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Hey friends! Happy Tuesday!

A few weeks ago, I took Victoria to a local Walmart in Burlington, Vermont after she and another traveler accidentally grabbed each other’s luggage. She needed to purchase some clothes and necessities to make the waiting game for her suitcase a little more comfortable. Walmart was the perfect place to get all the things she needed without spending more than she needed! 

If I’m honest, I haven’t shopped in Walmart in awhile! There are quite a few sprinkled throughout Jacksonville but there isn’t one in the beaches area. However, I grew up shopping at Walmart with my Mom or grandparents and have only great memories about shopping there! My Mom took me to get my annual pictures taken there during my toddler years. One of my earliest memories is walking into my local Walmart with my Mamaw and Papaw and asking for ONE thing … a COKE Icee! Those were my favorite and it was always our first stop! And, I’m pretty sure that all of my Barbie’s, school supplies and Halloween costumes were purchased at the Walmart on San Jose Blvd. in Jacksonville. 

Growing up, my parents were always financially conservative. They had to be. My Mom was really intentional about finding a good deal on things they had to buy frequently so that there was a little more money for things that were enjoyable for all of us, like weekend trips to the Zoo or the movies. Walmart was always the place that provided them with that opportunity. So, after sharing Victoria and I’s shopping experience with y’all on IG stories, it became evident to me through y’all’s messages that Walmart is still that place for so many families! 

So, when Walmart approached me about working together, I was thrilled because I had already made a mental note to incorporate their products into more Instagram and blog posts to honor y’all’s request! It’s always so humbling when my desire to serve y’all ends up surprising me with a big opportunity to serve my business! Today, I’m excited to share some of their women’s clothing items that I spotted on that shopping trip to Walmart with Victoria!

My biggest takeaway when we were shopping around was that Walmart has done quite the upgrade in the women’s fashion department. They don’t just offer easy basics. They offer on trend, stylish pieces that fit every budget! You won’t believe the price … and the quality! … of the items I’m sharing with you today!

This beige turtleneck tunic is probably the item I kept going back to while Victoria and I were shopping. I kept saying “wow, this is so cute, V” and she was like “I think I have enough but you’ve mentioned it multiple times so maybe you should buy it!” Ha! So, I did! I put it on and was really, really impressed by the quality. It’s super soft and you can tell it’s very well made. I also appreciate how affordable such a great staple for Fall is. It’s only $16.94! I’m wearing a Small here, which is one size up from my normal, and it’s super soft! It has a loose fit and it’s hard to tell if that’s because I’m wearing a bigger size than I normally do. Regardless, I love it because it makes the perfect pairing with black leggings. I’m wearing an old pair here but this pair of Ponte leggings looks like an amazing alternative from Walmart. They’re only $15.94! I ordered them to give them a try and will review them on IG stories for you. Stay tuned!

Okay, time to talk about this amazing teddy bear zip-up jacket! Who doesn’t want one of these for this time of year? They are all the rage right now and this one has an oversized fit and is super, super warm! It has huge pockets on both sides and comes in a few colors. What I love about the products that I’m styling in this outfit, most specifically with this jacket, is that they’re all  proof that you don’t always need to sacrifice quality for a good price on something. This one is only $24.88 and I know I’ll be able to wear it quite a bit over the course of the next couple of years. I styled the beige one here because I feel like there is PLENTY of tan / cognac teddy bear coat inspiration out there. Hope this outfit gives you a little more variety and an idea as to how to wear the lighter color!

The last item from Walmart that I found and loved are these really cool combat boots, which I’m sure you’ve noticed are making a big comeback this year! I love the trend but, for me, they won’t be something I wear frequently. With that in mind, I thought buying this pair would be a good option for me. If I’m not going to embrace a trend ‘to death’, I don’t see there being a point in my investing in ‘the best’ quality pair to last me years, you know? This pair is a soft material and super comfortable to walk in. They’re easy to get into and I think they are super cute on! The price is also perfect at $24.98!

If, like me, it’s been a little while since you’ve shopped at Walmart, let me highlight a few things that are good to know. With such a wide variety of departments, Walmart is a retailer you can find – literally – millions of items on their website. There’s no membership fee required to receive free shipping on your order of $35 or more. They also have free returns, which is so nice if you’re not quite sure which size works best for you in some of their women’s fashion brands!

Are there any pieces you have found at Walmart recently that you are loving for the Fall and Winter season? Please share in the comments below! I’d love to see what other goodies I can indulge in from Walmart

Happy shopping! Thanks for stopping by today! xo.


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  1. Roses for Fridays | by mia wrote:

    Casually beautiful … love ♥️ the leopard accent crossbody bag look!

    ???ROSES FOR FRIDAYS ??? | by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  2. Janae wrote:

    Love everything in this post!! Is that your new hair with extensions???

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  3. Christi wrote:

    Thank you so much for sharing affordable style options!

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  4. Kate Goldsmith wrote:

    your hair looks amazing!!! I really love the teddy bear jacket, i’ll have to add that to my shopping list!

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  5. Heather Harris wrote:

    The cardigans rock! And the thermal tops!

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  6. Rebecca Witt wrote:

    Is the leopard crossbody from Wal-mart? The link took me to Wal-mart but not to that crossbody.

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
    • BHB wrote:

      I think that particular crossbody Haley is wearing is Madewell.

      Published 10.26.18 ·
  7. alyson wrote:

    VERY into this outfit!! That sweater & coat are steals. I was recently at Walmart for the first time in ages killing time while my daughter was at tutoring and oh my gosh, there were so many cute items! I picked up a pair of velvet leggings, for I think $7.88?! Something crazy like that! They’re so soft! Saw other items as well and also found a few gems for my kids. Really impressed how they’re upping their style game.


    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  8. Rachel White wrote:

    I just stopped in Walmart last night to grab some sparkling water and I walked out with the most gorgeous burgundy utility coat and gray Aztec cardigan – both under $25! I want to get that coat in all the colors ? I didn’t see this coat you’ve got but I feel like I need to check again! I definitely feel like the Time and Tru brand is keeping up with trends!

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  9. Annaliese wrote:

    I lived in Vermont for my job last year, so I know exactly which Walmart you’re referring to! Pretty sure that’s the only one in Chittenden County – Vermont is so tiny! Walmart is my go-to for toiletries and drugstore makeup!

    xoxo A

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  10. andrea wrote:

    Love that you incorporated some affordable fashion! I don’t typically shop at Walmart but I that sweater and teddy bear jacket is a must!

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  11. Rach wrote:

    It’s been ages that I’ve walked into a Walmart. Surprisingly, there’s rarely any in Chicago! But I do love how affordable this outfit is and it is super cute!

    Published 10.23.18 · Reply
  12. Jessica wrote:

    Thanks so much for featuring these affordable options!

    Published 10.24.18 · Reply