Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Alright, ladies, we’ve officially made it to the last gift guide! I put my heart into these guides every year for y’all so I truly hope they were useful and that you were able to find gifts for your friends and family through them. I thought I’d save stocking stuffers under $25 for this last one as I feel like we all tend to grab the big gifts first and think smaller later in the season. This is a really laid back, fun guide that I think is the perfect ending to the 2020 gift guide season.

I do, however, still have my personal wishlist coming later this week, which I was hesitant to put together because to be completely honest all I want is time with loved ones and for baby boy to keep growing and to stay healthy. But, when I talked about this on Stories, you guys convinced me not to overthink it and just have fun, so expect that in a few days!

Until then though, let’s dive in on stocking stuffers under $25!

Everyone honestly needs a pair of blue light lenses to protect their eyes from the harmful blue light that comes from digital screens, so definitely add this cute pair to your cart [maybe snag a pair for yourself too]. I also thought it could be fun to do a “beauty-themed” stocking and grab some slip hair ties – these are so good for your hair, or maybe a wet brush! Or, you can never go wrong with a Capri Blue candle [hands down one of my favorite candle brands]. Lots of cute options for every type of girl!

And if you are still trying to snag some last-minute gifts, you can also check out all my 2020 gift guides here, however, be sure to double-check shipping because deadlines may be tight.

Thank you so, so much for the support this holiday season – I don’t take it for granted! xo.



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  1. Danielle wrote:

    So many cute items, I always tend to go overboard with stockings!

    Danielle xx

    Published 12.14.20 · Reply