Have you ever gotten up,
looked in your closet,
 and put together the most perfect outfit
that seemed to happen just so organically …
… that it leaves you wondering:
“Why can’t getting dressed happen this way everyday?”

That’s how this one came about.
I literally just plucked each piece
off of the hanger or out of drawer that it calls its home,
one after the other,
and put it on to find that it just flowed together.
I’m not saying it’s perfect to everyone,
but I am saying that I find it to be perfect.
It’s comfortable, for one, which I’ve said before is my go-to style.
And, I love how the combination of bright, girly colors and accessories
pair with the boyish-ness of the utility vest.
I’m also a sucker for stripes.
I feel like if the dress was just plain,
there would be an element missing.

I’m a sucker for a lot of things:
iced coffee, my dog’s “Precious Moments” eyes,
hues of blue, forehead kisses, the smell of lavender,
The Notebook, Aveda hair products, and …
tortoise shell anything.
Why tortoise shell?
Well, let’s start with the fact that goes with everything.
We’ll end there, too, because that’s all that matters.
It’s precisely the reason why I wear the same watch everyday.
It matches everything.
You can’t beat that!

With sunglasses, I have a hard time
buying any frames that aren’t tortoise shell for the same reason.
I’m trying to get myself out of this habit
to add some variety to my collection
other than different frame shapes.
I have had these Karen Walker tortoise shell sunnies
on my Lust List for quite some time,
but haven’t wanted to buy them because of the price.
So, when I came across these tortoise shell cat-eye sunnies …
well, the choice was just obvious.
I wear them all the time!
And, no, I haven’t broken the habit yet.
Stay tuned.

This necklace is … I have to stop for a moment.
Sorry, I was just admiring it in this picture.
This necklace is, by far, the most treasured one I own.
I will have it forever.
It’s not available on J. Crew’s website anymore
BUT call their Customer Service number:
and see if you can have one located and sent to you
if you are wanting to purchase it.

The striped dress I am wearing in this post is old,
but I want to encourage y’all to keep your eyes peeled
while you are out shopping!
I got this dress from Forever 21 for $9.99 last Spring.
(No joke, y’all!!)
I was so stunned by the price,
that I couldn’t resist buying it in a royal blue color, as well.
I have linked some similar dresses below.
But, I’m sure y’all know, that’s so typical of Forever 21.
Sometimes you can find the best deals on items
that you can do so much with throughout the year.
And, if you don’t wear them TOO often,
they can stay in your wardrobe for longer than you may initially expect.

The utility vest is awesome, but also old.
Again, keep your eyes peeled as the summer months roll in,
because this trend did really well this year.
I feel like you will see these vests and jackets again.
I got this one from Old Navy in the Fall/Winter
for probably around $30-40.
Talk about BANG for your BUCK!
I know it will be in my wardrobe for YEARS to come,
it rarely needs to be washed,
and it is so versatile!
Be sure to grab ya one when you see them!

Striped Dress: Forever 21, old {similar here and here} | Utility Jacket: Old Navy, old
Clutch: J. Crew Factory | Necklace: J. Crew {call customer service to locate}
Sunglasses: Anthropologie | Belt: J. Crew, old {similar here} | Sequin Flats: Target
Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelets: J. Crew FactoryJ. CrewStella & Dot
I feel like I gave you a lot of bad news with this post.
I’m sorry to have disappointed anyone with sporting my old items.
I guess that is the downfall to my ‘art collecting’ shopping mentality.
(Get clued in here: Art Collecting)
But, I think that’s also the good thing,
at least for my bank account and credit score.
The other good thing is that those sequined flats,
that envelope clutch with an awesome POP of pink,
and those adorable cat-eye tortoise shell sunnies
are ALL available in stores and online now.

I hope y’all have had a wonderful start to your work week.
As it comes to a close, I wish you nothing less
than morning’s FULL of organic outfit-styling!

With LOVE & sequins,

Photography Credit: Kaylee Labor Photography

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“Why not go out on a limb?
That’s where the fruit is.”



  1. Riley McGilvray wrote:

    LOVE this outfit!! I actually have the same dress in blue on sale! I had no idea how to style it, but this looks amazing.


    Published 4.11.13 · Reply
  2. Lynlee Poston wrote:

    Ohhh how I agree with you, I wish everything I randomly picked out looked this good put together! (sigh)
    I have this exact vest and have a hard time not wearing it with pretty much everything, I mean it literally looks good with just about everything!!!
    Couldn't track down the necklace, BUT I ordered a look alike from Etsy so hopefully it is just as beautiful!
    You look great 🙂

    xoxo Lynlee

    Published 4.10.13 · Reply