor style as our bedrooms are supposed to be cozy, right? What really gives that ‘cozy’ vibe, I think, is a good mix of textures – a ruffled detailed comforter, a chunky knit blanket, a good basket, etc. As an additional touch, I’d personally invest in a pillow-top mattress to make things extra cozy. Keeping your decor light in color is also something to consider when trying to achieve this look. I really think you could combine this category with any other decor theme because every bedroom should have a touch of cozy!

What do y’all think of my themes? Fun, right? Walmart truly has so much to offer in the home decor department so don’t sleep on checking them out as items tend to sell out quickly! You can find these home trend items under Walmart’s new Wow & Now category that boasts so many amazing trending pieces at great price points!

This has gotten me even more excited to find a space I can put a new touch on! I hope you ladies enjoyed it! xo.


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  1. Lizbeth+de+la+Torre wrote:

    I love all the ideas. It’s so interesting to see how our style evolves through the years. I myself have been liking more clean lines as of lately. I’m redoing my whole house and it’s so hard to pick and settle for just one style.

    Published 7.29.21 · Reply
  2. Zundria wrote:

    I love this post! It’s always a joy to see how others decorate. I have no clue what my style is but I k ow exactly what I like. It’s a cross between cozy chic and traditional—I think. I love all the neutrals and textures. Glad to see Walmart stepping up their game and offering such a wide variety of affordable and quality items.

    Published 7.29.21 · Reply
  3. Danielle wrote:

    I love a good refresh every now and again!

    Danielle |

    Published 7.31.21 · Reply