Instagram Roundup, Weekend Sales + Top Products

Did you guys catch my Three Loves the Summer Left Me With post? It included this pink bodysuit that was an absolute go to for me this summer.

Excited to relax a bit this weekend and finding my new buys from the Jockey Modern Mix collection at Nordstrom to be the best thing to wear to do so!

This dress is a steal for under $50! And, I found a cute pair of sneakers for under $40 that would go with so many Fall outfits!

Trying out my new Billie razor this weekend and will report back with my thoughts this coming week! Have y’all tried this razor yet? What are y’all’s thoughts?!

I am loving the dress + tennis shoes combo that is in right now!

I am so excited this palette is finally available for everyone now. I love the mix of the warm matte and shimmery colors!

While I am so excited for Fall, it does very much still feel like Summer here in Florida. I opted for this adorable romper this week to run a few errands!

Y’all know how much I love Tula and their Brightening Eye Balms are hands down one of my favorite products they have! I love this new one that has a few new ingredients added, like rosehip oil and rosewater, which have a multitude of benefits for the fragile skin underneath your eyes! Enjoy 20% off with code ALYSONHALEY! Make sure there’s nothing in your cart that is auto-deliver or the code won’t work.

It was so fun celebrating the engagement of one of my best friends! What a sweet thing it has been to watch all that her heart has hoped for come to fruition and with someone that I trust and know will love her well. This dress is 20% off this weekend!

This brow definer is a staple in my make up bag. I feel like it gives my brows just the touch they need and it is a really great price!

Sad to wave goodbye to the best summer of my life, but choosing to be thankful for all of the memories I was able to make & everything we have to look forward to! It is game time and this visa is at the top of my list!

This Week’s FAQ’S

With all of your traveling, how do you stay trim and in shape? Eating all those yummy meals could eventually take a toll on someones body. How do you do it?

 I get this question all the time … in some form or another … and I literally avoid it like the plague because no one is going to like the answer, which is … I have a fast metabolism that I got from my Mom’s side of the family. Her and her sisters are all slim and petite and were that way well into their 30’s, like I am now. It’s always been a struggle to put weight on even though I’ve always had an appetite. I despise answering questions like this because it seems more people have the opposite struggle and see my position as enviable. But, honestly, I’ve been picked on for it, accused of having an eating disorder, and been called ‘skinny’ my whole life. When we really sit down and think about it … and choose to practice empathy … we can likely all agree that commenting on anyones’ body is never okay. Honestly, I wish we would all stop thinking one is better than the other because, I can promise you, there are struggles no matter what the number on the scale is. So, there’s the answer to that. It’s still important that I keep an eye on what I consume as everything we put into our bodies affects the inside, no matter what it does to the outside, so I try to eat a lot of vegetables and opt for fish a lot as those are things I personally do love to eat that are healthy. Those just aren’t always as fun to share, ha, but maybe I will start!

Where are you sunglasses from?

I receive questions about these sunglasses ALL. THE. TIME. so I’m linking them here again for y’all! They have been my favorite for the last couple of months. I can’t quit them!

I’m looking for new luggage and remember you said you were going to review the new ones you’ve been using by Beis. Did you like them?

Aw, so glad you asked! I just finished the review on the Beis luggage and you can check it out here!

What nude lip combo were you wearing yesterday with the leopard dress?

I was wearing THIS in ‘Sugar’ and THIS in Fortune Cookie.

Weekend Sales

Abercrombie & Fitch: 20% off your entire purchase

Banana Republic: Up to 40% off all denim & pants

American Eagle: 35% off 4+ pairs of jeans | 30% off 3 | 25% off 2! Use code: FALLJEANS

Colleen Rothschild: Buy one, get one 50% off site-wide!

J. Crew: 30% off your purchase with code SHOPNOW

Kate Spade: 30% off everything with code SHOP4GOOD

Revolve: Up to 65% off sale items

Old Navy: Tons of great deals! Up to 50% off dresses, tops, pants, and jeans!

This Week’s Best Selling Products

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Thanks for stopping by today, y’all! Have a wonderful weekend! xo.




  1. candice wrote:

    These are such stunning photos

    Candice ||

    Published 9.15.19 · Reply
  2. Rachel wrote:

    Hi there, just wanted to share my findings on the Billie razor since I was looking into trying it recently. I loved the concept behind this company and all the more natural products I was seeing on their website, so I reached out to Billie for the one ingredient list I couldn’t find online which was for the shave soap actually attached to the razor. I was so surprised and disappointed to read that the soap contains polyethylene glycol which is pretty well known to often contain carcinogenic contaminants. I’m so upset this well-regarded product contains such a harmful ingredient and wanted to pass this info along in case anyone else was interested in Billie but prefers to avoid PEGs. Still on the hunt for a safer alternative for my sensitive skin.

    Published 9.16.19 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Thanks for that insight! I didn’t know that!

      Published 9.16.19 ·
    • YP wrote:

      I use Dr Bronners castile soap mixed with a drop natural hair conditioner – weird I know. You could also try baby soap (a natural one) – I use disposable razors so the trade off is not as many uses on the razor but a better product for the skin (a versatile one, so I am not buying multiple single-function beauty products)

      Published 10.2.19 ·