My Wardrobe Staples From Shopbop + Sale Event Picks

Hey there! The Shopbop Style Event is still on for you to enjoy up to 25% off on top brands like AGOLDE, Sam Edelman, Anine Bing, and so many more! There are so many items in my Fall and Winter wardrobe that are included so I wanted to dedicate a quick post to some of the items I wouldn’t want you to miss. To give you the low-down on the sale, here’s the scoop:

Spend $200+ and enjoy 15% off your purchase

Spend $500+ and enjoy 20% off your purchase

Spend $800+ and enjoy 25% off your purchase

Use code STYLE at checkout to receive discount! Exclusions apply.

Whether these are items you could find useful in your wardrobe or a gift that would be perfect for a friend or family member for the upcoming holiday season, I sure do hope you find this post helpful! Let’s get started!

Sam Edelman Chelsea Boots

Take a look at the first photo in the post and you’ll see how I styled these gorgeous Sam Edelman chelsea boots. I am so excited to wear these over the next few months. I feel like they’re going to go with everything!

If you have a more edgy style, I highly recommend taking a look at these edgy style picks I put together. They give me all the heart eyes and I don’t even really consider myself to have an edgy style. All of these pieces are very on trend but some you could definitely classify as timeless. Shop by clicking on the item in the graphic!

White + Warren Cashmere Scarf

The White & Warren cashmere scarf is one of those staples that I will have for years and years. I’ve had the gray one for six years now and it’s still in incredible condition. I have two others [one seen above and a beige one] and look forward to wearing those as it gets colder here. They keep you so warm and are so worth the investment! I love the camel color they have out now.

Sam Edelman ‘Loraine’ Loafers

The infamous ‘Loraine’ loafer is making its yearly Shopbop sale appearance and I could not be happier they brought this shoe back! I have bought this exact pair the last two sales because I wear them so much!

Lioness Palermo Blazer

I am PICKY when it comes to blazers. Some just don’t do it for me but the silhouette, fit and embellishment on this one won me over quick back in 2018. While I know you can find other blazers for cheaper, I think this one is worth the little extra for the quality. [It’s under $100, though, so we’re not talking an outrageous price point here!] I need to order this in my new size because I think I’d get a lot of use of this now that London is open again!

Blank Denim Faux Fur Jacket

This jacket was one I loved a couple of years ago. Sadly, because I couldn’t move everything over last year [thanks to Covid], this got left behind but it’s one of those really versatile pieces you could style a ton of ways this time of year. I can’t believe it’s still fully in stock and under $100 right now!

Karen Walker ‘The Number One’ Sunglasses

Another loved item through the years are these Karen Walker ‘The Number One’ Sunglasses. They are probably my most worn and longest loved sunnies out of my entire collection. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow them.

Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses

The Karen Walker Super Duper’s have been in my life since 2013 and they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon! I absolutely love these sunnies and think, while they’re not for everyone, they uplevel your outfit in such a chic way! They’re available in tortoise and black.

Beach Riot Ribbed Workout Set

I wore this Beach Riot workout set in California. I love how sleek and soft the material is. It has plenty of stretch and comes in a few colors. They’re all included in the sale.


AGOLDE ‘Dee’ Ultra High Rise Shorts

The AGOLDE ‘Dee’ shorts are a Summer staple … well, at least they were when I was Stateside. They are so comfortable and make you feel completely covered without any sort of grandma vibes!

AGOLDE ‘Jamie’ Jeans

While my beloved vintage BING sweatshirt isn’t part of the sale again this year, my AGOLDE ‘Jamie’ jeans are! These jeans are pure gold! I have so many photos of me in these jeans but k

AGOLDE ‘Riley’ Jeans

AGOLDE strikes again! Their jeans are just too good. While I was back in the States, I repurchased the ‘Riley’ jeans in my post-baby size and I’m so happy to be reunited with them! They are fully in stock and trust me when I say, worth every penny!

Plush Fleece Lined Liquid Leggings

Fleece lined leggings have been a love of mine since I started traveling more in 2016. Florida is HOT, all the time, which made going to cold weather climates a little more difficult for me. I found these to be a life saver for not only my comfort but also my style. I stayed warm and stylish all thanks to these and they’re not too bad on the budget – plus, they’re included in the sale!

Plush Liquid Double Layer Over-Belly Leggings

Now, I know not everyone reading this is going to find this helpful but, you’ll thank me later if you ARE pregnant and snag these – especially if you’re due in March, like I was, and had to be pregnant throughout ALL of the Winter. These faux leather, fleece-lined leggings were a DREAM … although, toward the end, they didn’t stay up AS good as they did in the second trimester. Just being honest but they were great for months 4-7.

Plush Fleece Maternity Leggings

Toward the end, I preferred an under-belly situation versus over-belly. These were the most comfortable fleece lined leggings for me, personally. They didn’t sag and they kept me warm on all those walks trying to get Louie to head more and more south toward the exit, ha!

Last, but not least, I wanted to share a few other picks of mine from the sale. These items stood out to me while I was perusing what was included this year!

I hope this post was helpful! Happy Shopping! xo.