16 Easy-To-Recreate Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas

Hey friends, happy Monday! One of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, is next week, and even though family gatherings and celebrations are looking a lot different this year for most of us, I still wanted to put together some outfit ideas for you ladies. I feel like Thanksgiving is the official kick-off of the holiday season, and even if you’re hunkering down and staying home or just getting together with a few family members, I still wanted to acknowledge it and hopefully bring some joy to your Turkey Day in the form of some cute outfit inspiration!

Everyone’s Thanksgiving day vibe is a little different – from a more formal dress code to leggings and oversized sweaters to cozy pajamas. I tried to include a little bit of everything so no matter what your day looks like, you can draw some inspiration from this post! Don’t forget to check out last years’ post like this for more inspo!

If your family does things on the fancier side, I love the idea of a midi skirt for Thanksgiving. Something pleated and flowy like the one pictured, especially. You’ll look polished but will still be very comfortable after eating for the majority of the day, which is exactly what I plan to do! 😉

This has been a go-to look of mine in years past. You can never go wrong with OTK books [check out some of my favorites here], leggings or skinnies and a big oversized sweater. The big oversized sweater is key because then no one can see when you unbutton your pants [if you opt for skinny jeans] after dinner, ha!

Love a polished look with a blazer. I think anytime you wear a blazer it instantly elevates your look. Maybe if you’re heading over to your in-laws’ place or celebrating with your significant other’s family at a small gathering, I think this vibe would work really well.

If you really want more of a polished look that’s still laid back, I love the idea of a blouse with a moto or some kind of layering jacket. This would be a great outfit to whip out your plaid holiday scarf as well if you’re a scarf girl like me!

I’ve had quite the obsession with sweater dresses this year and even put together a whole post on sweater dresses under $100. I can’t recommend them enough as they’re very comfortable, stretchy [a key characteristic for Thanksgiving] and still look very put together. I linked all kinds of options so I guarantee if you’re on the hunt for a good one, you’ll find it!

If you live somewhere warm [looking at you southern girls!], this balanced look of a sweater on the top and a skirt on the bottom could be really fun. I love that the skirt is corduroy, which instantly gives it that fall vibe in my opinion.

This look is the ultimate in terms of food-friendly Thanksgiving Day outfits. Leggings, an oversized sweater and a chic day coat to top it off is a stunning choice. You can definitely opt for skinnies here if you’d like but personally, I’d go with leggings!

Like I said, you can never go wrong with an OTK boot and comfy sweater look! Again, you can always swap out the jeans for leggings on looks like this. If you want to keep it a bit more “formal” you can go with a faux leather legging vs a cotton one. I think this elevates the outfit just a bit. I would, personally, just make sure that the sweater covers you in the front and back before opting for leggings.

Sweater dresses are clearly something I’ve loved for awhile now. I’m telling you, you can never go wrong, especially if you have a baby bump and especially on Thanksgiving!

This jacket was one of my favorite fall finds this year. It layers perfectly and can dress up any casual outfit. You could once again skip the jeans here and go for leggings [notice I’m a big fan of stretchy pants for this holiday, ha!].

If you want to give a little shape to your sweater dress, a belt to cinch in at your natural waist is a great idea. This way the belt is high enough that it won’t bother your stomach throughout the day as you eat, or you can take off the belt all together later in the day.

If you want to go a little edgier, anything faux leather is always a good idea. In case it’s too warm where you live for leggings, I thought it would be fun to include this leather mini skirt. It’s a little leggy but balances really nicely with a fine knit sweater.

Ah, yes, the pajama look! To be honest, this will probably be my vibe this year. I mayyyy go for leggings and a big sweater if I’m feeling really motivated but, since it’ll just be John and me for Turkey Day this year, I might just embrace not having to really put that much effort in, hah!

Here’s a second take on how to style the first look I shared with the pleated midi skirt. This look is a little edgier and “cool girls” I’d say. You could go all black with it but I think the skirt lightens things up nicely especially since Thanksgiving is a daytime celebration.

This is a classic fall/Thanksgiving look if you ask me. The perfect oversized sweater, jeans and OTK boots. And you can always bring leggings or joggers in your tote for later! 😉

I couldn’t leave out a cute cardigan look. I’ve been so into my oversized sweaters this year I haven’t worn cardigans quite as much, but they’re equally as cozy!

One more sweater dress look to round things out! I love OTK boots with sweater dresses, but you could also easily swap them out for loafers [like the ones above] or shorter booties if they aren’t your thing.

And when in doubt, I say go with the faux leather legging look paired with an oversized sweater and cocoon coat from J.Crew [it’s a favorite of mine] with a blanket scarf! You’ll be comfy all day and look very cute while eating all that pumpkin pie!

I hope you found some pieces to snag or some inspo to shop your own closet for your Thanksgiving this year. Even if it is different than previous years, there’s still so much to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! xo.




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