Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Wednesday, friends! I am celebrating my second Mother’s Day as Louie’s mum and wow, what perspective a year can give! Being his mum the last year has changed my life completely. I wouldn’t change a thing even the days that feel like they may never end .. ha! (iykyk)

Mother’s Day will always be a bit bittersweet for me. The past [almost] nine years have been so hard without her but I always knew that it would be even harder after I brought my own children into the world. You don’t have her to compare notes with, vent to, and lean on when it’s hard. It’s also a little torturous knowing how much she couldn’t wait to be a ‘grandmommy’. I hate that she was cheated that experience and that I was cheated the chance to see her in that role, loving on my little Louie in the way only she could. However, I feel incredibly grateful for John’s Mum. She is such a warm and loving grandmother to Louie and it’s been sweet to see their relationship grow over the past year. It was so fun to spoil her during the UK’s Mother’s Day back in March.

Being that all of you haven’t celebrated Mother’s Day yet, I thought I’d give you some gift ideas in preparation for celebrating those motherly figures in your life. It could be a colleague of yours at work, who has always taken you under her wing. Or your friend who is about to become a Mom for the first time. I hope these gifts get your gears going on the ideas front! I would be lying if I said I didn’t think of sending quite a few of these gift ideas to John, ha! They are just too good! No matter who you’re shopping for, I hope you find something special to honor the ones you love in your life on this Mother’s day!

Everything I included in this post are things I love, so I don’t think you can go wrong, but of course, I have to call a few out. This raising legends sweatshirt is just the cutest! It’s such a good reminder that while the days may seem long, you truly are doing God’s work raising little humans to be exactly who they were meant to be!

I also have to mention the silhouette frame and necklace. I just recently found this retailer and am so in love! It would make a great gift for a friend or sister celebrating her first Mother’s Day! You could also grab one for yourself and add the frame to the baby’s nursery and the necklace to your jewelry collection!

I need to point THIS out because I know you won’t have any clue what it is when you see it on the graphic above. It is a wine coaster! How freaking fun is that. I love how chic it looks and perfect for when you want to set a bottle of wine down [likely red as you would want to continue to chill the white wine bottles] after you’re done topping up people’s glasses. For any Momma’s who love to host, this would make a great gift! Also, this website is CHOCK FULL of cute things for hostesses so be sure to give it a good browse, even if the wine coaster isn’t your thing. They have cute vases and picture frames, as well.

If the mom you’re buying for loves all things cozy, you can’t go wrong with these cashmere bed socks or this white robe! I usually add the cashmere socks to any gift basket I am sending to expectant momma friends because they truly are the softest ones I’ve found! I promise – the price tag is worth it!

The last call-out has to be all of my Necessaire go-to’s. I have talked about these products for years and still love them just as much today! Whether you are in need of a good hand lotion or new body wash, these products are an absolute must!

We still have a little bit of time before the big day so my hope is that you are able to snag what you need and put a big check in the box before any stress starts creeping in! Happy shopping, friends, and remember – you’re doing a great job! xo.


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