Fall Must-Have: Tall & OTK Boots

Alright, ladies, it wouldn’t be Fall without me touching on perhaps my favorite type of boot to wear this time of year … tall & OTK boots! I actually think over-the-knee are my absolute favorite because, while booties are more of your everyday boot, there’s something special about throwing on an OTK pair. They’re quintessential Fall to me and I adore how they elevate just about any outfit. From wearing them with dresses to over denim, there’s a soft spot in my heart for the look. Plus, they definitely help with keeping me warm!

Then, of course, there’s a classic riding boot which has been in style for decades and will always be [in my opinion!]. They’re not something I wear often but I know they’re definitely a practical option for gals who live in places that are either a little more rustic or require more walking and, therefore, the flatter the boot, the better!

Here’s some style inspiration for over-the-knee boots from Fall 2019:

[most of these looks can be found here or here]

While I do think my style is evolving as I have started to welcome more combat boot options in, I still recommend these two classic styles as I feel that’s what a lot of people feel the most comfortable styling. It’s important to invest in pairs you know you’ll love and wear year after year so, if you are looking for a good pair, I hope today’s post is helpful! I have rounded up some of those go-to’s, plus a couple of new pairs I thought you’d like to see.

Now that you know my favorite type of boot, what’s yours? Are you more of a bootie or OTK kind of girl? Let me know below! xo.




  1. Lizbeth de la Torre wrote:

    I’ve always wanted to get some OTK boots but I’m so short I’m scared to disappear in them lol. Your options are gorgeous 😍

    Published 10.23.20 · Reply
  2. Danielle wrote:

    I am such a sucker for over the knee boots when it gets to this time of the year!

    Danielle xx

    Published 10.24.20 · Reply