The Friday Five | January 2020

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Hey y’all, happy Friday! This week has flown by but it’s been such a nice week of balance – something I didn’t feel like I had much of last year, and something I really want to incorporate in 2020. I’m trying to do LESS and to spend more intentional time doing the things that make me happy, with people I love, and so far, so good. I’m actually sharing a bit more about that and the healthy habits I’m looking to incorporate this year in this month’s Friday Five. I’m so happy y’all are liking this series that I brought back – I have such a good time writing and answering! Catch up on November’s and December’s or keep reading for January’s version.

5 Types of Pants Every Girl Needs In Their Wardrobe [Besides Jeans]

Great question! I’m trying to bring y’all more non-denim or legging outfits in 2020 [haha] since I know not everyone has such a flexible work life when it comes to getting dressed. And while this question doesn’t have to involve work, most of my choices would be great for a more traditional work wardrobe. If you’re looking for even more workwear, here’s a post that has some cute Winter Workwear must-have’s.

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WIDE-LEG CULOTTE PANTS [CROP OR LONG]: Okay wow, as I went to find examples of times I’ve worn these pants, I found a TON. Safe to say that this is a pant I find a lot of wear around, whether it’s dressing them up for winter like I did here, a neutral look with heels here, styled for work here, and finally, for the holidays. I also have an entire post dedicated to styling the look if you’re interested. Told ya I was obsessed.

SLIM FIT PANTS: I actually wore these pants this week and am always reminded why I like the style. These are another cute choice if you work in the office or have meetings where you need to be more professionally dressed.

FAUX LEATHER MINI SKIRT: Mini skirts are a huge trend for 2020 so you may see the length go up a little bit more than in the last few years. I actually just snagged this affordable option from ASOS. I’ll be sure to style it and share it soon.

PLEATED OR SILK MIDI SKIRT: I’ve been a sucker for the midi skirt trend [evidence of that here]. These types of skirts are feminine, classic, and easy to dress up or down. I wrote about one of my favorite affordable options in this post and the same skirt landed on my Best Selling Products of 2019 list [more ways to style the skirt there, as well].

FAUX LEATHER PANTS: I get so much use out of mine and have had them for 5 years at this point [see some flashbacks herehere, here, and more recently worn herehere] . Mine are under $100 and I’ve been very impressed with the quality. I tend to style them with an oversized sweater to tone down the look, but they are a good option for date night, as well.

5 Things You Always Do Before Bed [Besides Skincare]

This list might not seem super thrilling. I feel like it’s a list of things a lot of people do but, you guys asked so … here we go!

TAKE THE BOYS OUTSIDE: I love my sleep and I’d be lying if I said that the boys waking me up to go outside earlier than my alarm didn’t bother me so … I take them out around 11/11:30 to make sure we can get to the 6:30/7 mark. I usually get up at 7:00.

PUT EVERYTHING ON MY BATHROOM COUNTER IN ITS PLACE: I am a big believer in putting things away before bed and spending 10 minutes cleaning up my areas, including my bathroom. It reduces my stress level in the morning and makes me happier.

SET ALARM AND PLACE MY PHONE ON MY PORTABLE CHARGER: Again, not exciting but it’s real life. I’ve been using and loving this wireless charging pad which is easy to use [it’s currently on sale, too].

SEND JOHN A VIDEO MESSAGE TO SAY GOODNIGHT: He sends me a message when he gets up in the morning so we both never wake up without a message from each other. Cheesy? Maybe. But that’s how we roll.

FILL UP MY WATER BOTTLE AND LEAVE IT OUT BESIDES MY NESPRESSO: I am using this marked water bottle to ensure I drink more water this year [more on that below]. Drinking water first thing in the morning is so good for your body [talked about it in this post last year]. It’s hard for me to do this when the water is super cold so I fill it up the night before, just before I set my house alarm, to ensure I’m ready to go with a full water bottle in the morning. I start drinking it while I’m making my coffee and feeding the boys.

5 Best Places To Visit In The US For A Girls Trip

Ahh fun question! I’ve picked some destinations that I’ve been to and a couple that are also on my list. Choosing just five is hard so if you’ve gone on a girl’s trip somewhere amazing, let everyone know in the comments!

DENVER: I love Denver. I used to live there and, while it wasn’t where I was supposed to put down roots, it still has a special place in my heart. It has such a mix of scenery – from the mountains to the downtown – and the fact that it’s somewhat central in U.S. makes it a good middle ground. If you stay downtown, you’re in the heart of the city so it’s easy to get around on foot while shopping, restaurant hopping, and the like. The Kimpton Hotel Chain has a couple boutique hotels that I’d recommend. Then, if your crew likes the outdoors [and you go in Summer or Fall], there is endless hiking and walks to take in around the area. The Winter is obviously a great time to visit if you’re hoping for snow and to head up to the mountains. If your girls love music, do not miss the historic outdoor music area, Red Rocks. I saw Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band there and it is one of the best concert venues I’ve ever been to! Also, be sure to grab dinner at Linger in Lower Highlands, my old stomping grounds, and some ice cream at Little Man afterwards. Don’t miss Fluffernutter, if it’s available! Last, but not least, Denver is a craft beer mecca so if you’re into that … don’t miss some of the breweries. I spent many sunny Sunday’s enjoying apricot IPA’s at Denver Beer Co outside playing games with friends. Gosh, Denver is great. Make it happen, y’all!  [photo source]

SAN DIEGO: My good friend Whitney’s family is from the San Diego area and they’ve always raved about it. I’ve still yet to visit but I’ve heard from MANY people that it’s the perfect destination for a variety of trips. They have a fun downtown area called The Gaslamp that is full of trendy bars and restaurants and I’m dying to stay at this new hotel. You could also have a more coastal trip and stay somewhere like Del Mar [which again, I’ve heard is stunning]. And let’s be honest, what’s better than laying on the beach with your girls? They also are said to have great shopping [Fashion Valley Mall] and hiking [Torrey Pines], so there’s something for every type of girl.

PALM SPRINGS: I’m pretty sure Coachella and Stagecoach put Palm Springs on the map for people who live outside of the area and, since then, it seems to be getting a lot of attention. And I mean, I get it! The retro vibes and bright home decor, the warm temps year-round, the chic boutique hotels [The Ace, Saguaro and Parker are all both supposed to be amazing] … I definitely need to head there soon! I also know that they have quite a few fun bars that involve cover bands, dancing, and good energy.

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30A: I’m actually shocked that I don’t have more content to share about this area because it truly holds a special spot in my heart. I wrote about Rosemary Beach back in 2015 and even though I’ve been back to the area countless times, I haven’t written much about it. But please don’t let that be a representation of how much I adore this little strip of coastal heaven in Florida’s Panhandle. It’s a popular destination for both Southerners [it’s close to Alabama / Georgia / Mississippi and also East Coasters] but, if you haven’t heard about it, you’re in for a treat! 30A is the name of the highway and along it you’ll find charming, quaint beach towns like Rosemary Beach, Seabreeze, Seaside, Aly’s Beach, and then Destin is its own gorgeous location just a short drive to the West. Overall, if you’re wanting a trip full of beach and pool days, a low-key vibe, and tons of good food and shopping, 30A is your spot!

NAPA VALLEY: What’s a girl’s weekend without a little vino, right? I’m half kidding, but Napa Valley is one of those places that pops right to mind when I think of a getaway with my girls. Not only is it gorgeously nestled between rolling hills and vineyards, but it is home to some of the best wine in the world. Napa also is known for some gorgeous hotels and homes and spas, and it’s not too far outside of San Francisco’s Bay Area – making it easy access if you’re flying in. I’ve only spent one day in Napa and it’s such a memorable day in mind. I loved that though the area is incredibly nice, there was a low-key feel to everything. If spa days followed by long dinners and flowing vino sounds like your cup of tea, I think you’d love this trip. P.S. I’ve been told that other areas surrounding Napa, like Sonoma, Guerneville, and Healdsburg and are similar and might be a bit easier to snag a hotel deal with lower prices all around.

5 Healthy Habits You’re Trying To Embrace In 2020

Love this question for a couple of reasons. One, I like thinking about health in terms of habits because I find that once you make them a habit, they tend to stick easier. And two, by sharing my own, I’m hoping that’ll hold me a bit more accountable … ha.

DRINK MORE WATER: I’ve had a few of y’all inquire about a pink water bottle that has snuck on to stories this week. I’ve been waiting to see how well I do with using this water bottle. And, so far, I’m happy to report that for five days straight … I have used it consistently every day to drink two liters of water a day, which is the recommendation by most national health authorities. I wash it out and fill it up with filtered water at night before I go to bed and set it beside my Nespresso. The water warms to room temperature overnight so I have no problem drinking 16 oz first thing in the morning, even before coffee. More on why that’s good for you in this post from last year! This also ensures that, after I’ve made my coffee, it’s right there ready for me to grab alongside the coffee mug. It follows me throughout the day. I feel like putting it there has really helped me remain consistent with this!

EATING MORE MEALS AT HOME: I’m not a culinary connoisseur so I’m often motivated to just get something ‘quick’ but, I really want to curb my spending on restaurant meals and strengthen my skills in the kitchen. I was off to a good start this week [who caught the   cheese saga?! Ha!] and hope to keep it up. John is an amazing cook and he’s also inspired me to create cozy, yummy moments for myself at home. Plus, it’s usually a cheaper way to eat.

CURBING SCREEN TIME: This is always a goal of mine but I’m really sticking to it this year. Limiting aimless scrolling or watching TV makes me so much more productive and happy in the long run. I’m challenging myself to scheduling more dates with friends while I have the opportunity to be so close to the ones here in Jacksonville.

SCHEDULING PHONE DATES WITH FRIENDS WHO LIVE FAR: I had one earlier this week, one yesterday and one scheduled for next week so I’m off to a great start. I am challenging myself to remember that ALL relationships take work to remain strong and that sometimes, text chains just don’t cut it.

MORE GREENS INTO MY DIET: Y’all … I am a carbivore. You read that right. CARBivore. Give me all the bread. But, studies show that greens are what really do your body good and help you live a long, healthy life. So, I need to step up my game in the greens department this year. Have any recipes to share? Leave them in the comments below.

5 Organizational Must-Have’s Around The House

If you’re an avid follower of the site or my account, you likely know that I thrive off organization. It’s not to say that I’m organized 100% of the time, because I’m not, but I definitely feel my very best when things are aligned and in place. These five items are some of the things that I rely on most for good peace of mind and organization.

KENDRA SCOTT JEWELRY ORGANIZERS: Kendra Scott has the best jewelry organization options. Depending on whether you need something to travel with or to display while keeping organized, and whether it’s for rings, bracelets, necklaces that tangle, etc., they have SUCH amazing choices here. You’ll find several of these throughout my room, closet, and suitcase.

GLAMBOX: This is a must for beauty lovers, or really any girl with makeup in general. I have a couple in my bathroom, and then quite a few under my sink, and dang, they really help me stay organized. I am not one of those people who can just toss products into a drawer; I definitely need more structure and I enjoy seeing all my options. The sleek acrylic makes these chic enough to sit out on my bathroom counters, which I appreciate.

DRAWER DIVIDERS: I’ve always thought that most dresser drawers were awkwardly designed or simply not the most efficient … so enter drawer dividers. These are adjustable, versatile, and smart when it comes to organizing items and maximizing space in your dresser or drawers. I’ve seen people use them in their kid’s dressers and also junk drawers. Side note: you know you’re getting old when the thought of a day organizing your dresser sounds magical, right? No shame over here.

LAZY SUSANS: Yes, they’re great for condiments and the kitchen, but I also rely heavily on these lazy susan’s for hair products [see above] and cleaning supplies. You can honestly use them for anything that requires separation or in areas that can be hard to reach otherwise. They work well in closets, under sinks, in cabinets, in your fridge, etc.

NESPRESSO POD ORGANIZER: I’m 100% a Nespresso girl and can’t live without a cup after I take the boys out. And while I love my Nespresso, the pods can be a challenge to keep organized and easy to grab. I got this organizer a while back though, and it’s changed the game. If you use pods, I highly recommend! I keep one in my kitchen with my flavor of choice [these are my number one and these are my number two] and then another one in my pantry with different flavors for guests.

More of my organizational favorites:

Okay, wow, that was a lot of writing … ha! I hope y’all enjoyed this round, especially as we’re all in that new year mode and taking care of organization and healthy habits. Stay tuned on IG Stories for next month’s questions. I’d love to have you weigh in.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for being here! xo.




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