What’s On My Birthday Wishlist

Hello from the States! I’m putting this together before we take off on our trip to the Bahamas [cannot wait to feel that sunshine!] and thought it’d be fun to share a little birthday wishlist. Doing blog posts and YouTube videos like this is fun for me – you might remember this YouTube video I did for my 34th birthday a few years ago! It’s always a hard question to answer ‘what do you want for your birthday?’. I don’t really need anything but these posts really challenge me to really think about it and then I have a few items to humor John with because he does always ask and insist on getting me something. So, essentially this is just a list of things I love but don’t necessarily need, ya know?

From this list, though [because he saw it early], John did actually gift me the train case you see below and a backpack from Leatherology [seen here], as well. He’s also gotten me a few pouches that will help me feel more organized when I pack for trips and a new set of packing cubes. All my old ones have gotten so worn down so it was time for a little revamp.

As for my actual birthday celebration, we’re doing a little dinner with a small group of friends, my Dad, John, and Louie at a waterfront restaurant in Florida, and then off to the Bahamas for the weekend! Truthfully, that is all I really wanted. Experiences are better than things in my opinion, plus the timing is perfect for a winter getaway – something I could definitely use!

Let’s get into the wishlist!

I just have to add – wow, that Zimmerman dress! It is so dreamy and such a splurge but it is calling my name. Definitely considering it as a gift to myself! Momma needs some sparkle in her life, hah! Such a fun list, right? I hope you have your eye on something if you’re in the market!

Alright, I’m off the Bahamas! I’ll be vlogging while I’m there and will share a recap once I’m back in the UK! Have a great weekend, everyone! xo.


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