Are Skinny Jeans Still In Style? Or Are They Out?

Skinny jeans have been a hot topic of debate in the fashion world the last year or two. If you talk to a millenial, they’ll most likely tell you that skinny jeans will never die. It’s ingrained in our DNA to love them. But if you ask a Gen Z guy or gal, they’ll most likely tell you they’re definitely out. So today, we’re peeling back the layers and trying to answer the burning questions: Are skinny jeans still in style? Or are they out?

A trend to try right now is definitely wide-leg trousers, and I wrote about those in this POST HERE.

Are Skinny Jeans Still In Style?

We all have to admit that skinny jeans are the absolute best – at least in my opinion! 😉 Why else did their reign last [what feels like] a decade? But fashion is cyclical, so it was going to start fading at some point, and I think we are definitely seeing a slow fade (well I guess that depends on who you ask) of the skinny jean era.

There are many more styles available that are “more popular” now that I almost find it hard to find a variety of skinny jean options to choose from.

Different Styles of Jeans (That Are Gen Z Approved)

High Rise Dad Jean

A nod to what our dad’s were wearing back in the day. Dad jeans typically are high-rise that fit through the hip and thigh and have a relaxed fit down the leg. Depending on the style and brand you purchase, they can taper in at the ankle slightly too.

Flare Jeans

The next trend of denim jeans we see a lot of are flare jeans. They may or may not have been called bell bottoms when I was younger, but I digress. Flare jeans can often be figure flattering, especially if you’re wearing a heel with them. They fit snug through the hip and thigh and gradually flare out once past the knee. This pair comes in varying lengths from sizes 23 to 37.

90’s Straight Jeans

If I were to step outside of my skinny-jean comfort zone with the occasional wide-leg denim, these 90’s straight leg jeans would probably be my next choice. Like the dad jeans, they’re high-rise and are fitted through the hip and thigh. However, they fit closer to the body than the dad jeans. In this style, Abercrombie also offers a criss-cross waistband, which is on-trend right now too.

High-Rise Mom Jeans

The high-rise mom jeans are back from the 80s and 90s with a fresh, modern spin. This style of jeans typically has a high-rise and fit loosely through the hips and thighs. Then, they slowly taper off until you get to the ankle. They typically have large back pockets that can make your backside look flatter. To create a balanced look when wearing mom jeans, wear a fitted top and tuck it into your pants. That way, you’re defining your waistline, since the hips fit more loosely on mom jeans.

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Styled Skinny Jean Outfit

I recently styled white skinny jeans with this Madewell Lovell Cotton Cardigan. It’s made of 100 percent cotton, so it’s super soft and cozy. It features four tortoiseshell buttons with a v-neck. The cardigan has an oversized fit and runs true to size. The color pairs beautifully with white jeans.

To elevate the cardigan, I love to layer under sweater tops, like this one. The exact one I’m wearing has a beautiful ruffle detail along the v-neck, allowing it to be able to pop out of sweaters, cardigans and vests. You could also wear the undershirt by itself with denim in the warmer months. You can read how to style several options of the under sweater shirts HERE.

These jeans I’m wearing in the photo are by Paige, but no longer available. However, these Citizens of Humanity white skinny jeans are similar to them. They’re a stretchy, mid-rise white denim jean that can be styled all year round.

To complete the outfit, I paired neutral pumps with this look. They dress up the outfit without looking overly done up. It’s the perfect outfit to wear to brunch or to a casual cocktail hour in the fall. The exact pumps I’m wearing aren’t available, but THESE and THESE are similar to them.

As more denim jean styles come on the scene, I’m beginning to be more open to trying new silhouettes. But for me, it’s more about how I feel in an outfit, and if I feel comfortable and confident. So if I try mom jeans and don’t feel amazing in them, then I’m not going to wear them just because they’re “on trend.”

I personally think you should wear what makes you feel good and, if you’re like me, that’s skinny jeans. So, I’m open to some of the wide-leg trends [some, not all] as well as the asymmetrical trend. However I’m not ready to say skinny jeans are ‘out’ for me. Anyone else? Let me know below! xo. 

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Editor's Notes



  1. Sonya wrote:

    I am 41 so, an elder millennial and I have embraced the more straight-leg styles because I’ve realized that vintage Levis look good on me and fit my body well and I have found a few pairs that are new to me but second-hand or gently worn. 🙂

    I do have a pair of black skinnies still on reserve though because they are the best for tucking into boots. I do not care for the look of straight-leg pants tucked into boots, I think it is uncomfortable (the legs bunch!) and it looks a bit sloppy on me. I have tried it. I do love a wide leg and a flare though. I think we should wear what we are comfortable in and take part in the trends we like. Fashion is a buffet, take what you want and leave the rest.

    Published 10.26.22 · Reply
  2. Wendy S wrote:

    Ha! Yes!!! Wear what you feel the best in! I’m only 5’2” and a “bell bottom” looks ridiculous on me! I love seeing how happy you are in England with your little family!!! Louie Is adorable!

    Published 10.29.22 · Reply
  3. Marcia Rayne wrote:

    As long as knee high or over the knee boots are popular, skinny jeans will always be in style.

    Published 10.29.22 · Reply
  4. Elle Lemieux wrote:

    I love ❤️ love love skinny jeans
    I can’t agree more if it don’t look good on you don’t just follow the tread . I hope skinny stay forever just like a classic

    Published 1.3.23 · Reply
  5. Ashlee wrote:

    I’m with you! I’m going to wear what’s most flattering and comfortable for me, and that’s skinny jeans! Plus, ask any guy and he will definitely prefer fitted jeans on his lady than big baggy diaper pants!

    Published 2.5.23 · Reply
  6. Dave Nelson wrote:

    As a guy wearing womens skinny jeans and seeing women wearing them, I think they are still in. Wearing them myself, they fit great and are very comfortable, better than men’s skinny jeans. Seeing women wearing them. they look great on them and they seem to be enjoying wearing them. I see them as being an iconic staple that will always be some what popular. No other style form fits the lower body like skinny jeans with such an array of blended cotton and synthetic fabrics to give such a soft comfortable stretch. They look great and feel great.

    Published 1.12.24 · Reply
  7. Dave Nelson wrote:

    As a guy, mens jeans never fit me that good and trying womens skinny jeans was a fabulous fit and comfort. I’ve tried other styles like slim, straight, girlfriend, taper and bootcut and they fit good. It was the way womens skinny jeans and bootcut jeans fit the waist, butt, hips and thighs with a high rise that hugs those areas with stretch and softness. The fit and feeling is fantastic. Wearing what is most comfortable and fits your body best is what you are going to continue and wear the most.

    Published 2.17.24 · Reply