8 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

Happy Wednesday, friends! As you might have noticed on my blog this year, 2020 has been a year of slowing down for me. I’ve been trying really hard to find more balance in life, especially since finding out I’m pregnant. I also have been putting more focus on only sharing with you guys what I’m really loving/using as to not encourage you to spend on things you may not need or make you feel pressure from me to buy. I absolutely never want that! This is why I thought today’s post would be a fun one.

This list is made up of things I’m really loving right now and gravitating toward – most of which you’ve probably seen me talking about on Instagram because I’m wearing these things/they’re on my mind all the time. It felt really authentic for me to put together and I think y’all will enjoy it! Let’s get started!

Combat boots

I would describe my typical style as pretty feminine so adding combat boots into my wardrobe this year feels a bit edgy to me. Of course, I had to find a pair with a pearl detail to keep some of that girly touch, however, I’ve probably been reaching for this pair a bit more. To be honest, combat boots are more comfortable than a lot of my heeled booties and OTK boots, which is why you’ve seen me wear them quite a bit recently [here and here]. I’ve had fun playing with this trend and encourage you to try it if you’ve been thinking about it but aren’t sure if you can pull it off. You definitely can! This pair is more budget-friendly if you’re looking to give it a go! PRO TIP: Find a pair with a side zipper to make it easy to slip on and off!

Half Baked Harvest

If you follow on IG Stories, then you know I have been baking Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest’s pumpkin recipes like crazy. I’m obsessed with the chocolate chip cinnamon swirl pumpkin bread. John and I also made the pumpkin coffee cake muffins with cinnamon honey butter last weekend and loved them — we’re skipping the cream cheese next time, though! If you have someone in your life who loves cooking/baking, I would definitely snag one of her cookbooks as a Christmas gift – this is her first one and her second one, “Super Simple”, is amazing, as well. Or, you can simply follow along with her on Instagram because she posts the most amazing looking recipes on her stories each day, too – like this chicken tortilla soup I’m excited to make.

Decorating for Christmas in October

When I’m not thinking about baby boy, I’m probably thinking about food or Christmas, ha! You guys know I love the holidays and I’m very excited to celebrate my first official Christmas in London with John and the boys this year. We celebrated last year together, but this year feels more special for obvious reasons, which is why I’m so excited for this year and already sharing Christmas content

For decor, I actually left all of my holiday stuff in storage back in Florida so I’m pretty much starting from scratch. I don’t want to go overboard, especially because we’ll likely be moving next summer, but I’m definitely going to be picking up a few things! Like a gorgeous wreath, and I keep seeing cute ornaments like this little Dachshund. I also want to get a flocked tree this year I think – this one is stunning [and currently 20% off]. Also, I just saw that buffalo check pajamas for the fam are available now and fully in stock! Might seem crazy to snag what you need now but you KNOW these will be picked over so fast soon!

Wearing neutrals

I love color, but so far, this fall has been all about the neutrals for me, especially when it comes to sweaters and sweater dresses [I rounded up lots of sweater dresses under $100 here]. I’ve snagged quite a few this year including this cable knit, which you can wear season after season. Also, I’m a firm believer you can never go wrong with a good camel coat either. If you don’t yet have one in your closet, I consider it a fall/winter staple. This is a great option that comes in a grey plaid and a brown houndstooth as well – additional classic neutral options in my opinion.

All the Fall things

I’m so grateful London, and England, in general, has a beautiful fall/autumn season. It is honestly one of my favorite things about living here. All the colors, the beautiful fall foliage installations you can find around London, the temperature – everything just gives my heart all the feels and makes me so incredibly happy. Although Brits don’t really relish in the season the same way Americans do [I still can’t believe they don’t have apple cider donuts here!], it truly is a wonderful place to be this time of year, especially the Cotswolds! I’m so thankful John and I were able to escape a few weekends back to explore that part of England and take in all the fall sights that area has to offer. I’m hoping to get a recap of our trip up on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that! I’m also just so thankful to have Whitney and Victoria here, as well. We planned a little outing to the pumpkin patch last week and had the best time. I think we’re going to do a day trip to Cambridge or Oxford next. Which one should we pick?

Feeling baby boy kick

Now that baby boy has started to kick, all the exhaustion and days spent laying in bed during my first trimester feel 100% worth it. It’s already the most surreal feeling to know I’m growing a tiny human inside me that’s both a part of me and John, but then to physically feel him alive and well just takes my emotions to a whole new level. You guys keep telling me my heart will continue to grow in unimaginable ways as I continue down this path and you’re absolutely right! I really should start taking more photos and bump pictures – so many friends said to take them any chance you get and I’ve been so bad about it. At 21 weeks, I’m not officially like ‘what have I been thinking?? I need to get on it!’ so this is your warning — you may be seeing more of the bump from here on out, ha!

“Bringing Up Bébé” book

Speaking of the baby, one of the things I’ve found most helpful and enjoyable during this time is “Bringing Up Bébé”; a book all about French parenting. I’ve learned so much from it and would highly recommend it to anyone who is expecting. The author, Pamela Druckerman, an American who had a baby in France, found herself noticing qualities in French babies and children that she wanted to instill in her own child and subsequently spent three years researching what parenting wisdom the French could offer an American audience. It’s so fascinating and worth a read in my opinion. Many of you were so excited when I shared I was reading it as you also found it insightful!

GHD Curling Wand

You might remember a few months back I started testing the GHD Curling Wand. I needed a new one and had heard such great things about this brand, so I decided to pick one up and give it a try. I’m so happy I did because I have been loving it! It’s perfect for big curls or soft waves and is so easy to quickly use on my hair to give it some shape/volume. It would make a fantastic gift this holiday season or you could snag it for yourself if you’re in the market – I know you’ll love it!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and reading. I hope this quick list of things I’ve been loving lately gave you as much joy as it’s been giving me! xo.


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  1. Brittany H wrote:

    I read Bringing Up Bebe when I was nannying and found myself nodding the entire time. Americans are sometimes a little high strung about child-rearing and I found it so SO interesting!

    Published 10.29.20 · Reply
  2. Nicci wrote:

    I really liked Bringing up Bebe. It was more in line with how I felt about things, rather than the American way of doing things. I just kept nodding along. I love how the kids are adventurous eaters and their parents believe they can do things (like supervised baking), even as young kids.

    Also loving everything neutral and cableknit…I have to limit myself bc I would buy ALL THE THINGS every year.

    Published 10.29.20 · Reply
  3. Ruth Rappaport-Power wrote:

    Hi. Great pumpkin patch photos.
    In your picture with your friend, Whitney?, She’s wearing a camel color coat with patch pockets and some adorable cute short camel color suede booties. Can you tell me where I might find that coat and her boots?

    Published 10.31.20 · Reply