Where To Snag The Best Wardrobe Essentials

Hi there, friends! It feels so nice to be back here on the blog. I’ve missed it so much. I thought we’d talk wardrobe essentials today as we are embarking on a new season where we’re thinking of cold weather pieces. When it comes to buying for my wardrobe, I am finding that the older I get, the less interested I am in the trends and buying more, more, more! I really just want the essentials – those really hard working pieces that you’ll be able to wear again and again across multiple seasons. Insert: Everlane. They are not only retailer I have the utmost respect for but also does those classic wardrobe essentials really, really well.

I have had so many requests for two types of looks lately — travel and work. So, I thought I’d share a look that fits the bill for travel and a couple of pieces within this outfit that you could easily wear to work. You could even wear this outfit to work — just switch out the shoes! Regardless of where you wear these Everlane pieces, the point is … you can wear them to multiple places and in multiple ways! That’s why an essential is so important and it’s why I invest in so many in my wardrobe. It makes getting dressed for every occasion that much easier.

Everlane has created a pair of pants – very fittingly called The Dream Pant – that feel less like pants and more like sweats but tailored to look sleek and sophisticated. They have a flat finish giving you the most refined and polished look. Additional features include an elasticated waistband, pintuck detailing and a slim tapered leg. Also, these are wrinkle-resistant! I repeat: wrinkle resistant! How incredible is that? I love that they’re so versatile and how comfortable they are.

For this look, you could wear Everlane’s gorgeous ribbed turtleneck [mine got, inadvertently thrown in the wash before this shoot! eek!] and either wear the cashmere crew over it, if it’s cold enough, or pop it over your shoulders. I also love that you could throw an additional layer over those two as the seasons progress. I got the cashmere crew in black, as well, and I’ll be showcasing it on stories today. If you missed it, check the Everlane highlight on my Instagram profile.

EVERLANE DISCOUNT: The team at Everlane are kindly offering 15% off for new customers with my code HALEYA15 at checkout!

Here’s a look at the gorgeous slant pockets and the slit pockets on the back of The Dream Pant. It’s all so incredibly flattering and, like I said, perfect for the office! You’d never know the material feels like sweatpants because it certainly doesn’t look it! They run true to size, by the way!

There are so many more essentials on Everlane‘s website to take a look at — these are just a few I’ve been loving lately. In case you missed it, Everlane is kindly offering 15% off for new customers with my code HALEYA15 at checkout! Be sure to check out my LTK page and type in ‘Everlane‘ to see more pieces in my wardrobe as well as today’s IG stories for a try-on of a few new arrivals! That’s also where I’m sharing WHY I’m such a fan of theirs so I’ll see you over there! I promise – they are a company you’ll be proud to buy from.

Thanks for stopping by today, guys! Always appreciate you taking the time! xo.


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