What I’m Shopping for Now That I Know It’s a Boy

Cannot believe I’m officially shopping for a BOY over here … but I’m so excited! Ever since I’ve found out I was carrying a baby boy [gender reveal here in case you missed it!], I’ve had a ton of fun chatting with John and dreaming up this little boy’s future life [what will he be like? will he be wild? a mama’s boy? what will his style be?! etc]. Obviously we would have done this with either gender but I’m just so in awe of being a boy mama and am incredibly giddy about it.

As I’ve started to slowly shop [mainly browse] for this little boy, I’ve definitely noticed a few things I’m drawn to. One being warm, neutral tones. I know when you think of boy, you tend to think blue, which I’m fine with, but I also like a lot of tans, browns, and neutrals for our little guy. Luckily I think boy clothing has come a long way over the past several years and there are a lot more options. I’m also noticing just HOW MANY OPTIONS there are for … everything baby! It’s overwhelming! But, thankfully, I love shopping so it hasn’t felt like that much of a chore to figure out what makes sense for us.

From what I’m hearing, though, it seems like less is more in the beginning, and you can always purchase more items once the baby is here and you know what they like / don’t. I’m also trying to be minimal with his clothing & items, as our space is small and I also hear that newborns pretty much live in onesies and basics anyways. I’m still not quite sure about many of the bigger product decisions … and we have time … but I did want to share some of my thoughts so far!

The trunks you see above are by Petite Keep. I’ll be storing sentimental clothing, toy and paper goods in those as he grows. I think they’re a great way to store those special items while also keeping a clean aesthetic around the house.

The silicone bottles, the white trolley, and the wood hangers are for Amazon so those links are here for you!

I had so much fun putting that list together and I hope you enjoyed it! For all my boy mama’s out there [or anyone!], what are your favorite clothing retailers for baby boys? I’d love to hear.

Thanks for being here! xo.


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  1. Monica wrote:

    I bought the same baby book for my sister-in-law and it is the cutest thing ever!!!

    Published 10.26.20 · Reply
    • AlysonHaley wrote:

      Aww, so good to know! I love that one a lot but it’s so hard to choose when I can’t see it in person. I’m debating between that one and another one.

      Published 10.26.20 ·
  2. Jude wrote:

    Congrats. I never had a baby. Im from a big family and with my career, it never happened. But I’ve cared for many of my younger siblings. I wish we’d had a Baby Susher when they were young. I give them now as gifts to all new moms. Im told it is a life saver. Get one. Best to you.

    Published 10.26.20 · Reply
  3. Liz wrote:

    Part of finding a good baby boy clothing retailer is trial and error with seeing what fits your particular baby’s body type best…but I’ve liked H&M as well, BabyGap (which I know they have in London), Janie & Jack, Carters, Target, and CrewCuts/J. Crew (once their toddlers). Check out Goumi Kids’ baby gowns that make nightime diaper changes a breeze in the early months. For blankets, in addition to 100% cotton muslin blankets I’ve (and my babies) have loved the ones that are a mix of cotton and bamboo rayon (they’re super soft). Saranoni blankets are my absolute fave for blankets in general but especially their rayon bamboo muslin swaddles, bamboni, and lush collections. https://saranoni.com/collections/bamboo-muslin-swaddles

    Published 10.26.20 · Reply
  4. Lizbeth de la Torre wrote:

    Congratulations again to both of you. Your picks are gorgeous and yes, less is more. Husband and I went crazy with the pink for our daughter and a year later had a boy so pink wasn’t cutting it lol. I’ve always felt like excessive clothes and toys are unnecessary but to each their own. I just think of all the money I could’ve saved if I had listened to the mommas who told me less is more 😬

    Published 10.26.20 · Reply
  5. Nicci wrote:

    We have the nanit baby monitor and love it. One of the best things about it is it has a built in night light and sound machine, so you don’t need a separate one when traveling. That glider looks similar to the one we have and I love it! I don’t know how tall John is, but weirdly enough lots of rockers/gliders aren’t meant for taller people, so make sure to read the reviews to see if that’s mentioned.

    Published 10.28.20 · Reply
  6. Brenda Cullen wrote:

    Haley …. once again Congratulations to you and John!! BOTH of our daughters had babies in 2019 (May and July) so they are 6 weeks apart!!! So I have bought LOTS of baby items this past year!!!
    Anyway … my comment on one of your items …. the Uppababy Vista travel system ❤️❤️❤️
    Our one daughter lives in a very small house in LA so room for baby items is limited. Uppababy makes a stand ( VERY STURDY) for the bassinet part of the stroller. They actually used that for Katie to sleep in, in place of purchasing another bassinet and it worked GREAT!! They moved it from their bedroom to the living room during the day. Just thought I would put that out there for you …. multipurpose to the Max!!!!! Have fun with all of your purchases ❤️

    Published 10.31.20 · Reply