My Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

Happy Royal Wedding Day, friends!!!!

Did you get up early to watch this morning? If you’ve been on Instagram today, you may have seen that I absolutely did but that was no secret. I’ve been excited about this all week! I’ve always had a love for the Royal Family thanks my Mom. Throughout my whole life, she never hid her love and respect for the Queen and adoration for Princess Diana and her little princes. She and I would always joke about me marrying them one day. Anytime I would get sassy with her, she would say something like ‘well I’m not sure Prince Harry would find that to be appropriate behavior for his Princess’, hah! I always had a crush on William but always loved Harry’s personality, and she always said she wanted me to end up with Harry! Sadly, Meghan got there before me but, I mean, is she not the most perfect person for him?? Like, they are clearly so in love with each other and have a heart for the same thing, serving others! Over the last few years, my love for the royals has deepened as my understanding for what they live to do has grown. The fact that their life is centered around public service and figuring out ways to leave touch communities throughout the Commonwealth in productive and helpful ways, I just find to be so admirable!

What is the Commonwealth?

The Commonwealth is an international association consisting of the UK together with states that were previously part of the British Empire, and dependencies. The British monarch is the symbolic head of the Commonwealth.

So, what did I think of the Royal Wedding?

It’s hard to just give a yes or no answer to this as there are so many aspects of the wedding day that are worth talking about and expressing my opinion about so, I thought we could go through some of my favorite moments, best dressed guests, my thoughts on the dress and the non-traditional aspects of the ceremony.


• …. when Meghan Markle got out of that Rolls Royce, walked herself up those beautiful stairs to enter St. George’s Chapel with the adorable page boys ensuring her veil was displayed perfectly, in all its glory, and halfway down the aisle BY HERSELF.

It was so heartbreaking to hear about the health issues that her Dad has experienced the week of such a special time in his daughters’ life causing him to not be able to be there to walk her down the aisle. I really hate that for her. But, if you look for it, you can always find beauty in hard and / or sad things and I think the fact that, in his absence, she was to walk down half of that aisle by herself personifying the strength, capability and independence that she very clearly believes is in all women.

… when she reached the top of the steps outside of the chapel and the pageboys were standing still at the bottom, allowing that beautiful veil to be perfectly displayed.

I’m such a sucker for a long veil and hers was stunning! I firmly believe her long veil was an homage to Diana!

… when Prince Charles met Meghan in the middle to walk with her down the rest of the aisle.

As much as I was loving her solo walk down in the beginning, I thought it was such a kind and sweet gesture for his Dad to step in in her Dad’s absence and walk her down the rest of the way. As much as the royal family is all about tradition, they really did such an amazing job making Meghan feel like she’s already a part of the family.

What do you think? Should she have walked the rest of the way by herself?

… when Meghan got to Harry and he said the sweetest things!

I could definitely tell that he said “You look amazing” but wasn’t able to make out the rest. From what I’m seeing on Twitter, it was “I’m so lucky” but other people are saying it was “absolutely gorgeous” or “I’ve missed you”. Either way, I’m dead over it. Literally the cutest and sweetest thing. This is what I’m holding out for, ladies! This kind of love!!! Hah!

I was essentially like this the whole time:

… when Reverend Michael Curry brought so much ‘fire’ to his sermon that was packed with passion and truth!

In the Church of England, you just don’t hear sermons that are full of that kind of enthusiasm … or any enthusiasm for that matter. They’re typically very traditional. There is no helping the audience relate to the text by quoting recent historical figures or personal short stories to really bring the overall message home. I love the U.K. and the Brit’s, in particular, and there’s nothing wrong with tradition but, when it comes to church sermons, I want to be moved. If every Sunday, or at every wedding, I’m hearing the same traditional message, I would find it hard to be moved by it because it’s not any different and there’s not a lot of context I can relate to. I felt like his sermon was a really cool way to challenge tradition and subject the largely English audience to hear a different message and potentially hear and understand the gospel and what God’s love is meant to do for the first  time.

• … when the Royals couldn’t hide how uncomfortable they were during Reverend Michael Curry’s sermon. 

In the same breath, I was LIVING for the surprise and odd looks on the faces of the Royal family in response to his animated, passionate speech. It was hilarious almost watching them sweat! I read on Twitter that enthusiasm in church, in the Church of England, is seen as heresy so maybe that’s why but I truly hope they did take some good tidbits away from it! Fingers crossed! He was bringin’ it and I loved every minute of it!


I’m sad to say that I was a little underwhelmed by her dress. I thought she looked beautiful, of course, but I just thought her dress was a bit plain. She has a very elegant and classic style, with an occasional edge, but I just didn’t love this one. I know Twitter lost their mind over her hair. It did look like she needed a little more product and I didn’t think her updo in the back looked neat but, I wouldn’t say it looked disheveled. I did absolutely LOVE the Queen Mary’s tiara from 1932 that the Queen let her wear. It was stunning!

Overall, as I said, she looked beautiful but I think I preferred Kate’s wedding look to Meghan’s.


Watching guests of the Royal Wedding come in is just as fun as watching award show red carpet coverage! Here were my favorites:

ABIGAIL SPENCER & PRIYANKA CHOPRA – I didn’t love all of the dark colors worn at the wedding today but, if I had to pick my favorite, I thought Abigail Spencers’ Alessandra Rich dress was my favorite! I thought a lavender suit was an interesting and different choice for today’s even but the fun, structured neckline and coordinating fascinator sold me! I think they both look so chic and beautiful!

JACINDA BARRETT: Again, I wish there had been more traditional Spring-like colors but I love the silhouette, cut and fit of this dress. The fabric looks absolutely dreamy and the matching fascinator adds the perfect cherry on top! Love love love this whole thing!

SOFIA WELLESLEY: I’m such a sucker for a collared midi dress with a ruffle hem at the end. This dress literally gave me all the heart eyes! She looked absolutely stunning and I loved her accessories from the dark green suede shoes, cream fascinator [one of my favorites of the day after Duchess Kate and her Mom] and subtle gold statement earrings. This look was a 10!

amal clooney, george clooney, royal wedding, prince harry, meghan markle, windsor

AMAL CLOONEY: This woman. Like, is she real? I couldn’t get over her dress. Everything about it is perfection! The covered shoulders, the sweetheart neckline and the bold marigold color … it’s absolutely everything I’d want to be wearing if I had been invited [… still think it’s such a shame my invite got lost in the mail]. I thought I didn’t like the tail on the back of it at first but, no, I love it. Living for it. Want it in my closet. She is beyond a 10. Off the charts. Hands down. Best dressed!

Honorable mentions? I also loved Karen Spencer’s ensemble. She is the wife of Diana’s brother the Earl of Spencer. I loved Lady Kitty Spencer’s outfit, as well. She is Diana’s brothers daughter, so her niece 🙂


Of course this wedding was VERY different than Charles & Diana’s and William & Kate’s and some may not have liked that there were some modern additions. I’ve heard that the ceremony seemed to downplay royalty, cheapening it and making it seem more common. Of course, to each their own! Here is what I think:

While I love and respect the traditions that are still a huge part of the Church of England and British monarchy, I think their ceremony was a true reflection of the two people that are joining together in holy matrimony. Meghan very much believes that women are EQUAL to men so for her marriage ceremony to have absolutely have no representation of her background and beliefs would be such a shame and would be confusing to the people who admire her for the feminist stance she so confidently carries. I thought the ceremony was still very ‘royal’ in nature. It wasn’t like Prince Harry made the entire royal family travel to California for them to get married. They are very much respecting the fact that he IS apart of the royal family and she is marrying into it. I would think it be pretty unfortunate that she would have to strip herself of ALL of her identity to marry into the family. I understand they’re a monarchy and she’s American but I think their willingness to allow some unique aspects into the ceremony makes me love them even more. They have notoriously been seen as stuffy but, Prince William and Harry definitely carry out Diana’s legacy with their love and compassion and I think they are helping to humanizing their family so much more than in years past. I think it’s really cool. When you can feel like you can relate to people, and can see that they’re real human beings, you want to care about the things they care about so I think there are some amazing things to come for this monarchy and the legacy they leave behind.

Overall, I thought their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I love their love for each other. I live for the exchange of looks they gave each other. I loved the subtle homage’s to Diana in the garden roses throughout the greenery and her long veil. I love what she and Harry stand for and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the good that they do for not only the U.K. but the Commonwealth and the world! My hope that her voice is not quieted by tradition and that she is able to move forward with making sure that the injustices she sees in the world, that she is passionate about seeing change through in, are righted.

Okay, now you’re go … what did you think about today? We don’t have to agree. You’re allowed to see all of this differently! To each their own! Let’s just be respectful of our opinions! 🙂 Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights! xo.


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  1. Anna wrote:

    First of all, I’m obsessed with these photos! How cute are you?!

    Second, I agree with many of your points above. I loved watching them squirm during that encouraging sermon and their love for each other with the sweet gestures is so evident!

    Thank you for getting me so excited for this wedding ?

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  2. Janna wrote:

    I absolutely love that you dedicated a post to this today! I’m obsessed with all things royal wedding and it’s nice to hear your take on it. I have to agree on Meghan’s dress. Although she looked beautiful, I can’t help but still be in love with Kate’s bridal look. I think hers was just a little more my style 🙂

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  3. briana wrote:

    Totally agree with your thoughts! I loved William & Kate’s wedding (actually just rewatched it yesterday) for all its traditional aspects but I think this ceremony was absolutely beautiful and a true representation of both Harry’s family/culture and Meghan’s family/culture. It felt like such a monumental moment, the whole thing. And I actually loved the dress! It’s exactly what I pictured her wearing (although I thought it would be Burberry, but I loved that she did Givenchy like Audrey Hepburn) and, in fact, it’s kind of my own dream wedding dress 🙂

    Loved hearing your thoughts!

    briana |

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  4. Megan wrote:

    My mom and I got up at 5:30 this morning to watch and I loved ever minute of it! And I completely agree with you on the dress…she looked beautiful but I felt the dress was a bit underwhelming (and almost seemed a tad big). But the real star of that wedding was adorable Princess Charlotte.

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  5. Meaghan wrote:

    Awe lady! Your stories made me smile so big this morning. Agree with so many of your points and super loved when they exited the chapel under the arch of greenery and flowers – like can it get any better than that?!?

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  6. Annaliese wrote:

    Totally with you in that I didn’t love Meghan’s dress! She is a GORGEOUS woman and normally I love her fashion…. but I really didn’t like the wedding dress. :/ Definitely preferred Kate’s! But all in all, what a beautiful wedding! Loved this post!

    xoxo A

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  7. Beth wrote:

    I love love love these photos. They are perfect. The red dress and the flags and the double decker buses and your balayage on point. So so fun!

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  8. Jennifer wrote:

    I really disliked Kate’s dress and thought Meghan’s was absolutely perfect and regal. It was hard to see the detail on it via TV, but when she came outside you could make out the intricate embroidery on the train. I loved her choice of Queen Mary’s tiara and her stunning bracelet. It all worked together perfectly. Givenchy is such an iconic fashion house and it could not have been a better choice.

    Amal Clooney – holy moly that woman is a beauty.

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  9. Sarah wrote:

    Oh my gosh, my grandma would also say that I was meant to marry Prince Harry one day! A girl can dream, right? But I honestly can’t think of a more perfect couple, today really proved that Harry and Meghan are soulmates! Their looks at each other throughout the entire ceremony just melted me. I thought it was perfect from start to finish, and I even liked how her hair wasn’t 100% perfect! I feel like it just makes her even more relatable. Still swooning over all of it ?

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  10. Emily wrote:

    I loved the wedding!! Also loved your commentary on Instagram! haha Also loving your pictures from London, loved the street shots!


    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  11. Constance wrote:

    Loved your post. I completely agree about the dress! It was underwhelming and I think it was mote drab/unflattering than modern chic! Meghan markle has a great figure and it just didn’t highlight her beauty. Her veil was stunning though! And amal clooney… drop dead gorgeous ?

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  12. Renata wrote:

    I loved everything about it!!!!! My favorite was how they looked at each other… they looked so in love and I am really happy for them both. She looked stunning and he looked like the happiest men on earth.

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  13. La Bijoux Bella | by mia wrote:

    It is truly a beautiful fairytale wedding. It could not have been more real! Love ♥️ your thoughts! ????

    ??LA BIJOUX BELLA ??| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  14. I loved how simple her dress was and I think it’s sweet that she didn’t try to “out do” anyone and kept it simple and elegant. I was however slightly disappointed in her hair. I still though thought that she looked stunning. You didn’t include this in your post but have you seen her dress and look for the evening party tonight?? SO stunning! Much more glamorous! I can’t believe you didn’t include a picture of Pippa Middleton’s dress… she was my FAV close after Amal obviously! Great blog post! Loved watching with you virtually this morning!! 🙂

    Juliana Grace |

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hii! Yes, I did see her evening gown and I absolutely loved it! When I pushed this post live, they hadn’t appeared in their evening attire yet. And, yeah, I loved Pippa’s hair and fascinator, and I LOVE her, but I just did love the silhouette of the dress very much. I thought the colors within the pattern were beautiful, though! 🙂 xo.

      Published 5.19.18 ·
  15. Lindsey wrote:

    Totally agree on the dress- just needed something more of interest. My fave was Serena Williams! She and her husband looked impeccable.

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  16. Taylor wrote:

    Completely agree! I want to love her dress so much because I love her and I love them together, but her beauty is so overwhelming in everyday, that today I felt that her hair, make-up, and dress did not showcase her very well. As long as she is happy (which how could she not be!) every glimpse of her showed her love for that man; my opinion is not important!

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  17. Heather wrote:

    I so agree with everything you said! She was gorgeous! And that veil….swoon! The dress…not so much.

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  18. Nicole Fitzpatrick wrote:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!! I also felt the same about her look vs. Kate, but of course, Megan looked SO beautiful!! I can’t wait to watch it again!

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  19. Susan V wrote:

    Loved this post! My view:
    – Her hairdresser let her down, there were odd pieces sticking out right after she got out of the car!
    -I liked the simplicity of the dress and the bright white looked great on her.
    -Her Mom looked adorable!!!! I can’t imagine how overwhelming that must have been for her. Props to Prince Charles for offering his arm during the Registry and leaving the church.
    -The mix of the music was fabulous.
    -Loved the Pastor who brought the word.
    -So grateful the weather was beautiful and there were no safety issues ??????.

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  20. Adrienne wrote:

    I watched later in the day with a friend and her two little daughters, i’ve never really followed the royal family but it was so fun to make it an event! And what a wonderful wedding to start with! LOVED the sermon and the wonderful music! We started BAWLING when they exited the church and they started singing again, such a perfect song for a perfect moment!
    And the flowers were GORGEOUS! ?

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  21. JC wrote:

    I said I wasn’t going to watch it, but a deluge of rain woke me at 6 am. I’m a pretty simplistic person when it comes to attire and that was definitely the vibe I got from Meghan’s dress. I personally loved it because I’ve always said if I ever got married I want a dress like that- and it was weird to actually see something close to what I’d want made. But, no way I’m getting married anytime soon! Lol. I think the veil was meant to be her focus and was the reason she chose so simply. Her evening reception dress was stellar!!!

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
  22. Ashley wrote:

    Yes!!! Love, love, LOVE this post! So fun! I couldn’t agree more with all of your opinions!

    What did you think of her second look?

    PS: Your photos are perfect! ? ?? ❤️

    Published 5.19.18 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi Ashley! I LOVED her second look! It was definitely my favorite of the two! xo.

      Published 5.20.18 ·
  23. Melinda wrote:

    It was very interesting to read your views of the sermon. The word culture-shock comes to my mind. I definitely had one while I was listening to it. I must have looked like poor Zara Phillips with her jaw dropped. 🙂 For me (a European) was way over the top and absolutely unnecessary for a (royal) wedding. On the other hand, I can kind of understand him being invited because they wanted to incorporate the bride’s culture as well (apparently it is an American thing). I liked the message of his sermon but would have preferred it expressed in a completely different way.
    As for the other parts of the wedding, my favourite part was watching the guests arrive. There were some really beautiful dresses and hats.
    I totally agree with you on the bride’s dress and hair (would even add make-up). I think we have already seen her much prettier.
    Anyway, it was really interesting to watch. Royal weddings are always fun.

    Published 5.20.18 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Hi Melinda,

      I loved reading your perspective. I can totally understand your point of view. I think everyone’s background, upbringing and culture contributes to what we find to be appropriate for different occasions so, of course, you’re entitled to see his sermon in that way and, after having spent some time in the U.K. and being immersed in the culture there, I can see how you would see it that way. 🙂 In America, our church sermons are very expressive and so, for him, it was second nature to enthusiastically challenge and encourage Meghan & Harry to use the fire and love they feel for each other to do good in the world, regardless of the place or the audience, just like it would be second nature to be more reserved as a Brit. 🙂 Anyway, I just loved that there was a mix of both backgrounds as I love both cultures myself.

      I agree about the guests! I feel like they all came in so fast. I wish they would have come in a little slower so we could have gotten a better look at everyone.

      Agree! Royal weddings are always so fun and I’m sad there might not be a big one like this one for a long time. Thanks for stopping by, love! xo.

      Published 5.20.18 ·
  24. Christi wrote:

    My MoM and I are fans also. We both felt as you do that Meghan looked beautiful but the dress was a little plain for our taste. The lifetime movie about their relationship made me feel so happy for them. I love Jacinda’s dress and I also really loved Pippa’s!

    Published 5.20.18 · Reply
  25. Genya wrote:

    Great article! I didn’t even get so deep into this weeding as you did. I just think the couple is super cute 🙂
    Love your red dress by the way 🙂

    Published 5.20.18 · Reply
  26. Ashley wrote:

    Like you, I LOVED the modernness and inclusivity of the ceremony! Interesting to know that enthusiasm is seen as heresy in the church. That creates a little dilemma, because what is the minister supposed to do… change his preaching style? or risk offending the hosts? Looks like he made his choice though 😉 Haha, my friends and I got a kick out of the reactions too!

    I had mixed feelings on the dress! I am generally a fan of an understated look, and in my opinion the veil spiced things up enough while she was wearing it. But when the veil came off — for a royal wedding I agree that the dress itself was just a teeny bit lackluster. I was obsessed with all the fascinators on the guests! Ms Wellesley is my favorite from above for the sophisticated print and elegant accessories. Those SHOES!

    I look up to Harry too! So much love and respect for the royal family!

    Published 5.20.18 · Reply
  27. Allie wrote:

    I thought the veil was beautiful, especially paired with the tiara! My favorite moment was Harry’s face when he saw her. So romantic. xAllie

    Published 5.20.18 · Reply
  28. Faith wrote:

    I loved her dress. I think for her to pick such a simple, elegant gown was her way of saying this is not a show. I’m a real person marrying the love of my life and the most important part of this wedding for me is the marriage. I loved that she went simple although I’m sure she knew that everyone would be a bit disappointed. But again, she did it for herself which after this I love her even more.

    As for the sermon, I like you love that she was able to incorporate her culture into the wedding as after all it was two people getting married.

    I think the two of them love and respect each other so much and it certainly shown at their wedding. I’m wishing them years and years of love and happiness!

    Published 5.21.18 · Reply
  29. Jennifer wrote:

    Like I mentioned on your Instagram post, I’ve been a fan of Meghan since season 1 of Suits so it’s been awhile. I’ve always loved her sense of fashion. I thought she did look pretty and her dress was regal but slightly plain. I did love how when the veil laid across the front it looked like the lace was on the dress. Saturday night, I decided to watch PBS’s version of it (I watched NBC that morning) and a black woman from Georgia called Meghan black. That made me made for Meghan. She has made it very clear that she is bi-racial and she doesn’t like when people call her just black or just white. Suits gave her black and white parents on the show just to showcase her identity. This is something that she has struggled with her entire life.

    I did love seeing the entire Suits cast. I saw more of them on PBS than I did NBC. I still need to watch ABC’s broadcast.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    Published 5.21.18 · Reply
  30. Nicci wrote:

    I was a bit underwhelmed by her dress as well. After her beautiful engagement session dress I was expecting something fancier? It just seemed a bit plain to me and I definitely preferred Kate’s dress. I did like Megan’s evening dress a lot, though. I watched the BBC coverage of the wedding and the announcer cracked me up with his comment on the sermon, “Well that was a very forceful and uplifting message.”

    Published 5.21.18 · Reply
  31. Amy wrote:

    Yes I agree with you on Meghan’s gown, feeling a little underwhelmed but I think it was a homage to the Royals. Like if she married a US celeb the dress might have had more pizzazz, my co workers were all underwhelmed as well. I feel now, with being so glued to the internet with the wedding, that I need more of an education on what these folks actually do. Based on the last few days in the pictures Meghan must have been photographed a billion times. Is this how she’ll have to live from now on? I, like you, certainly hope she is given the opportunity to be herself and not get lost or caught up in the royal facade. I know she’ll do wonders for the royals in many ways, and hope they give her the chance to do so.

    Published 5.23.18 · Reply
  32. I agree with you on her ceremony dress being plain. I was disappointed that she wasn’t in something more fancy. I did however love her second dress! She looked gorgeous in that!

    Published 5.27.18 · Reply