The One Staple Your Autumn Wardrobe Needs

Hello from Italy, friends! I’m looking forward to talking about the one staple your autumn wardrobe needs but, first, shall we catch up? I feel like that’s how I would always start blog posts back in the day and it just feels right this morning, ha.

So, as I mentioned, I’m currently writing this whilst in Italy. Many of you who have been around for awhile know my best friend, Whitney, is a luxury travel planner and organizes group trips throughout the year. I’ve been a team member on two of the London trips but none outside of that. As Whitney was outlining some of the other trips she wanted to do this year, she mentioned she’d love for me to join the one she’s planning for the island of ischia. It’s an area of Italy I’ve been to multiple times and am so excited to show a group of gals this part of the world! Unfortunately, we’ve had to pivot a little bit due to inclement weather but, that’s part of travel, isn’t it? Learning to be flexible and choosing to enjoy where the experience takes you! Be sure to follow along on Instagram, I’ll be sharing more of the trip there. Do any of you have any Fall trips coming up? It’s always a much more enjoyable season to travel during, in my opinion.

Last week and the week before, I shot almost ten looks with two different photographers in London, which felt really nice! I have been questioning lately if what I used to do week after week [blogging / sharing outfits here on the blog] is even still relevant, something people are interested in continuing to consume. Video is being pushed so hard right now. I find it fun to venture into a new creative way of sharing looks with you all but I love still photos so much. Photos are forever. The quality of video decreases over time, as technology improves, so I think you’ll always see photos from me here. There will be lots of new looks here on the blog so, I hope you’re excited!

What else is new? Louie turned eighteen months a few days ago! You guys sent in some questions about that the other day and I’ve answered them but just need to pop them into a blog post so that’ll be up this week!

Shall we shift gears and talk about this outfit? I absolutely love a look consisting of similar tones and brown is my current color of choice so, I am especially fond of this look. If you ask me, there are lots of autumn wardrobe essentials but, if there’s one that I find to be the hardest working, the one I grab for the most often, it would be a cashmere sweater, like this one from J.Crew [they always have great cashmere pieces!]. Sweaters are often made of chunky knit and then you need a massive oversized coat to fit over it. Moreover, I never really find them to be super warm. They’re just made to look cozy, which is fine, but fashion, in my opinion, needs to also meet function somewhere. Over time, I’ve found that I prefer to spend a little more on sweaters that aren’t as thick and made of quality materials that are easy to layer under and over as well as warm! I find they look more polished and get worn so much more than the trendier, chunkier sweaters. I recently shared this cashmere crew from Everlane that I love, too. Then, I’ve had my eye on Jenni Kayne’s cashmere pieces. Here are a few other options if you’re looking for some:

Wide leg trousers are quite trendy right now and, while I don’t like for trends to dictate my style, I am really happy to see it. The ones you see in this outfit are from River Island. They have a unique detailing across the waistband with slant pockets. They are priced under $100 and run true to size. A couple of sizes are currently missing so here’s a quick roundup of a few other wide leg trouser options:

Don’t miss this pair by Abercrombie, by the way! I’ve heard they’re great. I’m thinking of ordering a pair myself. Plus, they come in different lengths, which I think is helpful for trousers as we’re all different heights!

Alright, that does it for today, ladies! I’m off to explore with the group. I’ll be back with the 18 month with Louie post later this week! xo.


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  1. Tigs wrote:

    The river island trousers are incredible- I have to buy them now! Love your autumn looks.

    Published 10.2.22 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thank you! xx

      Published 10.5.22 ·